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November Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

By Brandon Alter:

Scorpio Season has a dark, sparkling allure. Whether you love it or loathe it, you can’t deny its power. This is a sign that relishes a deep dive. Never one to pull its punches, you can always count on Scorpio to reveal the secrets and not stop until the truth is found. The challenge of this time is that the cosmic invitations presented can seem contrary to our conditioning. For good little consumers and Christian soldiers, Scorpio Season asks us to stop accumulating and stop playing nice. Rather, it’s a time to shed our tired skins and explore the hidden nature of our existence.

Scorpio traditionally rules sex, death, taxes, and other people’s money; all those subjects we are programmed to keep to ourselves. And yet Scorpio doesn’t want to hide them away—that’s for other times of the year. Scorpio rules our subconscious, the things hiding just beneath the surface. But during its moment in the Zodiacal year, we pull back the rug and expose our underpinnings.

The invisible becomes visible. The hidden aspects of ourselves get revealed. Secrets come to light. Fetishes get exposed. The dead come back to life and communicate with the living. Scorpio loves keeping secrets, but it also loves to tell them. Perhaps this is why Scorpio Season is so beloved among the mystical community. Because this is the time of year that we don’t have to pretend the invisible doesn’t exist, we don’t have to downplay our magic. Instead of relegating our shadows to the basement, we get to display them, dance with them, dress them up, and take them out to dinner.

The New Moon in Scorpio, which occurs Thursday afternoon, is a striking lunation that opposes Uranus, the Lord of Chaos. This New Moon is not for the faint-hearted, but you don’t really have a choice—if you’re on Earth, you’re going to feel this Moon. This Moon answers to Mars, and Mars is not known for his soft touch. He’s known for decisiveness, action, and determination. Currently in the early degrees of Scorpio (one of his favorite signs), Mars is strategizing for his upcoming battle. A week after this New Moon, Mars will meet up with Mercury, and together they will challenge Saturn. A week after that, Mars opposes Uranus. These aspects suggest a couple of turbulent weeks with plenty of surprises laid like landmines.

What are we supposed to do with so much cosmic commotion? Well, first things first, we don’t take it personally. Remember, Astrology affects everyone—not just those of us who believe in it. Secondly, we might temper our angst with some softness. Mars can help us get shit done, but he wants it done now, and that may just not be possible. Mars would rather blow something up and move on than wait for divine timing. Patience is key. And you might as well make the wait enjoyable. I suggest plenty of baths, good books, long walks in quiet parts of town, and above all . . . naps. It’s not that I’m encouraging you to hide from the turbulent skies, it’s just that there's no good reason to go out into the storm. Wait until the rain clears and then go breathe in the fresh air. Because the thing is: The storm will pass. It always does.

Use this New Moon as an opportunity to release the darkness and heaviness you’ve accumulated over these last eighteen months. Whether you decide to take a ritual bath or sweat it out on a long sunset run, this is your moment to get lighter, freer, and more graceful.

Change is everywhere, and your job is to embrace it without losing your center.

Let this New Moon help you find a deeper internal anchor and you'll happily sway with the shifting tides. Trust me, you think it's wild now? You’ll really need this anchor when the Eclipses start coming later this month.

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You’ll find your New Moon Tarotscopes below.

I couldn’t help myself, the tone of your Tarotscopes

may be infused with Scorpio’s iconic sting.

Read for your Sun Sign first. And then keep on reading.

For your rising, your moon, your north node. I mean, why not? They’re free!



Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Just because you know the truth doesn’t mean you always have to tell it.

You already know how to tell it like it is. That’s your superpower. But unlike the MTA suggests, just because you see something doesn’t always mean you have to say something. It’s okay to just gather information, clock it, and move on. Sometimes you are put in a position to be the canary in the coal mine, but that time isn’t now. Give someone else a turn to be the canary.

Maybe we call others out on their shit because it’s more fun than calling ourselves out. And maybe that’s where you need to be, in the deep discomfort of telling the truth on yourself.

The Queen of Swords is you when you refuse to turn a blind eye to the truth. It’s an opportunity to be fair, impartial, and influenced only by facts. That can be hard to do when the subject in question is yourself. But once they put their mind to it, there’s nothing a Scorpio can’t do.



Nine of Cups (Reversed)

Pleasing only yourself isn’t the best way to get what you want.

The Nine of Cups is a wish card. It wants you to discover how to satisfy yourself at all costs—something, I believe, Sagittarians are naturally good at doing. So when it comes in reversed, it might suggest holding back a little of this particular impulse. Meaning, sometimes to get what we want in the long run we have to eat a little crow in the short run.

So take a look at your life. Where are you getting in your own way by always getting your own way? Where might a little acquiescence actually help your goal? Compromise isn’t a bad thing. Considering other people isn’t a death knell for your authenticity. Think of it as an experiment in accommodation.

It’s not that it has to be a choice between honoring yourself and others; it’s more about honoring the bigger picture in all things. If our goal is to be strong and healthy, spinach meets that desire even if we don’t like the taste. Explore where you might be saying no to things because you don’t like the taste, even if they will bring you closer to what you really want.



Ace of Swords (Reversed)

Every dog has its day; every story gets a turn to be told.

Sometimes an old story, something we’ve given up on, assumed long dead, comes back—with a vengeance. The Ace of Swords reversed can suggest such an occurrence. Instead of looking for a new story to tell, you realize that an old story is finally getting its day in the sun.

There's a burst of inspiration, a new sharp idea, that's wanting you to wield it. But curiously this "new" idea might be an old idea that's finally matured. Think of it like good wine that needs to age—now it's time to pop the cork.

A reversal can also mean resistance; are you fighting against some sort of big change in yourself? Are you gripping the cliff of your old identity instead of falling into a new story more aligned with who you've become?



The Devil (Reversed)

Don’t deny your vices, accept them, work with them, transform them.

The Devil has us when we can’t imagine any other way. It’s like that nightly nip of scotch, not such a big deal—until we can’t imagine a five-o-clock without it. Addiction is what surfaces when we no longer find ourselves in control of our little pleasures. Whether it’s shopping or fucking or trash TV, sometimes the things that we lean on to make life a little sweeter start to drain on us.

To embrace the Devil reversed is to explore where you no longer have your pleasures but rather they have you. Which isn’t to say you can’t choose to continue on with any of your favorite vices, but it's important to recognize what has you in its clutches. It's important to take back your power and then choose when to give it away.

The Devil reversed is tricky and clever, but hell, so is an Aquarius, so it’s a match made in gay heaven. Spend Scorpio Season exploring where you are reaching outside yourself for things you can fully satisfy from within yourself. Then whenever you choose the cigarette or the potato chip or the quick kiss in the dark, you’ll be much more satisfied by it.



The Tower (Reversed)

Let life fall apart . . . into place.

What we resist persists. What we embrace gets replaced. This is the nature of desire. The things we chase elude. The things we avoid stalk. So what are we to do? Resist nothing. Allow everything. Allowance is key. Meeting things as they are is a vital piece of magic that every Pisces should know.

When the Tower arrives in our lives, especially upside down, it’s signifying that our life is screaming at us. It’s trying to wake us up, and the sooner we wake up the better. Instead of trying to protect your house of cards, let it fall down. Instead of clutching, release your grip.

The thing you’re afraid of losing isn’t about the thing—it’s about you. Spend Scorpio Season examining your fear. Why are you so afraid to be without this thing that’s clearly trying to be pried from your grasp? Perhaps it wants to be replaced by something better—but you’ll never know until you let go.



Queen of Wands

Your magic is in your body, use it.

The Queen of Wands is the Jessica Rabbit of the Tarot. She’s sensual, seductive, and fully imaginal. You need to be more like her this month. Let your body be your guide. Let your senses ground you in the here and now.

Aries folks like to take action. They live for the thrill of the chase, loving to always be on the go. Which is great, a gift of theirs, for sure. But sometimes all the chasing has them missing out on the pleasures of the moment. And so much of magic can only be coaxed from the moment at hand. For example, Sex Magic only works when you’re actually having sex. Candle magic only works when the candle is lit.

Where are you trying to cast a spell on the future? Can you call it back and try to cast it in the present? Your ability to be present to the senses of your body will help you manifest the things you want. Trying to make them happen outside of time will only cost you time itself.



Page of Swords (Reversed)

Be yourself, unapologetically—once you figure out who that is, of course.

You’ve heard it said, I’m sure, the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. And while that sounds gorgeous and everything, it doesn’t take into account that being who you are is a moving target. Ten years ago, you were someone else. And if you weren’t someone else ten years ago, baby, your time to change has come and gone and come again.

Evolution isn’t just for the human species, it’s for every human, every day. We get to wake up and feel into who we might become before sunset. We get to test out our desires and our beliefs. And if they change, awesome. If your changing makes other people uncomfortable or disappointed, even better. Because that’s on them. Perhaps they need to be reminded that they get to change too.

The Page of Swords is you when you own yourself completely; no diminishing, no sugar-coating whatsoever. Even if what you’re owning is uncertainty, curiosity, and exploration. It’s time to reveal yourself to yourself, and if tomorrow the revelation changes you’ll know you’re living honestly.



Ten of Cups

Celebrate yourself out loud.

Well, how lovely to be a Gemini in Scorpio Season. Somehow you fall into one of the blindspots of their legendary stinger. So while everyone else is hemming and hawing and stockpiling supplies, you get to live your life out loud . . . or, dare I say, enjoy your life? Because the truth is, your life is going well. Let me say that again: Your Life Is GOING WELL!

Maybe you haven’t won a daytime Emmy

. . . yet. Maybe you’re still single. Maybe you don’t know if your passport is gonna show up on time, but the truth is, you’re actually kinda killing it. And your community wants to help you see it. So while everyone else marches in the gloom parade, you need to be a source of joy and light.

This is a time to get out there and be seen for who you are. And even if you’re having a bad day, don’t pretend like there’s not a hundred blessings being bestowed on you all the time. Stay blessed and you don’t have to get blessed. Let that be the class you teach—I’ll be your very first student.



Four of Pentacles

Trust life more than you trust yourself.

So, like, I get it. You’re in control, you’re on top of your shit, and you’re smart, resourced, and (most of the time) organized. But that doesn’t always mean you can force things to go your way. In fact, sometimes you might force something that shouldn’t have been yours in the first place—that creates some serious mess.

What if, instead, you trusted that life will deliver you everything you need? What would your day-to-day existence look like if you stopped trying to manipulate your way to comfort and just got comfortable in the here and now? At the bottom of this is your lack of trust in life. Your outdated belief that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done.

Well guess what, honey, Spring comes every year, the Sun rises every morning, and you have nothing to do with that. So lean back a little, let others hold some of the weight. If you don’t get the job or the man or the diamond, then it wasn’t for you to have. And you have to trust there’s something better on the horizon.



Five of Swords (Reversed)

Stop pretending it’s all going so well

and figure out how you’re complicit in the dumpster fire.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but it seems like your life is screaming at you right now. And maybe it’s screaming so loudly that you just can’t hear it, so let me help you: STOP. Whatever it is that you’re doing, stop it. Because you’re doing the same thing you always do. You’re pushing instead of allowing. You’re doubting instead of trusting.

The Five of Swords shows us in battle against ourselves. And if your life isn’t feeling so fabulous, you’re to blame. Now, I’m not victim shaming, because believe you me, I know this world isn’t fair. But you’re responsible for your life; so if you don’t like it, stop looking outside and start owning up.

The sooner you can acknowledge where you are part of the problem, the sooner you can be your own savior. Acknowledge the dumpster fire, admit you lit some matches, and then put that shit out. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting pretty with your inner-saboteur in check.



Two of Cups (Reversed)

Love yourself even if you don’t want to love yourself.

Self love is hard AF. Capitalism makes it that way. The more out of reach perfection seems, the more shit you’ll buy to get you there. But here’s something you can’t buy: acceptance. Some days your skin will be broken out, some days the pizza you ate last night will be more apparent—but none of that shit should keep you from accepting how awesome you are.

Loving yourself isn’t about discerning the good bits from the bad—loving ourselves is about wholeness. Can you love the part of yourself that obsesses, that doubts, that gives in to fear? Can you love the part of yourself that spent too much on that bougie candle?

When we stop judging ourselves—all of ourselves—and start loving ourselves—all of ourselves—something magical happens. We change. We become brighter, lighter, and more in deep acceptance of who we really are. And then, like magic, we find there’s space to offer that to others too.



Two of Swords (Reversed)

Take your time, even if you don’t want to take your time.

The Two of Swords is a meditative pause. It’s when you take off your shirt, or earrings, before the fight. It’s a necessary breath before you say something you’ll regret. Embedded in this card is the key to success, patience, clarity, and timing.

Even if you want to rush, this card says hold yourself back. You’re not as clear as you think you are. We waste so much time going after things we don’t really want. Use Scorpio Season as a prolonged beat between breaths. Let yourself settle. Let the muddiness of your mind become clear. If you're not sure how to move forward, wait for the road to clear.

You won’t always be in the moment before. Soon you’ll be in the moment itself, wishing you’d had more time. So treat the invitation into stillness for what it is, a blessing.


THE SPIRITUAL GAYZ are Brandon Alter and Angel Lopez, healers, husbands, teachers, and mystics for a modern age. With their combined experience of over forty years of Tarot and Astrology expertise, they aim to demystify the mystical and make spiritual practice accessible and effective. Through their podcast and their Spirit School, their goal is to create safe spaces for queer people of all kinds to gather together in spirit.

BRANDON ALTER is a spiritual healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped him reconnect to the wisdom of his heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with his husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven and gave him his first Tarot deck when he was eleven. Since then he has devoted himself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and the myriad ways one can work, heal and grow with the help of the spirits.

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