July Astrology with Angel Lopez

By Angel Lopez:

July begins with a big emotional wave of forward motion and connection. Cancer season is in full swing, which means that everyone is feeling their feelings and can allow any predominant emotions to help guide whatever actions need to be taken. Now’s not really the time for hiding, though Cancer does love to be at home. However, the world has shown that you can still be visible to others from the comfort of your couch, so you must take advantage of the energetic momentum that’s active right now but can still be comfortable while doing so.

This month is a major player in the larger story of your year, helping you make decisions and move your life ahead. You just have to be comfortable putting yourself in the spotlight of your life.

The first week of the month highlights Mars, the planet of action and motivation. It’s making connections with Saturn and Uranus, who have been tasked this year with getting you to take greater responsibility for expressing your most authentic self. Adding Mars in Leo into their mix asserts your drive in a major way and allows you to take actions that can get you seen and heard. But this might not come easy for you. You may find yourself in situations that are new and uncomfortable, and they may even trigger some old wounds that usually have you wanting to shrink away. Use the energy of now to push through any insecurities. Challenge yourself to let others in to the changes that you’ve been going through and give them a deeper glimpse of the newer you that’s coming alive this year.

The second week of July features Venus, the planet of love and relationship connections. So, all of the fire that arises in that first week has nowhere to go but out as Venus makes contact with Saturn and Uranus on the 6th and the 8th. Venus makes sure that the people in your life are in tune with where you’re at and wanting to go. Pay attention to the conversations that arise and challenge people to cut through any veiled BS that they might be spewing. It’s important that everyone be speaking in truths right now. You don’t want anything left for interpretation.

The Cancer New Moon arrives on the 9th, which can make for some inspiring hits of personal growth, though they could come from an agitation or a confrontation. Know that any fights or disagreements are here for your greater good, as they could be illuminating. You’re also just being asked to solidify what it is you want to commit to doing with yourself for the rest of the year and who you want as a part of it. This is 2021’s astrological mid-point, so give yourself a check-in.

Are you putting energy and drive into what you set out to manifest this year, or is it still in the mind or dream phase?

If it’s the latter, then you need to push yourself to adjust the life you’re living so as to make room for what you want to see come through. It’s easy to get so stuck in a routine that it becomes a rut that you’re not even aware is there.

We then have a parade of interesting transits that want to help propel you forward. Mercury shifts into Cancer on the 11th, which helps to align the heart and the head. What you’re feeling becomes a more helpful component in making decisions.

Train your mind to trust your instincts.

Venus and Mars join hands on the 13th, giving you an opportunity to firm up your relationships and inspire one another. A healthy partnership involves allowing each other to shine in the way they both desire to. If you’re connected with someone who is trying to hog the spotlight, go find another to stand in and let them do their thing. Venus then enters Virgo on the 21st, which makes everyone more focused and orderly, if not a tad anxious. Try not to hold anyone to standards that are outside of their reality. You can’t judge everyone under one rulebook. If you love someone, remember to love them on their own terms. If you can get out of their way and trust them to do their part, they may surprise you.

On the 22nd, we enter Leo Season, where shining your heart forth becomes a necessity. Full personal expression is the only way to success in these next four weeks. You have a mission, and you must let it be known, seen, and heard. Don’t shy from any acknowledgment that wants to come your way. Just say, “Thank you.” Shine a light on your greatest attributes. Let people love you unconditionally. Get playful. Have fun. Make joy your compass. Lean into any creative projects that feel like a representation of your truest self. And do your best to see people. Shadows are for another day.

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs on July 23rd