Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter: April 2020

By Brandon Alter:

I am writing this to you from my at-home sanctuary that my husband and I lovingly call the “spirit room.” It’s just the second bedroom in our tiny two-bedroom Los Angeles bungalow, but it’s also a vortex for healing and love. I am gazing out the window at the bougainvillea in full bloom, creeping along the dark green fence that separates me from my neighbor. If I lean a little to the left, I can see the giant cactus that I planted from a trimming my friend Michelle gave me years ago. The sky is a faint blue, veiled with thin, gauzy clouds that allow the sun its full exposure. What I mean to say is, from this desk, from this vantage, everything looks the same. And yet, we all know, nothing is the same.

Since we were last together under the Pisces New Moon, our world has rearranged itself, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. Each morning, I wake up and feel as though, in my sleep, we have all collectively slipped from one dimension into another. Each morning, we slide one more world away from the Earth we’ve come to call home for so long.  And I don’t think we will ever get back to the first realm—I don’t think we are supposed to. What I think is that we are now on a great adventure. And each and every one of us are part of this exploration to find the new dimension we can call home. 

I would encourage you not to get morbid. Don’t lean into the panic of the collective. Limit your news consumption, your social media time, and protect your brain space. Spend as much time outside as you safely can. Fresh air is healing. Nature can help keep us in right perspective. Because yes, absolutely, all of this change and uncertainty can bring up immense fear, anxiety, and panic. But I want to reassure you, this is our metamorphosis—not our destruction. You might even have moments where you feel like this is the end of days. But babies, it’s been the end of days (as we know them) for a good long time. And now, let me be the first to tell you, the end is over. What’s happening right now is what happens after the end. Simply put: Welcome to the beginning. And who better to teach us about starting over than Aries, the first sign of Zodiac. 

As I wrote this last paragraph a new song came onto my Spotify shuffle simply called “An Ending, a Beginning.” So there we go. Shall we focus on the Ending, or should we use the energy of the cosmos to call forth a Beginning? Aries Season is the cosmic New Year. It’s where we start again. Aries energy is the innovator, the leader, the big bang that begins any new venture. Aries energy is charting an expedition into the jungle or to climb a mountain. It’s the call to adventure, a new horizon full of possibility open before us. Aries takes action. And we have no choice now but to either pick up our power and take some sort of meaningful action or else relegate ourselves to powerless bystanders watching the old world dissolve into dust.

Times like these are exactly why we have ancient systems such as Astrology to lean on. This is not the first pandemic to grip our globe, this is not the first invisible war. We are not alone in time or space. So let's lean into the energy of now and figure out exactly how to channel what’s available to us. This next moonth is all about taking action, but not in the old way. Taking action used to mean over-scheduling, being busy, planting your flag in the ground, getting out there. But most of us have taken the good sense to stay home at these times, so in true Aries fashion, we have to innovate what taking action looks like. A new beginning requires a new way of beginning. So maybe we are all learning how to start slow, how to take action inside ourselves before we try to conquer the outer landscapes of our lives.

Mercury will be spending the next month in Pisces, sign of the end, the invisible, the spiritual soup. So while our egos are ready to chart the next chapter, our minds are still making our way out of the woods. To me, this means we all would be best served by taking advantage of the quiet and the stillness all this social distancing creates. We must find a new place in ourselves to begin. We can’t start from our egos anymore, we can’t start from our bank accounts. We must find the pure place in us, the place that connects us to our perfect passion and initiate our lives from there.

What Aries energy has in spades is passion. This is our time to reconnect to our deepest passions. Do you even know what you are passionate about anymore? Maybe it’s gonna take you a week or seven of meditation and long baths, weeks of meandering walks through your neighborhood and gazing out the window before you even get a glimpse of your true new passion. That’s ok. You know what’s so beautiful about this current landscape? We all have time. We have time now for all the inner exploration that we put off. This New Moon in Aries, which perfects at 1:28 A.M. (PST) on Tuesday, is a portal through which we get to start again. It will empower all of us on this new phase of our lives. Our Aries Season Webinar will go into this New Moon more deeply, it will also explore the transits this moonth has in store, including the Full Moon in Libra and the significant shift of Saturn entering in Aquarius.  Join us live or get the recording delivered to you within 24 hours!