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Our site is always open to new content that provides a unique voice or perspective.

We are currently accepting SUBMISSIONS for every category on Flapper Press.

If you have questions or would like to submit your work, please carefully review
the guidelines below and contact us at:

While selected contributors retain ownership of all content provided, Flapper Press reserves the right to review and edit all submitted content to ensure quality and compliance to all Flapper Press guidelines and standards. In return for hosting your content on our site, we provide contributors with a platform for expression and as a means to further promote and market themselves.

However, please note that unsolicited offers from groups or businesses for guest posts that include embedded links may incur a small fee. Please contact for details.

All submissions (both Writing & Poetry) must:

  • Be in English. Translations are acceptable and should be accompanied by a copy of the original text.

  • Include a short bio of 50–100 words, written in the third person.

  • Include any relevant links, including to your website, socials, or other relevant sites.

  • Include your current country or state of residence.

  • Attach a photo of yourself, along with any additional non-copyrighted images you would like included. If you have permission to submit copyrighted material, make sure to provide all proper names/credit information to cite the artist's/photographer's work.
    Images must be at least 300 dpi resolution.

  • Refer below to specifics regarding submitting Writing or Poetry.

  • Simultaneous submissions are also acceptable.

Please note that any skipped steps in the submission process can cause a delay in consideration. Please allow up to 4 months to process your submission. If you have not received a response after that time, please follow up at:

Submit your work to


See below for additional details on submitting Writing or Poetry.

For Writing Submissions:

  1. In addition to all the guidelines listed above:
  2. Please limit submissions to 1–3 pages (approx. 1,000 words).
  3. In the subject line of your submission email, include: WRITING SUBMISSION - YOUR NAME - DATE
  4. We strongly suggest all who submit read a variety of blogs on our website to get a feel for the type of content we are looking for. 

For Poetry Submissions:
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 9.44.39 AM.png
The Flapper Press Poetry Café promotes a love and understanding of poetry
and features the work of poets from all over the world. 

We welcome submissions for compelling poetry
and look forward to publishing and supporting your creative endeavors.
Submissions may also be considered for the Pushcart Prize and/or
various competitions throughout the year.  
  1. In addition to all the guidelines listed above:
  2. Share at least three (3) poems.
  3. Share a brief backstory on each submitted poem.
  4. Include a descriptive word that characterizes your poetry, in general.
  5. In the subject line of your submission email, include: POETRY SUBMISSION - YOUR NAME - DATE
  6. If your submission is accepted, we will send you interview questions.
For Favorite Poetry Submissions:
Visit this page to submit your work to our new series,
My Favorite Lines of Poetry
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