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Proven Strategies for Getting Your Creative Work Discovered

By Chelsea Lamb:

Photo: Antoni Shkraba on Pexels

Are you hoping to show your creative work to a wider audience? Sometimes it’s hard to get noticed in a crowded field of designers, artists, and craft makers. But with the right strategies in place, you can build a strong brand and make a name for yourself in your chosen field.

Here are a few proven strategies for getting discovered as a creative. From finding the best tools to showcasing your work online, we’ll help you get started on the path to lasting success!

Find Affordable Online Tools

As a creative, it’s essential to use affordable tools that help you work and promote yourself. A wealth of fantastic resources are available to help you manage your social media accounts, build a website, create and share images and videos, and much more.

Canva, Hootsuite, and Squarespace are some of the most popular options to consider. With these tools, you can save ample time and money by building your brand and reaching a wider audience.

Using a 3D texturing tool such as Adobe Substance 3D Painter can help you create incredible art with stunning realism. It comes with a robust brush-based painting engine that could help you easily make amazing pictures and materials from digital media, all with exceptionable accuracy and detail.

You can use a variety of brushes to craft unique styles or imitate real-life texture, from realistic paint splatter to wood grain to intricate type effects. With its powerful features, Adobe’s Substance 3D Painter simplifies the process of bringing your creative visions to life!

Create Your Brand Identity

Another important strategy for getting discovered as a creative is to build a strong brand identity. Essentially, this involves developing a unique voice and visual style that distinguishes you from the competition.

Start by creating a logo, color scheme, and tagline that represent your brand. Then, use these elements consistently across all your marketing materials—from your website to your social media profiles. Making a strong and recognizable brand identity will help you attract the attention of potential customers, clients, and collaborators.

Turn Your Brand Into a Business

After establishing your brand identity, think of how you can turn your creative work into a business. In other words, figure out how to monetize your skills and experience.

Many creators sell their work online, offer freelance services, or even start their own product lines. Whatever path you choose, remember to develop a solid business plan and budget. Doing so will help you stay focused and motivated as you progress toward your professional goals.

Build a Network with Fellow Creatives

One of the best things you can do as a creative is to build a network of other creative people. Having a network in your corner can help you discover new opportunities, learn from other’s experiences, and receive valuable feedback on your work.

Try joining professional associations, attending conferences and meetups, or simply reaching out to other creators via online platforms. Building relationships with other professionals in your field will prepare you to achieve your goals and fuel lasting success in your work.

Showcase Your Work Online

Showing your work online is non-negotiable when it comes to getting discovered. Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to share your work and attract new followers.

You might also consider creating a website or portfolio to highlight your best pieces. Putting your work out there and making it easy for people to find will help you build a strong following and attract new clients quickly.


It can feel like an uphill battle to get discovered and build a successful career as a creative. But implementing the tactics above will position you to take your work to the next level and make a name for yourself in your field. Get ready to develop a focused and cohesive strategy for achieving your professional goals. And start building a following today!


Chelsea Lamb has spent the last eight years honing her tech skills and is the resident tech specialist and co-founder of Her goal is to demystify some of the technical aspects of business ownership and entrepreneurship.

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