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Aries Season Horoscopes

By Angel Lopez:

It’s time for another astrological new year, when you can begin to put some new beginnings into enthusiastic motion. But you’re going to have to work extra hard to get your head in the game. It’s imperative to the success of any venture that you believe fully in its possibility. You can’t move into anything these days with a sense of confusion or uncertainty. You can be unsure about what the outcome will look like, but you need to hold on to a strong level of confidence that the outcome will arrive. And it’s not just about filling your mind with total assurance in your goals. You can also work on noticing the words you choose and the tones you use to deliver them. Your communication style may be majorly in need of a general overhaul. Perhaps everything comes out of your mouth with a hint of sarcasm or nerves. Or you may find that you always have a harsh way of speaking, turning off those around you.

Whatever the case, these ways of communicating start in your internal thoughts and help to define how you relate to yourself. Focus on changing these outdated and unhelpful habits of the mind. If you can exchange pessimism for optimism, or meanness with encouragement, then you can begin to approach everything in your life with a lighter and more successful touch. You may also find that your enjoyment of life rises along with this shift in your attitude.

Read for your Sun sign but also check your Rising, if you know it.



You’ll want to spend the next few weeks reconnecting to your innate sense of determination. When infused with passion for a goal, you can be completely unstoppable. But you might’ve suffered a loss or setback in the recent months that blew out your flame of confidence or enthusiasm, thus leaving you rather passionless. This is your time to remember that you are the only one who controls your spark, and you’re in need of some fresh inspiration. Get out more into the world. Spend time with friends immersed in playful, stimulating conversation. Follow your instincts down pathways to discovering new obsessions. Be reminded that there is a more exuberant, decisive you at the ready for whatever it is you want to manifest.



Are you capable of being entirely in tune with your spirit self, so much so that you can let go of control and let the flow of the Universe govern some of your next choices? Sure, you Taureans can get into the romance of that idea, but your inherently practical nature may fight it when it comes to some literal application. However, your greater goal right now is to expand into an even bolder, more buoyant version of yourself. And the only way to truly actualize this goal is to bolster your intuition and let it guide you more directly on your path. Yes, you still need things like logic and street smarts, but a heap of magic will also go a long way.



The community you keep is about to experience an overhaul, as the new iteration of life that you’re about to step into will necessitate a different level of friendship and care. You may begin to recognize that some of the company you normally keep is just helping to feed some old ways of being, stagnating your approach to the important matters of your life. With some fresh blood, ears, and perspectives around you, it’ll be easier to access the answers and insights you’ve been clamoring to find. Conversations with friends you don’t always see will also offer the inspirations you need to make the life changes you’ve only been flirting with up to this point. And those changes are possible if you just allow yourself to believe in their reality.



The key to your fresh start lies in the past; more so, in what it is you’re still holding on to from the past that is long overdue for its final goodbye. Whether it’s an emotion, an experience, or a perceived failure, you need to call it forward so you can make some amends around it. These old challenges that still hold major weight for you today are cunningly keeping you from moving confidently into the purpose-driven goals you have for your career. And there’s a lot of passion available for you right now that can actually help fuel some movements in the work that matters to you. So finally allow yourself to forgive and forget, to move on with your life in a way that liberates.



Your light wants to shine onto some new endeavors that help you explore your latest interests and obsessions. You are one to latch on to a new hobby, community project, or field of study and dive in to it with the greatest level of intention. But it usually finds itself battling it out for attention and time with all the other responsibilities of your life. So do what you can to wean off some of the obligations you’ve been holding on to but have possibly worn out their welcome or no longer really need you. It’s important you free yourself up some so that you can devote your time and energy toward something new without exhausting yourself thin. Give yourself the space you need to really breathe into a new passion and truly enjoy it.



Is it possible that you have been directing some of your time and emotional resources into as much busyness as you can so as to avoid just sitting with yourself and the inner changes you crave to make but are afraid to commit to? That may be a bold question, and one that may not immediately resonate with you. However, it’s important that you consider how you could be evading some deeper questions you could be asking yourself. You may be enthralling yourself more into other people’s lives than you need to, which helps avert your attention from the truth of what’s going on inside you. Get some much needed You Time in where you really look within and ask, “How am I doing right now, and what do I need?”



Are you spending your time with the right people in your day to day? Sure, we sometimes have to put up with that person at the office who just gets underneath our skin. But we can also see when we owe it to our self-respect to interrupt their narcissism for a much-needed heart to heart, where you tell them just how they’re making your life harder than it needs to be. And that dynamic could show up not only at work but in your home and family life or in your friendship circle. Whatever the case, don’t just pretend like the person who hurt you didn’t do so. Tell them how you feel. And if they don’t know how to handle it, then that’s their problem.



Your life is looking to be approached more like a work of art in progress. What are the colors you’re using to paint the canvas of your existence? Are they muted? Vibrant and exciting? This metaphor could easily translate to a look down at your wardrobe. Is there excitement there in the colors and patterns you’re wearing, or are you adorned in the exact same color palette day in and day out? Your spirit is craving a bunch more vitality in your way of living. So shift your attraction to things that brighten and sparkle. Dazzle yourself with a step way out of your comfort zone. Adventure is calling to you, so embrace that main-character energy and live in the brighter shades of life.



Your schedule is more packed than you could imagine, which is great in some regards but also tough when it keeps you from engaging in the types of adventures and explorations that are typically needed for your soul’s enjoyment of life. At this time, it’s important that you get wildly inventive with your free time and use it for expressions of unadulterated, creative joy. You shouldn’t be wasting time with anything boring or mundane. In fact, you may need to recognize certain aspects of your life that have outstayed their welcome. They could be robbing you of precious time that could be going to relationships and hobbies that need exploring. Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Get away from any sluggish ordinariness while you can.



Your home life may be in need of some order that will also help give you a greater sense of clarity. If we’re surrounded in clutter on the outside, then it’s probably mirroring what’s going on inside. Now could be a good time to establish some new rules or habits for yourself when it comes to how you live. This also rings true for establishing a greater foundation for your days. Are you giving yourself enough runway in the morning to do all the things that could support a healthy day, or are you just rushing through the steps while simultaneously engaging in a mindless screen scroll? You deserve a more mindful experience of life as well as a clean, calm sanctuary to return to at the end of your day.



You may have been spending a little too long valuing some of the wrong things, which has busied your decision-making mind with thoughts of ultimately meaningless stuff. Imagine what you could accomplish if you actually pointed that brilliant brain of yours toward your passions and enthusiastic goals. You’d be unstoppable. How about trying to find that out for yourself? Recognize the bad mental habits that are still holding court and blocking you from the clarity you need to accomplish your objectives. Don’t just get excited by any inspirations that come your way, act on them as immediately as possible. Employ your instincts like never before. And ask your mind to stop talking so it can hear the whispers of intuition, who actually has the most interesting information for you right now.



Your self-worth journey is at a peak point, when you’re being asked to shift into a greater level of confidence and transparency. Though it’s somewhat in your nature to just want to hide, you currently have no choice but to be in the light and let others see you actively living the internal changes that you’re going through, in real time. And if you’re not doing that, then you may be self-destructing. So do what you can to lean in to a great transformation for your life, relieving yourself of the people, places, and things that resemble old versions of you when your confidence was lower. And know that if your confidence is low right now, then the best way to bolster it is to remove those obstacles that tatter your self-belief.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR.

Visit to learn more. To sign up for The Spiritual Gayz newsletter click here. 

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