Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter: October Forecast

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

By Brandon Alter:

Well, babies, the Summer is over. Sure, it may still be eighty degrees here in Los Angeles,  and sure, there may still be a beach day or two in your future. But there’s no denying where things are headed. The daylight hours are slowly starting to dwindle; the nights are beginning to expand. Now I'm not going to pretend that I like the shorter days or the cooler temperatures. But I love the season of Fall because it is a time to lighten our load. In Chinese Medicine, Autumn connects to the lungs, which express our grief. I know that sounds slightly melancholy, but the meaning of this is profound and beautiful. Essentially, the Autumn is when we mourn what hasn't happened in our lives, the disappointments Summer brought, the dreams that are no longer alive for us. 

This is a season to surrender the old and stale, to lay down your burdens and grow light and free. Libra Season has begun and its message is clear: Summer is over. Let the past be the past.

The trees drop their leaves. The Sun starts to move farther away from our tender planet. And we can feel into the impermanence of our own lives, how one day our own body will fall from our spirit and we will be truly free. But while we are still here, living our strange and wondrous lives, how can we grow more liberated each day? How can we lighten our load?  How can we truly let go? Let this season teach you. Pay attention to the shifting of the Seasons, and you will be shown the seasons of your own heart. This is the time to treasure the light while we have it—to treasure our lives while we have them. Don't let your history muddy your present. Fall is here, and if you let her, she will gently remove your burdens, your miseries, and your sad old shit.

We have to learn how to balance the past and the future. We have to learn how to balance the powerful heat of Summer and the restorative cool of Winter. Lucky for us, Libra energy is an expert in exploring balance. As the seventh sign of the Astrological wheel, there is a marked shift as we start to traverse the back half of the Zodiac. The first six signs, Aries through Virgo, are more internally focused. I’m not saying they’re self-absorbed (although they do need to watch that tendency), I’m just saying they are more inclined to explore their personal identity over the collective. The back half of the Zodiac is the opposite, tending to fixate on global identity and issues. This is how Libra functions, as an energy that compassionately considers the other.

Libra, as a sign, is almost obsessed with partnership. It is an energy that indeed thrives on sacrificing itself for the other. This is how Libra gets its reputation as a people pleaser, because Libra energy is all about relationships. They are deeply committed to preserving partnerships of all kinds: romantic, platonic, creative, collaborative, and otherwise. And yes, of course, this is how they can get in trouble, by refusing to put themselves first. But this is why it’s always so pleasant to be in their company, because they always make it nice. Ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty and how we relate to other people, Libra energy is always charming and refined. Libra Season brings our awareness to all the relationships that inform and empower our lives. Will we renew them, restore them—or will we perhaps recycle them instead?

If you’re interested in learning more about Venus, my husband and I will be devoting an entire episode to her on next week’s The Spiritual Gayz. This is our twice monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality without pretending that it all makes sense. We have tons of episodes on astrology but also Tarot and Shamanism and magic, not to mention fascinating interviews with groovy cosmic queers like Steven Canals, writer/co-creator of the hit TV show Pose, actress/icon Lena Waithe, and beauty/make-up expert Lihja Stewart. If you’ve been looking to expand your spiritual horizons in a fun accessible way, look no further!

Balance doesn’t mean equality. Balance means finding the right combination. Libra Season is the time to learn how each and every one of our relationships is different. Our job is to find out what balance means for us based on our own innate makeup—with other people and within ourselves. Take these next few weeks and really observe all the partnerships in your life—and I’m not just talking about people. How do you partner with this planet? How do you partner with your own body? Is there balance in these relationships? Is there the right exchange of give and take? In the Tarot, Libra is connected to the Justice card, the card that asks us to consider the grand design of our life and what wrongs we are uniquely positioned to right. Justice speaks to the revolutionary within us all, demanding we restore balance to a world spinning out of control. 

Whenever I think of Libra energy, I think of dance. Because while you can dance with yourself, it’s when we dance in pairs that things get interesting. As an honorary Libra this Season, give yourself permission to explore your own dance between Summer and Winter, between holding on and letting go. Dance between beauty and rebellion, selfishness and sacrifice. Lean too far into one and rescue yourself in the other. But whatever you do, be sure to make it nice. The New Moon in Libra, which occurs this Saturday morning at 11:26 A.M. (PST), is your chance to be nice to yourself in a deep and meaningful way. This portal is all about recognizing your own beauty, your own inherent value, and above all, your own sovereignty. Can you treat yourself like a beloved teacher, a respected elder, and a cherished friend? Why is it so much easier to play nice with others than it is with ourselves? Rediscover your own inner elegance and let this New Moon re-open your heart to yourself. Many blessings to you.

You may have noticed I’m no longer pulling a collective card for these moonthly Tarotscopes. That’s because I’m pulling a card for the collective card every week and doing a video reading. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find these videos on my stories every Thursday. But you can also find them on The Spiritual Gayz YouTube page, here!

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