Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter—December 2019

By Brandon Alter:

For all its Cosmic significance, the Zodiac is as terrestrial as dirt. It grounds us on Earth and plants us firmly in our bodies and our lives. We look to the stars, not as an escape but rather, to illuminate our life here, on this planet. The story Astrology tells is our story, including not just our ancestors and descendants but all living beings. If we can harness its wisdom, this ancient system orients us to be in right relationship with the seasons, our diverse communities (human and otherwise), and (of course) ourselves. It is not an esoteric practice to be left to mystics and magicians—the Zodiac is for all of us to use practically, to build our lives out of its bricks of wisdom.

Sagittarius Season is here, inviting us into wisdom and philosophy but also celebration and expansion. If you know a Sagittarius, you know they love a party; which makes sense because this is holiday party season. We kindle the lights to stave off the darkness, we gather together and tell stories to keep our inner fires lit. This is a season presided over by Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet. Currently, Jupiter is in the last degrees of Sagittarius, its favorite corner of the sky. It won't return here for thirteen years, and so we best make the most of it.  Whatever Jupiter touches expands. And so, this Sagittarius Season in particular is a perfect time to ignite your own expansion. Whether it’s getting your real estate license or getting a therapist, the time is ripe for personal growth through learning more about yourself and the world around you. Whatever you start now (right now!) will be blessed by Jupiter: remover of obstacles, great goddess of beneficent blessings.

It comes as no surprise that Sagittarius is a difficult energy to pin down. It’s mutable fire, meaning it dances in many directions all at once. This is a response to the depth of Scorpio Season. Remember that the Zodiac is a progression, each sign evolves out of the one that precedes it. With Scorpio Season behind us, the deep dive into our inner selves is empowered to spread out and explore the breadth of our interests and interconnections. Simply put: it’s time to come up for air! I’ve come to believe that Sagittarius is the Air Sign of the Fire Signs, it rules over all the great intellectual achievements of the modern world: philosophy, religion, higher learning, theatre, libraries, and travel. These are things that expand our worldview and, in turn, our view of ourself. As the days grow shorter and the weather less hospitable, we find ourselves traveling from the seat of our favorite chair, disappearing into favorite books, and pouring over old photos. Sagittarius Season comes just in the nick of time to re-inspire us and re-ignite us before the winter doldrums set in.

At its core, Sagittarius is the sign of the ultimate truth. The symbol for this sign, a centaur holding its mighty bow and arrow, says it all. 

The centaurhalf man, half horserepresents the blending of our primal intuitive instincts with our human capacities for intellect. Intuition + Intelligence = Wisdom, which is why the bow and arrow represent this Archetype's striving for universal truth.

Sagittarius is a seeker, following its fiery arrow wherever it may lead, all in the name of irrefutable knowledge. The New Moon in Sagittarius, which takes place on Tuesday morning around 7 a.m. (PST), is a gentle push in the direction of our own search for a larger truth.

The tricky thing about the truth is that it changes based on where you’re sitting. Consider that for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Sagittarius Season is the precursor to Winter, whereas for those in the Southern Hemisphere, Sagittarius Season is the time to break out your swimsuits and tank tops. So which is true? Is Sagittarius a Winter Sign or a Summer Sign? Well . . . both and neither. The truth is a story we tell ourselves based on the position from which we view it, and there are constantly higher and more complex truths available for us as we become ready to receive them. Sagittarius seeks the truth because it knows the truth evolves. This New Moon wants us to tell ourselves a new collective story about the truth of where we are heading. It’s a much-needed opportunity to meditate on what story we are willing to commit to for the next year, for the next thirteen years, for the next twenty-nine years.

As the great storyteller of the Zodiac, Sagittarius energy will demand you to consider what larger stories are you co-signing:

  • Have you already given up on the planet?

  • What about the 2020 election?

  • Are you resigned to a premature apocalypse?

  • Have you made up your mind that humanity is doomed?