Meet the Creator of Brown Brother Swagg

By Elizabeth Gracen:

T.J. Swagg - Brown Brother Swagg

EG: TJ Swagg! Thank you so much for doing this interview. I saw your dynamic feed on Instagram and just had to reach out to you. Let’s start from scratch. Please tell our readers a little bit about you.

TJ: I am a 13-year-old entrepreneur with one dream: Peace and Love for all!

I have personally experienced many hardships growing up, facing health issues, dealing with bullying, racism, and finding it hard at times to fit in. I realized that many of today’s youth are experiencing the same challenges with very limited resources. I want to also give back to my beautiful people, my community, through charity donations to the Tara Boom Houston (Cancer) Foundation in London, Ontario, and providing resources and donations to the youth of Brampton, Ontario. Encouraging everyone, especially the younger generation, to Believe that all is possible (even through troubled times), and Brown Brothers and Sisters are here to help make that happen!

My story behind the Brown Brother Brand is my passion for diversity, equality, peace, and love within all mankind, recognizing that we have all experienced hard times but can stand together as a community, as a nation, and love one another through peace and respect. As brothers and sisters, we can make a difference.

Together we can stop Racism!

Together we can stop Hate!

Together we can stop Bullying!

Together we have each other, Imagine Peace!

I dream that one day Brown Brothers is recognized by all who wear my swagg and know that I am here to listen and spread the Love and express the beauty of diversity and stop all hate!

EG: What motivates you, and why did you decide to launch a clothing line?

TJ: My mom (Dalila) and dad (Irtiz) are my biggest motivators, not only do they always encourage me to see the good in people but also to [look for] a very positive outcome with any difficult situation I may come across. Brown Brothers has always been close to my heart. My dad and Uncle Mooch grew up in London, Ontario, and being a minority, they faced racism and found it hard to fit in (just like many kids nowadays) until they began giving back to their community through sports and charity events.

I decided to bring back the Brown Brothers Swagg to send a message to all that together we got this! Not only am I enjoying it and keeping my mind hard at work developing designs that will promote a positive, powerful message but also through my brand I can give back and help so many kids, teens, and adults who may be feeling disconnected from the world through bullying, racism, or may be feeling unaccepted or struggling with this pandemic.