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Numerology Forecast, June 2020, by Maria Beale Fletcher

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

How would I describe the month of June 2020 to those who have no clue what to expect?

Imagine three-year-old toddlers in our care for a day; and then, watch what happens!

At first, we may observe a lot of fun-loving creativity acted out by energetic, lovable, verbally expressive children. After an hour or so without supervision, these charming individuals may transform themselves right before our eyes!

Depending on how well rested they are, if they're hungry, if their physical needs have been attended to, and if their security blankets are within reach, we may now witness misunderstood, chaotically domineering, emotionally immature, and very destructive monsters—I mean children.

June 2020 can also be described as a once-beautiful, playful kitten, beloved by all, suddenly turned into a lion muzzled. Imagine the pent up rage of that poor animal!

Irregardless of either scenario, we shall live through these thirty days of June 2020 having its way with us! It will insist on being in charge of calling the shots, inspiring us to change our ways of doing things . . . or suffer the consequences!

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# 1

Number 1, this June you are finding that what you put your awareness on profoundly increases. Swimming or practicing yoga benefits you in so many ways, soothing your troubled mind.

Take quality time to spend with your four-legged critters. Picking up on all your moods, they remind you to pay attention to what matters most in life. Your pets are there for you, their unconditional loving is powerful and healing.  

Catch up on your sleep, take naps, and let go of the guilt. Don't be reticent to share new information with those you love. They are eager for your words of wisdom! Let go of your anxious thoughts and melancholy; instead, practice serenity.

This June, Number 1, you must look within, and finding your very best self, set your intention to share with the world.


# 2

This June, Number 2, pastel colors of lavender, pale yellow, and silver call out to you, romantic soul that you are. Wear them to remind yourself that letting go of anxious thoughts will serve you well this month and forevermore!

Take care to discern the words projected your way through your television, radio, and computer. Have a clear intention of what media you will allow into your home. As someone once said, "Once you see it, you can't un-see it!" Setting boundaries is crucial to your mental, physical, and emotional hygiene.

As the chief executive officer of your domain, be selective in what you choose to broadcast this June. Will it be a reiteration of all the negativity that so-called "friends" want to share with you "for your own good"? Or will your creative conversations enlighten and educate those who won't otherwise learn the truth.

Continue to be alert to every situation and monitor it without fear. Be mindful of your continued need for harmony, rest, and sleep. If you spoke hastily due to emotional and physical fatigue, forget not the lessons previously learned. By coming from your heart and soul this month, you create the love that you need to thrive.


# 3

Number 3, the higher education you seek this June is seeking you! It is all around you in the books on your shelves you've yet to read and online in the videos you've yet to see.

Various leaders, their politics, religion, and philosophy capture your interest. Numerous websites call your name to investigate their treasures!

Your heart and soul lead you in the direction of all that is good for you to digest intellectually and psychologically. Stay away from poisonous thoughts you may have unconsciously allowed to hypnotize your psyche.

This June, Number 3, the humanitarian side of your beautiful soul is creating a virtual world where optimism replaces pessimism. As you bring solutions to challenges unforeseen by others, family and friends will help you build that loving community.


# 4

Number 4, this June you find all your many friends wanting to hear about and see the solutions promised that you always deliver. Excellent with tools and living in the future, you are first out of the gate with ideas on what needs to be done.

Energy is contagious. To make sure that everyone is hanging on your every word, steep yourself in "positivity" and not "negativity" if you care to manifest outcomes that people want to live with.

With a burst of fresh energy, your travels begin now in June. If you live where you can't yet go by car, train, boat, or plane, you are definitely chomping at the bit! You may be watching videos in anticipation of where to live, should you desire to move.

Perhaps your travel involves balancing on your skateboard or your bicycle as you race along the streets.

Choose carefully from the many adventures presented you—and wear a helmet!

# 5

Number 5, it's a good thing you're all about movement and communication, because this June, you will be on the move, exercising, dancing (if only by yourself in the living room to your favorite music), walking, jogging, or riding your bike—when you're not communicating on social media. 

All this movement and communication revved up in March of this year. It's almost like you're in competition with yourself to see how much you can accomplish! I have news for you: though you continue putting the needs of your family and community ahead of your own, you may need to curtail your activities just a bit!

As the primary caregiver and designated leader of your immediate tribe, it's important that you nurture yourself and take a time-out for your mental, psychological, and emotional well-being. Meditation works, and prayer is also wonderful. Weeping alone brings relief when you don't want to do it in front of those under your care.

Express appreciation to your body that it can exercise, maintaining the good health and strength to carry on with its many duties this June. Release and let go of any negative thoughts that could be draining you and see what happens! And as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "Appreciate and live in the generous moment."


# 6

Number 6, as a romantic, you are in love with love this June and can't wait to tell everyone how great it feels! As a result, you are especially drawn to beauty in all its forms, such as music, art, flowers, and nature.

As a people magnet, you need to watch out for those who would take advantage of your compassionate, generous heart, seeking favors they won't reciprocate. Taking care that your needs are not sacrificed for the needs of others also must be in your awareness.

You will find this June that there's a tug of war in your mind between forging a new path for yourself in a brand-new direction or hanging out with your family, caring for them in the same way you've always done.

When you steal away to the healing refuge of solitude and consult your heart, you will end the mental dialogue and find your answer. As one who always takes care of your responsibilities, be sure to get enough rest so that your body can recuperate.


# 7

Number 7, sometimes you are referred to as the number of illusion and delusion, representing spirituality and mystery as you do. In June 2020, your hard work takes you to the core of many situations where you finally can make everything happen to your satisfaction.

Your faith and belief in miracles suggests your perception goes deeper than most. You take the time needed this month to delve into the silence, to meditate, to get to the truth you crave to know. That truth presents itself after much work on your part. Taking a brand-new direction, your persistence carves out an additional niche you've promised yourself to pursue for a long time. 

As a child, did you sometimes have imaginary friends that no one could see but you? Your names for them were highly original. Some were made up or borrowed from stories you loved or the Bible. You are a natural when standing before an audience of one or many, on any social media platform, and sharing your convictions.

Entertaining your tribe and clients is also gratifying to them and to you. As the one in charge of running several projects and educating from your expertise, know that you are deeply valued for your many contributions.


# 8

Number 8, this June, your education continues; you share your wisdom with a new community. With patience, you develop newly invented solutions for a business you've recently joined or launched.

As you explore new ways to educate your community, you can also learn new ways to communicate. Though you've resisted exploring certain avenues of social media, now would be a good time to change your attitude!

This is your month to indulge your appetite for adventure and say "yes" to every invitation that comes your way. Be prepared to travel near and far when the opportunity presents itself. You have a lot to broadcast and share with your friends and extended families. 

Don't be surprised when an inner conflict surfaces, revealing much stress and anxiety between two different choices. Psychologically speaking, you get to know yourself even better. There's no doubt you will reach the top of your profession, self-motivated as you are. This June, your creativity is at an all-time high. When you are tested to prove your devotion, don't hesitate to follow your heart.


# 9

Number 9, this June, you are inspired to move in a direction you've never been before and to aggressively follow the dictates of your heart. With a voice to tell it like it is, your delivery is more important now than ever before. Standing on the sidelines will not work for you.

The courage to speak up is there when you call on it. To do what you know you must do is an inner drive that you will obey if you want peace of mind. You have a choice to tell the truth of what your eyes have seen or to regurgitate what others want you to believe.

Others are watching you move in a direction unknown to them. They are willing to imitate your behavior if they're convinced you hold the blueprint of a stable future for all. When you decide to let go of some bad habits that have derailed you in the past, your success is undeniable.

By straddling the fence of forceful action and passivity, you confuse yourself and others. June 2020 is not the time for indecision. Speaking your mind and forthrightly following your convictions is the only path to consider taking.


Maria Beale Fletcher is a professional Chaldean numerologist. If you would like a private reading with Maria for your own personal numerological chart, please contact

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