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Astrological Forecast with Angel Lopez: June 2020

By Angel Lopez:

We all enter into June with our astrological feet still planted firmly in Gemini season. Or at least as firmly as anything can be grounded when the Sun is moving through Gemini. This sign is defined by its flexible mentality, given that it’s an air sign. With Gemini, there’s a desire to ask questions with the intention of understanding the how and why of things. This time, which continues through June 20th, heightens your desire to connect with others and find out what’s on their mind. Gemini pays attention and wants to engage in discussion with anyone who will listen. Gemini loves a phone. There’s a lot of talking, something just for the sake of doing so. That’s because Gemini loves to tell a story, so during this time everyone may feel like they have a tale to tell. And though usually not the most emotional sign, this season will find us all connecting to our hearts and taking decisive action not just from instinct but from a combination of the heart, mind, and soul.

The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, and June finds that ruler steeped in the sensitive waters of Cancer. When in Cancer, Mercury can cloud your thinking with emotion. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, it benefits you to pay attention to what sign the Moon is passing through each day. That energy will shade your thought processes and offer a glimpse into how to proceed with, or hide, from communication. For example, when the Moon moves through the ambitious and practical sign of Capricorn on June 7th and 8th, you could find yourself engaged in some big-picture planning. It’s best to be house cleaning with an eye toward purging or handling some banking rather than trying to have any deep meaningful conversation. It could lack emotion, as Capricorn isn’t the warmest of colors. But on June 12th and 13th, when the Moon moves through dreamy, intuitive Pisces, you could find yourself inclined to wanting a cuddle and a spot of intimacy, possibly even with just yourself. All this to say this month is a good time to sync up with the Moon. It’s the key to understanding your best emotional blueprint for each day.

Mercury will also be moving into a retrograde phase on June 19th. This marks a three-week slowdown of any communication-related activities. Retrogrades ask all of us to reconsider, review, reflect, and revise. Perhaps changes that you began to put into place will need some revision. Since it’s in Cancer, this could particularly affect any issues around home and family. Take extra time in making any decisions in those areas. There’s also a strong reconnection vibe in the air with this planetary transit. Cancer can urge you to look back on the past and revisit any old emotions that no longer need a place at the table. This can be a triggering time so be patient with yourself and do what you can to exhibit strong self-care and hold those boundaries when needed. You may even hear from a surprising someone for an amends, an apology, or a moment of clarity around where you both stand with each other. Venus is also retrograde in Gemini, and she is the planet that rules our relationships. Given all this, you should come out of this month with a strong sense of who’s in your corner versus who belongs in your personal history book.

At the top of the month, on June 5th, we also get a full moon/lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This eclipse is the first in a new two-year cycle in the Gemini and Sagittarius areas of our astrological charts. If you know which houses these signs affect, you’ll have greater insight into the story these are bringing light to for you. In general, eclipse seasons intensify the tension between our inner and outer selves. It’s a major letting go, and this full moon particularly wants you to focus on any beliefs that need to be flushed away. What did you learn long ago that just isn’t true for you anymore? These ideas may have roots in some childhood-based insecurities, so let them arise for some scrutiny. Given the other astrology of this day, our relationships may hold a key. You may need to really reassess who supports your optimistic vision for the future. Who is a pure ally in your personal growth? Who loves you for your truth? How do you give those relationships greater weight? The illusion of some relationships may come to light at this time. But it’s good, because this is a releasing time. It just may be time to say goodbye to those who no longer keep you great.

On June 13th, Mars and Neptune find themselves conjunct in Pisces, which means they’re cozying up right next to each other. On this day, you can act more directly from the pulse of your intuition. Meditate. Journal. Pay attention to those dreams. Dance or play music. Start your day from one of these places and then move into it holding onto whatever sense of pure flow this awakened for you. But also, move slow. If you try to charge forward in any way, you may be fooled into something you don’t need or end up being somewhere you’d rather not be.

Cancer Season officially begins on June 20th. As already mentioned in regards to Mercury, Cancer is our most sensitive and emotional sign. We want to feel comfort and at home in our lives and skin. We want to feel like we belong somewhere. We want to feel and know that it’s okay to do so. These feelings are amplified by the new moon in Cancer that also occurs on this day. Our heart and soul want to feel aligned, particularly when it comes to any action we want to take. Gemini season lets our mind take a stronger lead in calling the shots. Now the heart wants to take center stage, and with that comes a healthy dose of intuition. Use this new moon energy to forge a stronger connection to your intuitive spirit self. Yes, logic is important. But sometimes, we just have to let the divine feminine take the wheel. That’s the core value of Cancer Season. So, tap into what that means for you, whether it be vowing to be a better “mother” to yourself, taking time to languish in your sensitivity and creative flow, or establishing a more consistent connection with your spirituality. Cancer wants you to go deep within so that you can feel at home there.

A couple of planets have some important transitions in the last days of June. The Venus retrograde comes to an end on June 24th. This allows for any relationship challenges you’ve been experiencing to smooth out, as communication becomes clearer and a shared mentality could find its way. It also paves the path for some of your healthy relationships to take a step forward, whether they be personal or professional. You may even find some new relationships starting to bloom. This should reflect any of the personal growth you’ve allowed to flourish within you. Continue to have the meaningful conversations with yourself as well. How are you being the best partner to you that is needed at this time? On June 27th, Mars will make its swift shift into Aries, its ruling sign. Because of its own retrograde, it will actually stay in this sign until after the new year. Aries makes Mars aggressive, initiating new beginnings and jumping at any chance to incite excitement and get creative. With this energy, you may feel compelled to get some things off the ground and let your ideas be seen. Just make sure not to bowl over anyone else in the process. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, so don’t let ego overshadow Cancer’s desire to lead with the heart.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR.

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