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December Astrology with Angel Lopez

By Angel Lopez:

Major changes have been afoot in all of our lives, but it’s the internal shifts that have been causing the most commotion. It’s just become impossible to ignore the responsibility that comes with knowing a greater truth about yourself.

Once you’ve unlocked the gate to a deeper understanding of your desires, needs, and reality, you find yourself in a kingdom that may look nothing like the life you’ve been living in up to this point.

There are no longer remnants of structures built from your childhood trauma. Gone are the relationships that drain the air from your lungs, now replaced by ones that offer a breath of fresh comfort and insight for your self-growth. Even if this metaphoric new kingdom looks incredibly bare to you, life should be full of some clarity around what really matters versus what is just a waste of your gorgeous time.

At this time, please do your heart a favor and get incredibly honest with your mind. Are you pursuing dreams, relationships, and realities that mean something to you? Could your energy resources be better directed than where they’re pointing now?

Is your life in service to the core beliefs you hold and know to be true for you?

You can continue walking down roads where you tell yourself that it’s just what you have to do right now and things will eventually change. Or you can remember that a magical entity isn’t going to appear at your doorstep and hand you a roadmap to your next chapter. Even if circumstances are extraordinary and you’re being financially challenged or overcome with a physical illness, you do have the ability to respond in a way that honors your soul’s authenticity. You just have to accept the need for change.

This Sagittarius Season wants to help you get really straightforward with how you’re living this life. You should feel a cosmic burst of motivation that can be applied toward conquering the tasks that you know are good for you but have maybe been held back by fear or self-doubt. Now, that’s not to say there won’t be some questioning that comes along with it all. You still may find yourself needing to rethink the plan for what you’re doing. But you should find there’s an inspired, coherent idea for the plan. Your ambitions are there, even if you feel far from the goal. Don’t give in to thinking like a failure. You have a choice. You just have to make one that helps you take better care of you—and aligns you with your spirit.

Read for your Sun sign but also check your Rising Sign, if you know it.


It’s important that you get really honest about the principles you hold at the core of your being. Everything you give energy to must be in line with your personal philosophy or else you’re helping build your life on lies. Do what you can to elevate integrity to the surface of traits you hold dear, especially as attention starts to shift to your career and purpose. People will begin to pay more attention to what you’re working on and saying, so there can’t be any false narratives or truths lingering. You are known to act or speak before you think, which can sometimes translate to you saying you’re doing something when you’re really just getting the idea to do so in the moment. Try to navigate this power more toward speaking something into existence but then actually follow up on doing it. Yes, that means it’s time for perseverance and determination to rise to the surface as well.


It’s important that you get really honest about the subconscious urges that sometimes control your conscious life. You may find yourself immersed in the craziness that comes with the various responsibilities you hold for other people, but the greatest challenges may actually be coming from inside the house. How are you contributing to making your problems more than they need to be? Perhaps you’re not being fully clear with yourself about the habits that continue to create the mini-moments of chaos in your life. It’s valuable to gain this clarity because you actually have a ton of support available to you. Inner changes need to occur, though, in order for you to fully see it all. If you can’t bring a new perspective to the people, places, and things of your life, then you’ll miss the train and get left at the station. Catch yourself before using an old approach and see a fresh set of outcomes arise.


It’s important that you get really honest with the people in your life, which also means getting honest with yourself about why you choose some of them. On one hand, you can’t speak out of both sides of your mouth—well, actually, you can, but you shouldn’t. Be a straight shooter with those you love and tell them how you feel. Without genuine words and actions exchanged, you can’t expect genuine results. But of even greater necessity is the need to get clear about the people filling the circles of your life and whether they’re actually helping make your life greater. Sometimes we get used to people, or the idea of them, which makes it easy to keep them around. It’s safe. But is it of value? Are they bringing real joy, or are they just the salves we’re using to hopefully heal an old wound? It can be both, but if you’re not being honest, then the real healing can’t occur.


It’s important that you get really honest about who is filling your days and whether you’re ignoring any important intuitive hits about who is actually supporting your personal growth. You’re generally capable of giving to people out of the goodness of your heart and making compromises that sometimes go against your wishes, which honestly shows what a caring partner, friend, and colleague you can be. However, you need to put yourself in the pole position now and make sure that no one is draining you of the energy you need to support your own goals. Odds are you know exactly who or what has been getting more of you than your schedule can manage, and it’s time to adjust and show them a new set of expectations for what you can give. If they love you as much as they say, they’ll adjust and be your ambition’s biggest fan; and if they can’t adjust, then you’ll be the one with some adjusting to do.


It’s important that you get really honest with your approach to the creative hot spring that’s always bubbling inside of you. Are you honoring the currents of inspiration that want to come through? You always have new mental inventions that could be birthed into reality, but you can’t bring every single one of them into the light of day, especially with all the daily tasks for everyone else that you always have on your plate. But one or more of your ideas wants to come into form right now, so it’s time to make the space to explore and develop. This comes with some important and needed alone time. Consider taking yourself on what Julia Cameron refers to as an “artist date.” Go somewhere where your imagination can take flight without interruption from anyone else. Look at art. Watch a great film or concert. Wander rows of inspired works at a craft fair. Remember the artist in you who’s ready to ignite once again.


It’s important that you get really honest about the foundations you have established your life upon and if they’re allowing any room for your playful inner child to emerge. You are the true planner and organizer who enjoys ticking boxes and crossing things off the checklist, but that checklist may be stale and in need of some refreshing. You may still be taking care of last year’s business because you’re good at it or approaching new tasks with last year’s mentality. Fresh eyes are needed, but they may need the help of a younger you. Call on the most innocent, joyful parts of yourself to help encourage the changes that need to be made. It’s like you’re the Jennifer Garner character in 13 Going on 30 (an absolute classic): try seeing your challenges through creative kid eyes and employ a sillier you when attacking them. You should also consider structuring in a little more play time for yourself while you’re at it.


It’s important that you get really honest about how you’re too easily able to give others the time and love you should be giving to yourself. It’s in your nature to compromise and worry whether your loved ones are feeling taken care of when in your company. But you also quietly know how to manage and prioritize your own needs in a way that doesn’t make anyone think you’re an ego monster. Still, the giving nature tends to win out. Now is the time to put more of yourself and your needs center stage. You won’t be abandoned for taking risks and making choices that others may not immediately understand. You may, in fact, be completely surprised by how supportive and excited they are to see you stand up and shout for what you want. And it may be time to surprise yourself by stepping onto the limb and taking the big swing that could ultimately alter your life in the best way.


It’s important that you get really honest with the parts of your life that are getting way too much of your energy and resources when your heart just wants to be somewhere else. It’s not that you’ve completely painted yourself into a corner, but it can feel like you’ve built a house you don’t actually want to live in. And this may leave you feeling, in true Scorpio fashion, like you have to burn it all to the ground in order to move forward. That’s not the case, though. What are some creative adjustments you could make that would alleviate the pressures of the areas of your life that don’t hold your passion? And how can you start to invest more time and money into what it is that gets your heart excited? It’s not easy for you to do things in small doses, but even just a simple shift like leaving work early for a class or event of your choosing can make miracles.


It’s important that you get really honest about what’s holding you back from gaining the momentum you want so badly for your life. You have the ability to access the highest level of truth for yourself right now, but that will come with some moments of harsh acceptance and change. Consider the habits, relationships, or specific outlets of money that have existed in your life and are perhaps outweighing other areas you also deem important. It may be time to take a break or cut ties so that you can shift your energetic and literal resources into another direction that’s in need of your attention. If you’re feeling stuck in any sort of rut, it’s partially because you need to shake the etch-a-sketch and change the image. You’re also much stronger than you at times remember you are and don’t really need to rely on any crutches you’ve potentially held on to for too long. It’s time to hit your stride, but you’ll only hit it with a lighter load.


It’s important that you get really honest about who or what is draining you and that you make the space that’s needed to restore your energetic reserves. No one works harder than you, but then it becomes easy for you to forget to work hard for your own self-care. And without time for yourself, you aren’t actually able to fully enjoy the work or the eventual fruits of your labor. It’s necessary that you make some alone or quiet time for yourself. Not time for you to think about work or your long-term goals; this is time to stare into the void. To relax. To spend time with your breath. To watch your favorite 80’s movie and laugh or cry while eating something you rarely touch. All this may sound like a weird waste of time for someone like you, but without taking the time to fill up your cup, you have nothing of substance to pour into the next chapter of experiences and accomplishments.


It’s important that you get really honest about the dreams you have for your life and whether you’re keeping company with those who can support and encourage you. You may find that you are but just aren’t allowing them fully in, keeping them from being the cheerleading squad you deserve. Their encouragement could be some necessary fuel. And you’re always gonna be the most social queen, but if you’re not utilizing your circles in ways that bring out the best in you, then you’re just filling your time. And that is ultimately just keeping you from doing the work that goes into actualizing those dreams of yours. If you have projects and passions in the making, discuss them with your friends. Even if you don’t go that deep into describing your plans, you can at least consider everything you’re experiencing with them as fodder for the aspirations and work that you’re plotting.


It’s important that you get really honest about your purpose and whether every action and decision is working in support of what you hope to achieve. It’s not always easy for you to place energy into your ambitions; you’d rather just allow things to flow in the river of life and latch on to opportunity when you spot it on the shore. Sometimes that works in your favor, making for surprising moments of perfect timing. But that approach can also be a tool of self-sabotage, keeping you from going after something that pushes on the walls of your comfort zone. It’s time to position all the areas of your life in front of that strong intuition of yours and see if everything is working toward your greater goals. If not, then it’s gotta go. However, you may just find yourself questioning what those greater goals even are. That’s okay. Just start there. And know that you’re in a great place to make some clarifying decisions and see results.


Angel Lopez is a film producer, writer, astrologer, and co-host of the podcast, THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ alongside his husband, our Spiritual Guru Brandon Alter. Angel has been studying and working with both tarot and astrology for twenty years. He hosted the astrology web-series, ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL, and writes the blog ASTROLOGY REALNESS. He has also had pieces published on and The Huffington Post.

On the film side, Angel produced the Sundance Film Festival award winning film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, as well as the features THE DINNER and STATE LIKE SLEEP. He also wrote and directed his own short film, I CAN’T WITH YOU, which had its premiere at the 2016 HollyShorts Film Festival, and he recently finished producing filmmaker Justin Simien’s second feature, BAD HAIR. Visit to learn more. To sign up for The Spiritual Gayz newsletter click here.

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