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Astrological Forecast for September 2019

By Angel Lopez:

September kicks off with a full-on Virgo assault, as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all move through this mentally charged Earth sign. Virgo is traditionally ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so when these two meet up, we’re compelled toward a combination of practicality and hard work. We are being asked to ground into the tasks at hand and make sure that we’re paying attention to all the details. One of the keywords associated with Virgo is organization. So, if an area of your life needs some organizing, whether it be your home, your relationships, or your work life, now is the time to take that on. There is so much concentrated energy available to us right now, so it would be good to find out which area of your chart Virgo rules and apply this energy toward it.

Mercury and Venus will be spending a lot of the first half of the month together, which means we can be a bit more analytical in our relationships.

This comes with its pros and cons. We will be able to see people a little bit more for who they are; but if we don’t like what we see, then we may have no choice but to tell them. This could also be a good time to have any measured heart to heart’s that need to go down. We can remove some of the emotion from the conversation and get down to the nitty-gritty. There can be a “this isn’t personal” sensibility at play, which always helps when it comes to any tough conversations. For those of us who are more sensitive than the rest, this may be a bit challenging. We may not want our partners or lovers approaching us like a science experiment, yet some of our interactions may have that vibe. In essence, it’s good that these two will be hand in hand in Virgo until the 15th. There doesn’t have to be a lot of game playing if we choose to be vulnerable with our truths.

The second half of the month sees these two planets move into Libra together, which, if we play our cards right, allows our more meaningful relationships to further flourish. The bonds we let our honesty establish in the first half of the month can deepen in this latter half. We can also establish more balance in our relationships and bring some clarity to our heads. Venus rules Libra, where it feels very much at home, so this may even bring along some new relationships too. However, that’s only if we take the high road and do some organization first. We should weed out what isn’t needed anymore so that we can fully utilize what we still have and make room for what’s now needed. That goes for our minds too. If we’ve been feeding our minds unhealthy or unhelpful thoughts, now is the time to eliminate them from our mental space. They’re just not useful. Instead, let’s make room for what will help us build toward our goals.

The planet Mars is all about taking action, so in the sign of Virgo, it’s being pushed to work, work, work. We can accomplish a lot this month if we put the necessary determination into it. It’ll be very hard to be lazy at this time. If we’ve been working toward change in an area of our lives, this will be a good month to continue building the new structures for it. We can see the details more clearly. We can ask for the necessary help. The goal here is to also apply some of this amplified work ethic to our well-being too. Virgo is a sign of health and wellness. So, we have to make sure that we’re taking the time to build structures in our life for self-care as well. Not everyone can afford the resort vacations. So, what can you do to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and balancing your work with rest. Then, you’ll be better equipped to handle all the ambitions you have and find a greater success rate.

A strong moment comes for us all on September 14th when there’s a full moon in Pisces. It will involve multiple planets, creating an obstacle course for both confrontation and growth. The full moon is a time when the sun and moon oppose, which gives us the chance to release what isn’t serving our personal evolution. The moon will glow brightest with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, right beside it. This amplifies our intuition and sense of magic, giving us a chance to see beyond the mundane and into our soul’s goals. But this could also highlight circumstances in a way that shows us people or situations that don’t truly support or respect us for our true selves. The best thing to do at this time is to pause a moment to reflect and take stock of where you’re at on your path.

  • Do you need to make any life adjustments to help better focus you toward your greater goals?

  • Are there revelations at hand you need to face in order to move forward?

  • Maybe something, or someone, isn’t working out, and you’re finally able to see that now. The question is, are you able to release them now, knowing that it’s for the ultimate good of your life?

  • Can you have hope that there’s a new, different, and better version of your life that doesn’t include something that, up til now, has been a defining piece of you?

We all may be having a tricky relationship with hope these days. The world easily shows us how it’s hard to hold tight to it. But it’s important to see that there are things in the way of our hope that we can help demolish. We just need to finally admit to ourselves that we’ve played some part in creating the structures that have nurtured this hopelessness. As a world, we’ve created or at least enabled the pollution and the gun laws and the racism, even if just from keeping silent while others were screaming for change. So, it’s important to stand up and do what we can. Uniting with others toward a common goal is what breeds hope. The same can be done in our own lives. But, we must unite with our heart and soul to turn that hope on.

It’s easy to feel like you’ll never get on the other side of your dream: That you’ll be able crack that habit or halt that addiction. That you can’t let go of the toxic partner or situation.

But rebirth is possible.

It takes work. It takes drive. But it is possible.

So, even if you’re not entirely where you want to be in your life, take notice of how far you’ve come, and double down on committing to yourself this month.

  1. Your power lies in your determination to commit to yourself.

  2. Your power lies in showing care to the details that make you unique.

  3. Your power lies in loving yourself enough to rest when needed.

  4. Your power lies in the entirety of you, in your heart, mind, body, and soul.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR.

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