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Angel Lopez Shares May Astrology

By Angel Lopez:

It’s time to put more intention, motivation, and hands-on work into the ideas and goals that you’re putting into motion so that they can take greater root and find a fuller form of manifestation.

You can actually accomplish what you set out to do. It’s just going to take a greater display of belief and confidence than you’ve maybe allowed yourself to have in the past.

That determination will make doing the work easier, too, as it’ll feel like you’re just stepping into a role or routine that already feels comfortable for you. In this process, you also have to be willing to let more of your authentic self out into the light. That means showing the parts of you that have been easier to hide in the past. Maybe it’s your witchy or spiritual side that only comes out on the weekends. Or perhaps you let the people pleaser in you win out when the truth is you want the opposite of what the other person wants you to do.

Whatever the case, you have to take part in your own personal revolution.

Allow yourself to break through any personal barriers that have kept you from going toward your dreams or just simply being all of you. Don’t let any insecurities or unsubstantiated fears get in your way anymore. Gone must be the days where you say, “Someday I’ll do that.” Why can’t that someday be now? The only person who can decide that is You!


Read for your Sun sign but also check your Rising, if you know it.



This is the time to bolster your sense of self-worth beyond its usual level. You already may be someone who knows your inherent value, but you still may not always act from a great level of confidence and internal belief. It’s one thing to love yourself, but it’s another to live your life in a way that truly exhibits that self-love on a daily basis. Find fun, creative ways to deeply  exemplify that love. Get intensely in touch with your body and its complete well-being. Dress yourself up and go out into the world to be seen and noticed. Compliment yourself in the mirror. Do what you can to show yourself that you are your favorite person so you can keep on healing any wounds of self-doubt that may linger.



You are getting a shockwave of rebellious energy, but it’s not meant to create total upheaval in your life. In fact, it’s time for a liberation from old, tired structures that have been in place for your personality for far too long. Allow yourself to release those old ways of being that have lingered out of habit but are not supporting you achieving your desires and goals. Remember that you are in charge of your responses and actions and are not a victim of your circumstances. They are simply in front of you and in need of a reaction. The question is, can you react in a way that shows a mature level of confidence, a firm belief in your dreams and a fearlessness born from all that you’ve overcome?



Your soul is on the line and it wants to have a hearty check-in with you regarding your hopes, dreams, and your relationship with “main character energy.” You have a tendency to be everyone’s friend, but you may end up playing a supporting character to so many that it’s hard to center your own narrative. Can you take stock of where and to whom you’re leaking any precious energetic resources that rob you of important time you could be using to support the life you want to be living? And maybe it’s also time to get a little clearer on what that life looks like. You have the ability right now to really focus the goals so that your tangible next steps reveal themselves for you to grab and manifest.



You’re good at crafting a community that feels like family but can have a tendency to play the role of mother hen. Or you may find yourself engaging in the same activities with your friends because comfort and habit are also friends you enjoy. Whether either or both of these are true, now’s the time to push yourself beyond your typical levels of play and pleasure. Change your idea of what it means to have a good time. You may also find some fresher faces are called for, as sometimes it’s the company we keep that helps us grow a little stale. That doesn’t mean you have to throw out the old; it’s simply a time to expand your community so you can remember just how expansive you can be.



You’re ready to shine a brighter light onto your purpose and why it is you’re here. Of course, you don’t just have one singular thing you are here to do. You hold jobs, forge relationships, hold roles of parent, child, sibling, and friend. And they all have purpose and contribute to the greater experience of being alive. But you also have a specific ability you are meant to explore, be it a performer, thinker, philanthropist, or artist. Or all of these things. But it’s still a specific way of being that wants to come through you so that you can articulate the personal truth you are meant to voice. So how can you make more space in your life to explore and share your exact expression of the true you?



Your life is going through a ton of changes, so it’s hard to gain clarity around all the different, active pieces. Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen, the Universe throws you one of its glorious curveballs. But these moments of surprise don’t need to be a letdown. Think of them as gifts. The ambiguity that’s showing up for you is just a chance to reconsider the steps you’re looking to take at this time. Sure you wanted that exciting new something to come through or that sexy new someone to show up. But was that simply to have someone else tell you what it is you should be focusing on next so you wouldn’t have to do the thing you know you should be doing?



It’s time to get into a deeper relationship with the psychological aspects of yourself that cause you to make (or not make) the decisions you do. You have an opportunity to get a clearer path of communication with whatever moments of the past have mentally crafted who you are now and see whether they are still helping you operate at your most optimal level. You may find that you can actually say goodbye to any ways of thinking and doing that aren’t supportive of your life, helping you to motivate the changes that will benefit the goals and dreams you’re trying to manifest now. Face those demons and kick your bad habitual mentalities to the curb, and you’ll find yourself making the kinds of shifts you’ve only dreamed about.



The next few weeks challenge you to show up and commit more time and energy to all of the relationships that hold a core place in your heart. You’re very good at focusing on who or what is right in front of you, but that sometimes pushes people to the periphery of your life. Not to say that it’s all your responsibility to stay close to your loved ones. But you never know what other people are going through, and their life may benefit from your special kind of magic at this time. So push yourself to reach out and make plans to connect. As is the way with things, you’ll find that they too hold a special gift of growth and love for you to benefit from in return.



It’s time for you to expand into some better habits for your day-to-day life. That’s not to say that everything you’re currently doing is wrong or bad for you, but you’d benefit from switching up your relationship to everything that usually takes up most of your time. It would also be beneficial to welcome in some surprising new endeavors into the structure of your routine. What’s the fun, perhaps even silly, pastime you’ve flirted with but haven’t committed to out of belief that your life just couldn’t support it? Well, if you lessened the time you’re spending on something (or someone) else now, you’d be able to fit it in. You just need some freshness and excitement in your life, and it’s your job to supply the inspiration.



Your job for these next few weeks is to put your inner child to work in ways that allow that most playful, innocent, creative part of you to flourish in the spotlight. Surprise yourself by engaging in the type of foolish play that would embarrass most others. Make more time for your own creations to come to life. Act on any impulses that have your dreams solely in mind. All this is encouraging you to continue shifting your mindset from being more work and productivity centered toward one that is experience and joy related. This life should be built and measured on the fun that comes from the journey and not by the objectives accomplished. If you’re not enjoying the road to your destination, then what’s it all really for?



Your work is in your worth right now and remembering the power of the inherent gifts you hold as well as those that you’ve studied and attained over these last many years. You have so much to offer that it can be overwhelming to manage it all. Find ways to better structure your life so that you can express those most purposeful parts of you in ways that are actually meaningful for you. You also just need more space to explore all of you so you can seriously uncover your deeper truths. Start by turning inward on your time at home and making any adjustments there. Can you forge an environment that is more supportive in allowing you to make the proper time to pursue everything you’re compelled to do?



You could use a nice little jump into the river of Universal flow right now. It may benefit you to give logic the next few weeks off so you can just connect to the signs and intuitive hits of truth that want to come through for you. Follow your whims and take whatever mini adventures present themselves where you can stumble upon surprising sources of inspiration. Pay more than close attention to any symbols, synchronicities, or moments of déjà-vu and give them the weight they deserve. And speak from your heart and soul to your most trusted friends and sisters who won’t judge what shows up out of your mouth. You could have some mind-blowing epiphanies to blurt out that encourage some important shifts for the better in your life.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award-winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR.

Visit to learn more.

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