Lauren Maher


Lauren Maher is a therapist and certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist who is passionate about helping people reduce stress & anxiety, ease chronic pain, and find a path towards happiness and healing.


Lauren is available for online therapy and coaching. Her goal is to empower you with the tools you need to heal, transform, and thrive. 

Guided Meditations


Relax those frazzled nerves with these simple meditations and breath work to

help you calm down in times of stress.

Lauren Maher is a certified yoga therapist and associate marriage and family therapist who is passionate about helping people heal, transform, and thrive.

To find out more about her practice, please visit these websites:

Lauren Maher (MA, AMFT, C-IAYT) Certified Yoga Therapist

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Co-Founder, Volare Retreats:

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