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March 2020 Astrology with Angel Lopez

By Angel Lopez:

The astrology of March kicks off with a busy week, and I’m not just talking about Super Tuesday or the return of Lady Gaga. As we travel through the usually soft, dreamy vibe of Pisces, we find ourselves contending with some aggressive energies that want to continue pushing us toward the greater vision we have for our lives. There’s a lot of focus right now on what we are striving to achieve and how we can continue to build for the larger picture. Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are the major players here, with Venus, the planet that rules our relationships, being the catalyst. This month also brings us a productive full moon in Virgo, which will welcome Mars, the God of action, into the fray. Later this month, we’ll move into Aries Season, which will really kick this year into its highest of gears.

The first week of March finds Venus traveling through the final degrees of Aries, ending an almost four-week period of challenge and animosity in our relations. It was getting really easy to just fly off the handle with people and fall into frustration when they couldn’t see eye to eye. Of course, since we were all experiencing it, everyone was feeling right, creating little chance for a winner in any situation. Venus has also been hitting Saturn and Pluto, the planets that offer the most tough love. So, this time can offer a lot of activity, but to an overwhelming degree.

Especially for Capricorns, Cancers, Libras, or Aries, this is a time of real struggle and growth, a time to put your money where your mouth is and show up in some sort of meaningful way for the life you’re trying to live.

Show yourself that you can handle all the work it’ll take to accomplish your goals. The rest of us are all still being touched by this, feeling pushed by others to step into roles we didn’t quite expect to be handling right now. But it’s all guiding us toward greater personal growth and ultimately the challenges of now are steps toward a stronger foundation for ourselves in the long run.

On March 5th, Venus then moves into Taurus, allowing the weight of our relationships to lessen. We’ll see them for the beautiful additions they can be to our lives rather than the challenging chores. We’ll have that energy through the rest of the month. That day also marks when Mercury takes its retrograde step back into Aquarius, where it will station until it goes direct again on March 10th. So anything that felt stalled or slow will gain some speed again. You’ll be able to find momentum around your dreams and visions and get another stab at manifesting them. This is also right around the Virgo Full Moon, which occurs on March 9th. The chart for this moon supports us letting go of any stagnant mental patterns that may be hindering us from putting ourselves out there and striving for our dreams. It’s a good time to take some tangible actions around our goals and to expect some optimistic results. Even if we don’t have anything we’re physically putting out into the world at this time, we should be talking to others about the plans we have for our lives this year.

If the sky was the limit, what would you be pushing into existence this year?

Use this full moon time to discuss or write about this; and again, if you have something to share with the world that illustrates this, start to share it!

Aries Season will officially commence on March 20th. That’s when the Sun enters into one of its fieriest spaces, igniting us all to embrace Spring and begin again. This time of inspiration and creative spark couples with a meet-up between the buoyant Jupiter and the intense Mars, which is the Aries-ruling planet. When these two come together, it can intensify our drive to get things done. With the right intentions in place, it can also be some serious wind in our sails toward a project or goal. We must do our best to tap into Jupiter’s sense of optimism, or else we can easily fall prey to Capricorn’s trait of pessimism and “Is it ever gonna happen?” mindset. These two are also going to be buddying up to Pluto at this time, so there will be a sense of urgency around everything going on. For some, things could be feeling very life or death, it’s now or never. And that urgency may be valid. Venus will be getting into the mix as well, offering up some support; so know that if things do feel wild, there will be others there to assist or help cushion the fall. Nothing has to be handled alone here.

On March 22nd, Saturn will move on into Aquarius, at least for a little while, where it will stay through the end of June. This will give us a taste of what 2021 and 2022 have in store for us, as the planet that rules structure, responsibility, and our greatest fears moves into a new two-year process. Saturn tends to show us where we need to grow up, and interestingly, Aquarius rules the greater collective.

So, this could be a time when we as a country, or as a world, must learn some valuable lessons around being responsible for how we come together and treat each other.

The end of March through June will be that window into it for us and will give a preview of how this could be showing up in our own lives. Do you know where Aquarius lives in your chart? Start to crash course on that area now so that you can be prepared as to where the lessons will come, urging you to level up in a big way.

In all, March offers a slew of activity. We have the chance to be really brave with ourselves and take some risks toward advancing our life’s bigger dreams. We can see that there are people who do want to support us and see us achieve. Sometimes we may just struggle with vulnerably saying what we need. This month will have some energy to it that makes us want to cocoon.

But if we do find some way to hide, use it as time to work on some sort of goal to gain clarity on how you’re meant to connect with the world around you or the world at large in a bigger way.

Because by the end of the month, you’ll feel compelled to come a bit more out of your shell. So better to be prepared and like the process than to not be prepared and loathe it.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR.

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