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Flapper Press Announces 2023 Nominations for Best of the Net in Art

By Flapper Press:

Flapper Press is honored to nominate three artists and their work for the Best of the Net in Art.

Throughout the year, we reached out to artists from all over the globe to interview them about their art and influences. This year, we talked with artists and photographers from Canada and Scotland and shared their work with our readers.

Best of the Net is an awards-based anthology published by Sundress Publications. Honoring the work of online writers and publishers in the world of digital publishing, Best of the Net was created in 2006 to support the work of online literary magazines, journals, small presses, and all those who submit their work to these digital publications.

The Best of the Net anthology is available at the end of every January, with submissions open from July 1 to September 30 each year.

If you are interested in submitting a story, work of nonfiction, artwork, or poetry to Flapper Press, please visit our Submission Guidelines for more information!

Here are our 2023 Best of the Net nominations for Art! Congratulations!


Ledwell-Hunt, Janis, Untitled, Fiber and welded steel frame

The work of Janis Ledwell-Hunt elicits curiosity and marvel. A self-taught fiber artist from Canada, her work has been featured in museums around the world. Her creations are born from a vivid imagination and dedication to deep questions about life—all expressed through thread and knots. With a PhD in English from the University of Alberta, Ledwell-Hunt is a writer, feminist thinker, and outstanding artist. It was difficult to choose one piece for our nomination, so check out all her work and find her on the socials to follow along on her exciting artistic journey.


Little, Alistair. Untitled. [Oil on panel]. 18 in. x 12 in.

Alistair Little's cinematic imagination imbues his paintings with mystery and a gentle touch, the light dancing across each scenario with the loving attention of a true storyteller. Flapper Press was granted permission to utilize his art for our 2023 Summer Ekphrastic Poetry Contest, and we continue to celebrate his work with a nomination for this year's Best of the Net in Art. Visit his website to learn more about the artist and his work. Congratulations, Alistair!


Flapper Press was lucky enough to welcome the words and beautiful photography of Paul Mitchnick to our site a few years ago. A cinematographer from Toronto, Canada, Mithcnick is a veteran of many film and television productions and continues to travel the world with camera in hand, capturing his adventures to foreign lands and the beautiful people who live there. As with the other artists nominated this year, it was difficult to choose just one of his photos for our nomination for 2023 Best of the Net in Art. Please visit Flapper Press to read all of Paul Mitchnick's articles and see his amazing photographs. Congratulations, Paul! Give us more to see!


If you are interested in submitting your writing, nonfiction, art, or poetry to Flapper Press, please visit our Submissions Guidelines page for more information.

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