March Astrology with Angel Lopez

By Angel Lopez:

March begins with us deep into Pisces Season, a time when you should allow intuition and imagination to take the reins. You may feel more compelled to go with the flow of your whims, so it may be hard to keep to your schedule or enact boundaries. And it’s valuable to be more comfortable in instability right now, to be flexible and to let your heart and spirit guide over your mind. Just be careful not to get entirely swept away. Music and the arts can be grounding at this time. Whether you’re leaning into your own creative skills or just enjoying those of others, these escapes can be inspirations and comforts, fueling you to move through your mundane tasks with greater ease and joy.

Rest is also essential, so do your best to make “downtime” a useful part of your vocabulary. It’s okay to want to disappear within, as long as you don’t use it to avoid or harm.

On March 3rd, Mars shifts over into Gemini. In this thoughtful sign, Mars acts with intellect. This is the time that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible. You just have to be careful not to get caught up in questioning your actions to the point of stalling on them. Listening also becomes more key when trying to make things happen. You can easily follow the shiny object without much objectivity, so it’s helpful to invite another’s opinion into the mix of your tasks. Cooperation is vital and encouraged. Also, make sure that communication is flowing around any important action taken, or you may be accused of selfish behavior.

Mars is here through the end of April, so get used to working with others and being okay with it.

Optimism and vision are available for you at some key points in these first couple weeks of March. On the 4th, Mercury and Jupiter meet up in Aquarius to connect your thoughts more directly with your truth. They want to help expand any ideas you have, particularly those that feed your personal growth. Try choosing to talk with Spirit that day instead of with yourself. If you need guidance, give over to the Divine and see what ideas arise. On the 10th, the Sun and Neptune join in Pisces to illuminate your sense of spiritual insight even more. They can also help enlighten where you may be allowing deception or illusion to shade your perspective, so keep an eye out for any surprising moments of awareness. March 13th then brings on the Pisces New Moon, which continues you on this path of deeper connection and understanding. It urges you to connect more deeply to your emotional self and to make sure that what you’re working for is really a part of the soul’s vision and plan and not just you still trying to appease an idea of what you once thought was required of you. It’s okay to pivot. It’s okay to say no. And it’s okay to speak your mind and let your authentic voice be heard.

On March 15th, Mercury moves into Pisces, which frees your mind up to get more comfortable in the creative space. However, this can sometimes show up as just plain feeling spacey, so don’t be surprised if over the next few weeks you have a difficult time focusing on plans and projects. The reality is that the plan may need to change. The details aren’t exact. You just aren’t passionate about it right now. Be open to letting intuition speak to you and make room for ideas to evolve. Pisces also wants the imagination at play, so let your creative self into the room where it happens and see what great opinions it has to offer. You may find your sense of direction needed some shaking up.

Aries Season begins on March 20th, which is essentially the astrological new year. This is when you can begin again and have the energy behind you to motivate any resolutions or shifts you’re trying to bring forth. Aries is a forceful energy, so it can show up as brutish and hard. Make sure not to lead with those qualities, as well as some of its “me-first” vibe. Aries can be a phenomenal leader, but one must be that for oneself before successfully doing so for others. So, take the lead on being your own champion. Find ways to test your strength. And be brave in ways your confidence would not normally provide. The cosmos will fill in the rest for you.

The Aries energy continues to flow as Venus moves into the sign on March 21st. Relationships heat up in a way that has everyone wanting to assert their dominance. Stay true to yourself without making others feel "less than" in any way. You can also forge new relationships now, inviting new energies in for some excitement. This can be particularly potent on the work front, as Mars (Aries’s ruler) has a kind moment with Saturn (the ruler of responsibility and authority). You can find some cooperation here, as everyone has the ability to see the bigger picture at hand and the specific role they play in its success. Just know your lane, but don’t be afraid to shine while being in it.