Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter—November 2019

By Brandon Alter:

Welcome to the Season of Death. I don’t mean to scare you. Death should not be scary; death should be our friend. But our Western culture hasn’t set us up too well for that. And as a result, we have a pretty fucked up relationship with Death. I mean, just notice how we celebrate Halloween. We either sugarcoat our fears with cute spiders and adorable ghosts or we head in the other direction—we put severed heads on our lawn, we paint ourselves like monsters, and give over to our obsession with scary movies and serial killers. Either way we swing, we are not in right relationship with death. Death is not an adorable spider or a grotesque monster. Death is an ally that unsticks what is stuck in us. Scorpio Season is where we begin to get right with Death.

Scorpio rules over our subconscious, our shadow, our deepest fears, our shame, our hidden selves. The Eighth sign of the Zodiac is the underbelly of the psyche, the depths of our emotional and intuitive oceans. This is an energy that loves to hunker down and dive deep. Scorpio also rules over the occult, astrology, Tarot, witchcraft, and magic. It also rules over sex, which is probably why Halloween swings so far into the sexy side of costumes. All this talk of death can get us feeling pretty alive, if you know what I mean. If it seems like Scorpio energy is intense, then brava, you’ve been paying attention. Scorpio is all or nothing, like a dog with a bone. It’s the natural response to a moonth of Libra energy. After a season of playing nice and keeping the peace, it’s time to the tell the truth and own our shit. Don’t shy away from the beautiful intensity of Scorpio Season, it’s designed that way. 

Taroscopes - November

The New Moon in Scorpio happened Sunday, October 27, and it invites us to rewrite our relationship with Death. You are going to die, honey, everyone and everything does. The sooner we can accept this—and I mean truly accept it—the sooner we can really start living our lives. Consider the more-traditional Scorpio holiday, Day of the Dead. This is a holiday dedicated to honoring the ancestors, not just because there’s a desire to bridge the realm of the living with the deceased but also because one day, we will also be ancestors. That’s unavoidable. By honoring our beloved ghosts, we ensure our ghost will also be honored. I want you to take some time this moonth and accept that you wont be here forever. Not in a morbid way. Not in some overdramatic, slasher flick, sexy zombie sort of way. I’m talking about the simple acceptance of your mortality. Making friends with Death is the most adult thing we can do. It’s no coincidence that Halloween, a holiday designed for children, has glamoured all of us grown-ups because when it comes to Death, we are all kids, and we need the grow the fuck up. Use the energy of this new moon and rid yourself of old childish notions about death. Death is not a monster. Death is not a villain in the night. Death is a gentle process that heals us all. We die many deaths before we actually die. Relationships die, identities die, dreams die—and it’s important that they do, or else our soul will stagnate.

This Scorpio Season also contains a Mercury Retrograde which began on Halloween. Retrogrades can bring back our ghosts, not to scare us but to show us how far we’ve grown. Perhaps this retrograde, in the sign of secrets, is here to uncover some deep truths that have hidden well past their expiration date. You’re Nancy Drew this moonth, and your life is the mystery needing to be solved. Pay attention to what shows up; it’s not a coincidence, it’s a spirit-driven clue to help solve the greatest mystery of all: what you are supposed to be doing here on Earth in the first place.

In the Tarot, the Death card carries the potent power of transformation. It invites us to become new people by killing off who we once were. This theme seems to run through almost all of your individual Tarotscopes. So I want to highlight it here. Use the Scorpio energy to transform yourself.

Where are you ready to let go? What in you is begging for a sweet death?

It might seem a little overdramatic or theatrical, but how about a ritual to bury the identities of yourself that are no longer true? What about a funeral for your old fears, shame, doubts? Think of a Phoenix rising from the ashes; before your ascent, what must you burn?

Don’t let Scorpio Season scare you. If you can move through your fears, you’ll find something beautiful on the other side. The Full Moon in Taurus that happens two and half weeks from now is one of those beautiful discoveries waiting for you. You see, the Scorpio/Taurus polarity is all about Death and Sex. While we are going to die one day, for now, we are alive, and we best make the most of it. Don’t neglect your sensuality and sexua