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You Are a Channel

By Brandon Alter:

Don’t panic. But you are a channel. Yes, you. With your almond latte and your twelve meetings today. You are a vessel for information and energy, and it’s already been happening. So why not stop denying it? Mysterious things happen. I don’t have the answers. But what I do have is this working idea that we are rivers of light and breath and love. And the more open we are, the more we receive. And the more closed we are, the more we struggle.

These teachings, these ravings, these whatever-they-are, dried up for a moment. I wasn’t worried. I knew they’d come back. But I started to get curious about why they weren’t coming through. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s been clogging my channel. Doubt. That was the biggest blockage. Judgement.

There are other ways we shut ourselves off from our gifts. Not enough exercise, not enough sleep. Too much booze, too much weed, too much dairy. Our bodies are sensitive instruments, and if we want to play complex symphonies, we gotta make sure everything is in tune.

Think about it like this: we are these magnificent radio antennas and we are channeling our whole lives. Sometimes it’s a poem or a song or an important speech. And sometimes it’s an email, or just a text. But if we aren’t open to the source of all things, we will always feel like we have to do it all ourselves. Well, babies, I’m here to tell you that’s a big fucking lie.

There is always help. And it comes in through the crown of your head, or the back of your heart, or it whispers in your ear.

The old story is that it has to be hard or else it doesn’t matter.

Here’s my new story . . . if it doesn’t come in on the breeze, maybe it doesn’t belong.

My invitation to you is to clear out your channel. See what comes through. Maybe the things that take you five hours take you twenty minutes. That’s what happens when inspiration shows up, right? Well, isn’t inspiration just another way of saying that you’re an open and connected vessel?

So stop denying the fact that you are a channel. And start to discover how to unblock and use this power to make your life flow.

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