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Flapper Press is an online magazine featuring a curated collection of eclectic and often under-represented viewpoints from an international team of writers. Our goal is to provide readers with a wide variety of topics, opinions, and authentic expression in order to educate and foster personal growth and empathy while promoting positive change in the world.
Please consider submitting your work by contacting us at


FLAPPER PRESS is currently considering submissions to our website.


All submissions must be in English. Translations are acceptable and should be accompanied by a copy of the original text. Simultaneous submissions are also acceptable. Please limit submissions to 1–3 pages (approx >1000 words).

All selected contributors retain ownership of all content they provide to us. In return for using content on our site, we in turn provide the contributors with a platform for expression, and as a means to further promote and market themselves. So we offer a win-win for now in place of any financial compensation. 

We strongly suggest to all who submit that they read the blogs on our website to get a feel for the type of content we are looking for. 

Submit your work to with the word SUBMISSIONS written in the subject line.

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