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Flapper Press Poetry Café Series: My Favorite Poetry—Johannes Johansen

By Flapper Press Poetry Café:

The Flapper Press Poetry Café continues a series of articles about favorite lines of poetry and the poets who wrote them. We’re reaching out to poets, writers, and lovers of poetry to submit their favorite lines of poetry and tell us why you love them.

Check out our submission guidelines and send us your favorites!

We'll feature your submission sometime this year on our site!

This week, our submission comes from poet Grete Mouret.  


"Du Som Har Tændt Millioner Af Stjerner"

From Grete:

In Denmark, we have a very long tradition of poetry set to music. Therefore, I tried to find a translation of either a Danish hymn or a song of which we have a multitude. You can hear my selection on YouTube for "Du som har taendt millioner af stjerner” by Johannes Johansen (text) and Erik Sommer (composer). This poetic hymn is very popular. The popularity, for  the poem and the music, is evident by the fact that the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark had pre-chosen this hymn for his funeral that was held in 2018.

As to the poem, it is a much-played yet "plain" poem, liked by children as well as adults, better of course in Danish than translated. It contains so many "pictures," easily understood.

English translation of the lyrics:

You who have lit millions of stars, kindle in our darkness a sparkling faith. You are our light, and you guard and cherish us, so that we sleep in security and peace.

Thank you for the bright day that has passed, the gift to us your hands have reached. Forgive us what we didn't get, forgive all evil we have done or said!

Thank you for every joy that filled our heart, every time you made our life a party.

Help us bear every burden, every pain, you alone know what serves us best.

Thank you for the people who became our support, when we found the way difficult to walk. Help us tomorrow to help associate, meet us ourselves in the weak and small!

You who have lit millions of stars, you will defy the darkness of the world.

You are our Father, the one who guards and cherishes, light in the darkness that comes from us.


Grete Mouret was born in Aalborg, Denmark, and resides in Assens, Denmark. Educated at the School of Languages and Economics of Copenhagen, she worked as a translator in English, German, and French at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, for 40 years, half of which she served as Editorial Manager of an International medical journal.


Presenting a wide range of poetry with a mission to promote a love and understanding of poetry for all. We welcome submissions for compelling poetry and look forward to publishing and supporting your creative endeavors. Submissions may also be considered for the Pushcart Prize. Please review our Guidelines before submitting!

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