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The Ebb of It All

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

By Roger Desmarais:

The tides of life relentlessly recreate their shores, moving the boundaries between sand and sea, creating space and opportunity for the next tide to expand beyond the known beaches, determined to enhance the power of the ocean as it expresses its creative spirit. Each sea change, each high tide pauses before returning on itself to expose the expansion of that beach-life and return to the oneness of the sea. Until the final ebb.


The grandeur of the tide power of the pounding waters

Fueled by the winds and storms of normal sea weather

Create an illusion of advancing control over the beach

Is to move through the high and low ties of living in the world

Of the terrains of life on that band of sand between the two.

Riding the incoming tide of life on one's personal surf board

Is to feel deeply the energy of growing in age, wisdom and grace

Is to move through the high and low ties of living in th world

Is to touch the arc of success . through the power of one's tide

Is to feel the surge of the strength of growth and development.

Then there is the changing of the tides to the ebbing of the power

The gradual letting go of the extent of the incoming tide

The gradual letting go of the progress of the rising tide

The gradual acceptance of the loss of power of the incoming tide

The gradual acceptance of the inevitable speed of the outgoing ebb.

There is a great sense of loss associated with the ebbing of life

The expanse of that beach of success and power of growth

That begins to narrow and expose the new normalcy of the beach

That continues to erase our footprints in the sands of our passing

Demanding that we realize the beauty of the ebb and flow of our lives.

The surf board of our bodies bends under the pounding of the surf

Teh rip tides tear at the integration and wholesomeness of our minds

The rugged shore line is no longer an acceptable challenge for the soul

The gentle end of each tide becomes the new norm for the old surfer

The smoothness of the outgoing ebb quiets the heart and touches the spirit.

The silence of the ebb and flow at low tide in our lives

when the full moon illuminates the majesty of the end of tiding

When the dark night hides the murmur of the end of ebbing

When the ocean of life and the terrain of the living are in quiet balance

Then we know our waves have succeeded to their rightful place in the ocean.


Dr. Roger Desmarais has written poetry on his experiences as a consultant to executives and their executive teams as a way to more easily connect with the Emotional Intelligent part of the total leader. This has also opened the opportunity to write poetry to define the Spiritual Intelligence that is the foundation for Ethical and Responsible Leadership—which is a growing request. His recently published book of corporate poetry taps the three intelligences: Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional: “Disruptive Poetry: Upsetting the Perfect Corporate Status Quo.”

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