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When It Seems Like Nothing is Happening

By Brandon Alter:

There is actually a lot happening.

We just can’t always feel or see our own growth as it occurs.

This struck me yesterday after a particularly powerful Breathwork session. I’ve been doing this practice every day for over a year now. Most of the time, it’s about as exciting as brushing my teeth. But then, every once in a while, there are these incredibly transformative sessions where there are physical, emotional, and energetic fireworks! Where I feel something deep in my cellular makeup reconfigure itself completely, something finally being released for good. And without the weeks on end of seemingly benign and boring sessions, I would never be able to achieve one of these HOLY CRAP sessions. This is what a true commitment to growth looks like.

When we make a decision to really commit to opening our hearts and living our soul’s true purpose . . .

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