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You Are Not Here to Make Everyone Happy

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

By Brandon Alter:

There comes a time when following your unique purpose in life will rattle other people. It will ruffle their feathers, and it will make them uncomfortable, and they will not like it. And this discomfort they’re feeling with themselves, they will project onto you. They may call you selfish. They may call you crazy. But your job in this life is not to make other people happy; your job is to follow your soul’s true purpose to the fullest hilt and make no apologies and take no prisoners.

I know I myself have wasted a lot of time trying to make people happy instead of doing what my heart told me to do. I have minced words and spared feelings and been a nice person, but sometimes you have to say fuck all that. Sometimes you have to pick up your warriorship and blaze a trail straight ahead—and if some people can’t follow you, it’s okay to let them go. It’s okay to wish them the best and love them and still let them go.

Nobody said following your passion would be easy, and nobody said it would make you popular; but what it will make you is wholly and undeniably yourself.

I am here encouraging you and cheering you on. Don’t back down, don’t diminish your gifts, don’t hide or water down your authenticity! Above all, do not focus your time, attention, or energy on those people who just don’t get it—that will only drain you. Focus on those who do!

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