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November Astrology with Angel Lopez

By Angel Lopez:

How often have you heard that it’s a time for transformation only to feel like the same version of yourself two weeks, months or even decades later? You can’t help but to start to think that you may be bad at personal evolution, like you’re out of sync with nature’s rhythms or off your path. The truth is, growth comes in a variety of forms. It doesn’t always appear like it does on TV, when a character has some powerful revelation scored to a Sia song and they make a grand decision to quit or leave town, never to return again. Your own personal growth can at times be minuscule. It’s a subtle choice at the grocery store. A different response to a usual question. Or a kind acknowledgement to yourself in the mirror. Sometimes, it’s even rushing past a mirror when an old you would’ve paused to criticize.

In reality, you’re in constant transformation. The You of yesterday is a figment of the past, never to return again. And every day has its own separate lesson plan. Now sometimes you may find yourself repeating mistakes or poor choices, but you’re also probably deepening your inner sense of those decisions, reminding yourself that you know this is a bad idea but you’re gonna do it anyway. Each of those reminders helps to chip away at the strength that those habits, mentalities or toxic relationships have on you, shifting the energy one bit at a time. Well, all of those subtle shifts are ready to add up, and they want to help you tip the scales toward the work you’re meant to be doing, both in the world and within.

This Scorpio Season offers you a transformation you can count on. There will be no going back in regards to some aspect of your life. Permanent change is afoot and it’s time. You owe it to yourself to make a commitment to some type of change that’s been calling to you for far too long. And you can also notice what commitments are no longer alive for you. Remember, you don’t owe it to anyone to stay the same. Now I know this slightly contradicts the idea that change is subtly occurring all the time. But that is true, and you must recognize that in order to see the lovely work you’ve already put in to grow. But this moment right here, it is one of those main character energy moments when you make the change. So if you’re feeling challenged, put on that Sia song and get to it.

Read for your Sun sign, but also check your Rising if you know it.


You have a commitment right now to your identity. It’s time to lay out everything that contributes to the definition of You. Are all these pieces in pure alignment with the purpose you know in your spirit is meant for you? Perhaps you’ve become too closely associated with a job that has nothing to do with your passion. Or it could be that a relationship you’re in is presenting a false narrative of two peas in a pod when you want nothing more than to eject. It could just be that you’ve outgrown aspects of your personality that are now holding you back from being taken more seriously in your goals and accomplishments. Pay close attention to who and what fills your days. Those answers reveal the current definition of you, and now is the time to remove any everyday obstacles that get in the way of moving toward your dreams. This will help you re-engage with a greater sense of self-respect and confidence.


You have a commitment right now to your spirituality. It’s begging you to engage with it in a more meaningful way, one that isn’t just in passing or performative. It wants you to whisper secret desires to your spirit guides. To ask your dreams to reveal truths that your conscious mind can’t seem to find. To put greater faith in the Universe and vulnerably ask for its guidance and support. You can practice by also doing some of these things with some of your closest friends and loved ones. It can be part of your nature to not engage too deeply with people in your life, as it seems draining or too emotionally consuming. You know that you’d rather just chill, so wouldn’t they want the same instead of listening to your issues. Push yourself to open up more to the people you trust and love and then watch how the Universe beefs up its presence in your life too.


You have a commitment right now to your hopes and dreams. That doesn’t have to just look like some moments of whimsy, staring up and sending wishes to the stars. But please note that I said “just”, because you certainly can sing sweet nothings to the cosmos when it comes to your desires. You just also need to make some shifts to your daily life that’ll support the dreams as well. Perhaps some of the habits haven’t been the most supportive in getting you closer to what you want to manifest. This can come in the form of missing rituals, alternating days between loving and hating your body or constantly being late and blaming anyone or anything but your own lack of time management skills. It’s time to take some greater responsibility in how you show up for your career goals and sense of greater purpose in this world. For you, life is a playground, but it may be time to jump off the swing and get back to work.


You have a commitment right now to your path. Maybe you’ve felt a little untethered from your usual self, which has offered up some opportunities to engage with parts of you or the world that you normally wouldn’t fully open up to. But there’s a ton of creative fire wanting to come through, and if you can focus and pair it with your ambition, you will find yourself to be rather unstoppable. Try shifting your relationship to your inner child and give it a turn in the driver’s seat. What ideas would make the little kid in you wild with excitement? Ask them their opinion the next time you have to decide something career or goal related. They’ll want to know if your choices lead to fun. It’s not always important in the adult world to prioritize having a good time, but the current energies really want you to do so and that’ll help you to feel more comfortable in your life, in general.


You have a commitment right now to your personal philosophy. How you craft and express your deepest beliefs about the world is of great importance, as it will help to better define what matters to you and how you engage with others. It can be occasionally easy to hold your opinions or ideas back, but now it’s necessary for you to utilize your voice in a way that feels more connected to your heart. You don’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings but you also don’t have to make their feelings your job. If you’re communicating from a clear place and with a sense of integrity, then you can feel confident knowing that you’re honoring the other person with your sincere honesty. You like to engage with the world and have meaningful intentions for your life, but if you’re making yourself small in any way, your existence won’t register on the map. And we need you in all your special grandeur.


You have a commitment right now to your shadow side. Use this time to have a deep talk with the parts of yourself that you suppress or hold shame around. Perhaps they’re feeling neglected, causing you to act out in ways that don’t truly reflect your actual feelings or intentions. They also just might need some major confrontation, allowing you the recognition that it’s time to let go of outdated childhood fears or traumas. Even if you can’t fully release them, you may be able to evolve your relationship with them, moving you further away from being the one who needs to be healed to the healer. A lot of this process is mental, as most of your processes tend to be. But this time, I encourage you to take a less critical and cynical approach. What if you met yourself with more grace, a sense of greater optimism and a pat on the back for facing the demons that you’ve already slain? In essence, love yourself even more.


You have a commitment right now to your devoted sweethearts. The ones who own a cozy space in your heart deserve all the attention because they’re the ones getting you through. But part of giving to them is giving yourself permission to let them see all of you, which can be a scary prospect. Given your tendency toward appearances, if the feelings you’re holding aren’t pretty, you might just hold them tighter rather than show them to another. Use this time to challenge yourself to be more of you with the ones you love. If they’ve made it this far into your life, they’ve probably met your challenging side already. And what you’re currently not showing them may not even be that scary. If you want to quit your job or move or date a gender you haven’t before, they’ll love you through it. And if they don’t, then you’ve won the gift of releasing someone who doesn’t deserve your heart, making room for someone who does.


You have a commitment right now to your well-being. Dedicate your energies to being the baddest, most consistent and boldest version of you. Find ways to share your passion with a wider world. Don’t just be privately overwhelmed by your emotions. Instead find ways to express them to others in ways that surprise them, and yourself. Perform an action each day that honors the core of you, being anything from a hike to a manicure to a four-hour meditation and ritual. Insert more intention into your routines, making them less chore and more manifestation spell. Take up a new or long abandoned creative hobby that you can compulsively obsess over when you’re supposed to be focused on work. Be the first one to talk at your next group event or meeting. And expand so much further into who you always wanted to be to the point that you have to dream up a new version of who you always wanted to be.


You have a commitment right now to your contentment. How can you give less of yourself away to others, reserving more energy and space for your own joys and interests? It can be hard for you to do, as you’re the one who likes to connect, to assist and to experience with the intention of greater personal growth. But it’s time to retreat from others in a way that doesn’t alienate you but rather shows that you take your own needs and pleasure more seriously. And truthfully, you kinda need to send that message to yourself more than to anyone else. Your dreams deserve more attention, but if you don’t have the energy to give to them, then they’ll only be half-assed. And the execution of them, even worse. So make time to delve more deeply into yourself and explore where it is you want to be headed for this next chapter. And then also begin the shifts that will take you there.


You have a commitment right now to your ancestors. That may seem like the weightiest responsibility ever bestowed, but what it really means is to consider your roots and those that came before you. What is your connection to your own personal history? If it’s a bad one, how can you begin to resolve that in a way that allows you to see beyond any trauma or pain? You may reveal connections to parts of you that you had a slight awareness of but didn’t know was an actual birthright. You may also find that you’re acting out from old wounds of your younger self. And these ways of being in the world is unknowingly affecting your reputation, keeping some from wanting to fully connect with you. It’s when you’ve built a wall up and don’t even know it. Have some more awareness around how you engage with the people in your life and keep in mind that your hope is to do your ancestors proud.


You have a commitment right now to your mind. All of your career goals and aspirations are tied to the clarity of your mentality. It’s imperative that you clear out any thought patterns or ideologies that are cluttering your forward progress. You’re incredibly smart, but you can’t always outwit your subconscious, which also shows up in creative ways to keep you procrastinating and spiraling in mental circles. There’s also some self-worth that may not be fully operational. Even if you think you have a strong sense of confidence, there may be some inner demons that are cunningly keeping you small or slow in your process. Do what you can to dial into a greater level of self-love to help bolster your belief in your own integrity. You’re on the path to being greater than you’ve ever been, but it’s going to come with some healthy sacrifices. Gone must be the crutches, as you’re more healed than you think. It’s time to start running into the future.


You have a commitment right now to your resources. What or who do you currently have available to you that you can utilize to achieve your goals? And what do you need more of in your life and how can you attain it? It’s not always easy for you to go after what you want. You sometimes need a little more approval or support than others. But with the proper assets on your side, you can achieve anything. Lean into calling upon helpful loved ones or colleagues when you need assistance. Focus your spending towards things and experiences that strengthen your skills and encourage the work you want to be doing. Explore long-held interests with surprising amounts of gusto and take classes or workshops that will make you feel more confident in your greater objectives. Make your life and the world one giant classroom, full of invaluable study partners, homework of your own choosing and a broadening of your knowledge about what you love and how to do more of it in this lifetime.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR. Visit to learn more. To sign up for The Spiritual Gayz newsletter click here.

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