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Cancer Season Horoscopes with Angel Lopez

By Angel Lopez:

This Cancer Season, you’re being asked to get more emotionally present so that you can take full advantage of the transformation that’s wanting to come through. It’s time to venture into the core of your heart so that you can acknowledge and accept the recent emotional truths that have been revealing themselves to you.

No longer can you push any feelings under the rug, nor can you postpone those inevitable confrontations that need to happen.

If it’s on your heart, then it may just need to be on your tongue too. You just need to be a shepherd of good timing. Wage your battles but choose the how and when wisely. And know that it’s just generally a moody time.

One day’s joy could easily shift into the next day’s frustration. But you can manage it.

These last few months have been prepping you with a ton of personal growth. It’s been a beautiful rebirth of sorts, which sounds so spiritually refreshing. But we all know that birth is also painful and wildly intense, full of uncertainty, fear, and trauma. And a journey into new life doesn’t come with a set game plan, so you’ve got to be unbelievably present to navigate it as best as possible. If you can engage your life with a state of true presence, you’ll find yourself able to stay afloat rather than drowning.


Read for your Sun sign but also check your Rising, if you know it.


You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence in your family life and where you’ve come from. You have a tendency to just hit the ground and go without looking back so as to not get distracted from the goal or creative idea in front of you. But if you don’t pause to remember where you’ve been and what initially sparked you to move in the first place, you may burn out before actually accomplishing what you’ve set out to do. You need to get into intimate contact with your initial motivations and intentions. That’s where family comes in. Those who know you at your core can be a reflection of where you began and your first ambitions and passions. Reconnecting to those could be a necessary ally in your current path toward true happiness.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with your mind. It’s easy to lose sight of when your old mental operating systems come into play. You respond to others purely from ego or an outdated anger that has nothing to do with the current situation at hand. The best way for you to get back in touch with a clearer sense of self is to slow it all down. You’ve probably been burning the candle at more ends than it even has and are feeling the sleepy effects. Do what you can to approach your life with a more gradual pace. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Meditate to the sounds of nature. Focus on your breathing. If you can bring it all down a notch, you’ll find the crystal clarity you’ve been seeking.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence in understanding what it is you truly value. It’s very easy to get swept up by the world and offer worth to things that are actually meaningless at their core. You begin to think you want a certain thing when really you just want anything to talk about or impress others with by getting. But then when you don’t get it, you chip away at your own self-worth over something you didn’t really care about. So take these next few weeks to get clear about what you really care for and want. It may be something you’re afraid to go after or know you’d need to make changes in order to get. But going after what you truly want, no matter what it takes, could be more valuable than chasing some beautiful trash.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence in remembering who you are deep down. It’s easy to get caught up in the definitions we have to take on to identify ourselves. It’s our career, our familial roles or our societal descriptions that bear so much weight that we get caught up living solely by them. They can make us feel diminished if we’re seen as less than by others, or we can be overcome with ego if others place our role in the world on some pedestal. Whatever the case is for you, try to strip off the defining qualities you’ve taken on and meditate on your core being. Spend time with the trusted people of your chosen community. They can remind you of the foundational version of yourself that needs to come through in order for you to move forward.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with your spiritual sense of purpose. You bring so much light to everything you do and try to bring excitement to whatever task presents itself to you. But not everything that shows up for you is actually meant for you. You may have a challenge when it comes to saying no because you either hate the confrontation or don’t want to let someone down. You may also be unable to tell yourself no, allowing your ego to stubbornly convince you that your choice is best when it’s not. The reality is your mind or ego should have no say in what you do. Get quiet and ask your soul if what you’re doing right now is best for you. And then trust the inner voice you hear.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence in your friends’ lives. You’re in real need of a more consistent, stable community of like-minded folks right now. You’ve always got your core group of beautiful people to rely on, but life has caused a more scattered sense of connection amongst you. And you selfishly need your closest in order to make sense of the choices and pathways that lie in front of you. It’s also just important that you aren’t keeping all of the inner questions and curiosities you currently have locked up inside of your own head. If you can get some more dependable time with those chosen few who can then keep you accountable, you’ll have a much better chance of enacting the changes you want to see for your personal world.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with the changes you crave to make in your career space. Even if you’re already working in the realm of your desired purpose, you know it’s time to shift some of the ways you’re approaching your work. Maybe you’ve lost some of that feeling it once brought you or your current environment isn’t supporting the core values that connect you personally to what you do. It’s time now to trust yourself to make the choices that’ll cause some major life transformations and know that what you decide is for the better. Consider if this were your last year on Earth, would you spend it doing what you’re doing now? If the answer is no, then it’s time to make the necessary adjustments to get you closer to that more deeply felt life. 



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with the interests that intrigue you but don’t pay you yet. You have a lot of responsibilities to maintain for a lot of people, but you also have an obligation to give yourself a richly fulfilled life. You may currently have some mental flirtations with changes you’d like to make in some of your relationships or your work situation, but you’re not committing to anything just yet. In order to make clear decisions, you need to free up some inner clutter. Gift yourself a hobby or non-work-related “fun-tivity” that can act as a meditation away from all the duties. Dive into something that’s solely for you. Take a workshop. Study for a test. Immerse yourself in a new passion. You may find the clarity you need, and even a new career path.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with the depths of your psychology. You’re already able to delve into the darker truths or experiences that have shaped you. But you do prefer to live on the brighter side of life, so you might not always go all the way in. Without that full exploration, you may get a baseline understanding of yourself but not move forward, making for decision-making and habitual choices that stem from the wound rather than the healing. And you convince yourself that you’re in the healing when you’ve really just found a safe, comfortable space in the wound. Try removing some routines and scrutinizing some of your staunch truths. You may find you’ve been holding on to ideas or beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the past. 



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with the closest partners in your life. There’s a larger level of transparency that’s needed from you right now with them, and that isn’t always easy because it comes with a vulnerability that your sensitive soul doesn’t love to entertain. But if you can expose your feelings, you’ll access a more creative and collaborative approach to any of the problems you’re currently facing. You are all about proving that you can manage on your own and love to impress by tackling it all yourself but now isn’t the time for displays of your greatness. Everyone already knows you’re great. And they’re all so grateful for the support you always give. So it’s your turn to get the support you need in order to grow and conceive your next great plan.



You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence in your daily habits and routines. Your key to optimal wellness starts from the moment you open your eyes. If you can, treat greeting each day like a ritual. Maybe the first thing you see doesn’t need to be a newsfeed or endless scroll of pictures showing other people’s triumphs or the dinners they ate last night. Instead, you could meditate and envision your own upcoming triumphs. Gaze into nature and take on the wisdom of a flower, bird, or skyscape. Journal out any memories of dreams and guess how they’re informing your reality. If you can view everything that enters your vision and mind as a sign or symbol for the day ahead, then you’ll be more intentional with what you engage with and how you set yourself up for greater daily success.


You’d benefit from a greater emotional presence with your inner child and the creative play that wants to come through. Lately, you may have had some challenge in accessing the cheerful and whimsical parts of you. You’ve had to get so much more serious these last few months, dealing with the harder realities of this world, which has zapped you of some joy. It’s all been important to go through, but it’s time to swing the pendulum more toward the silly. Toward the artistic. Toward the love. Make excuses to infuse more romance into your days. Look in the mirror and demand of yourself that you take breaks from responsibility for frivolous joy rides and days wandering neighborhoods you didn’t know existed. Make having fun your job. You deserve to remember what it feels like to enjoy this beautiful life.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award-winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR.

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