The Feed: @vintageflowervibes

By Elizabeth Gracen:

THE FEED is all about taking a deep dive into eclectic Instagram accounts and finding out more about the creators who curate them. Being a visual person, the platform's sheer variety and scope is a terrific escape for me and a wonderful way to tap into creative minds and find out more about the passions and proclivities of people from all over the world.

This week we feature the Instagram feed of @vintageflowervibes!

EG: What fun your Instagram feed is! Gorgeous, sexy, powerful women. Wonderful images. Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

VFV: My name's Katie, I started this account a little under three years ago, and I love fashion! My vintage interests started in classic rock music and blossomed into a general interest in vintage fashion and culture.

EG: Your site is the most organized I’ve seen. All the categories to explore! Where do you find your images and footage? Why do you choose the images that make it into your curation? What motivates you to share these images?

VFV: I find my photos all over the place. Most people are surprised with the amount of fantastic photographs you can find just on Google. People also send me photographs, some of memorable magazines they have or of photos they've found on the web. Over time, I have been able really develop "my eye." I can spot not only photos I like, but photographs that my audience likes. My motivations have shifted over time. I started off just wanting a place to create an aesthetic I liked; this started to shift into wanting to create a stunning and informative environment. It is fantastic how much knowledge I have gained over the years just researching these actors, models, and fashions. I have grown as a person and widened my perspective and views on the world, both past and present day.

EG: I love the byline quote from Sophia Loren on your account: “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” The photos and footage you share portrays women as strong, compelling, sensuous, beautiful, and self-assured in their uniqueness. What is the message you are sending with these images?

VFV: I try to communicate to my audience and the world how important beauty is. Beauty is often underrated as something fading and vain when that is simply superficial and untrue. Ms. Loren's quote truly embodies this. Beauty is not just about the outside, it is about the inside too. If you feel good about yourself, nothing else matters. So many of the women I share embody this, they've lived their lives on their own terms. They've broken barriers and overcome great challenges. I believe we have a lot to learn from them.

EG: Are you active on other platforms? Do you have other accounts that we could check out and follow? What are your other passions? Please tell us a bit about your Etsy store and the products you have for sale.