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Numerology with Maria Beale Fletcher: September 2020

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

Leo Tolstoy with his grandchildren - jimforest on Visual Hunt

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

—Russian novelist and short story writer Leo Tolstoy (born September 9, 1828)


September 2020 fearlessly transforms the new age of living and working in a hostile, demanding environment, acting out the blueprint set in motion by the chaos of the preceding months.

The unyielding men and women—serious artists, scientists, and builders—born in September identify themselves with their work ethic and communication skills. 

Focusing on the task before them, some of these multi-talented individuals are seemingly aware of the potential consequences of their disruptive, game-changing thoughts, words, and actions. When that's the case, all hell—or productivity—can break loose!

One such example is American actor, writer, and comedian Lily Tomlin (born September 1, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan), an artist who changes herself moment to moment to the delight of her television, film, stage, and virtual audience. Currently, she stars as Frankie Bergstein on the Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

I witnessed Tomlin's talent firsthand. Back in 1960–1961, I had the pleasure of being served lunch several times at Howard Johnson's Times Square restaurant while I was performing as an 18-year-old Radio City Music Hall Rockette in New York City.

I was somewhat confused at first by the way my server, a confrontational waitress named Mary Jean (later to become Lily Tomlin), spoke to me as she took my order and later brought it to my table. Then I realized she had to be doing a stand-up comedy routine, using me as her audience! I asked if she was an actress performing for me—realizing she would never last as a waitress! 

"No, my dream is to become the head waitress at Howard Johnson's!" Then she said,"With all that stage makeup on, are you a dancer at Radio City?" She admitted that many who worked there came for a quick bite to eat between shows.

Senator Tim Scott

Productive game-changer Tim Scott, United States Senator from South Carolina (born September 19, 1965), is the only African American to serve in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He created "Opportunity Zones" with bi-partisan leaders, spurring opportunity in distressed communities.

Perhaps the introspective, creative words of Florence Scovel Shinn (born September 24, 1871 in Camden, New Jersey), American writer and gifted teacher of New Thought, best describe the energies of September, 2020: "The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy."

Welcome to your September 2020 Numerological Forecast!

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# 1

Powerful as always, direct and to the point, your "1" energy in September 2020 is dynamic. Leading the parade with intuitive candor, your creativity delights and entertains all who fall within your sphere of influence. Choosing to tell your truth as only you can, your many opportunities to do so are outstanding. Know that you will, and you will. Pay close attention to your thoughts and words.

Ann Richards (born September 1, 1933, as Dorothy Ann Willis in Lakeview, TX). 1988 Democratic National Convention keynote speaker, Texas governor from 1991–1995. Ann died September 13, 2006, from cancer.


# 2

Number 2, your gift of interpreting your environment places you in the realm of the visionary. You courageously teach what you see and do so in such a joyful way that your audience is inspired to replicate your life lessons. Building systems from your evolutionary ideas is your goal this September. Coming from love will prove your ability to focus on your goals. Working overtime on too many projects will only weaken your health.

Christa Corrigan McAuliffe (born September 2, 1948, in Framingham, Massachusetts) became the first civilian to board a space shuttle. On January 28, 1986, she boarded the Challenger space shuttle mission as part of a NASA program called the "Teacher in Space Project."


# 3

Number 3, in September 2020 your disposition can vary from day to day as your perception of local and world events may cause your thoughts to play havoc with your mind. It's imperative that you get enough sleep in order to accomplish all the work you've taken on. Focus on your goals, one at a time, and trust your inner process. That still, small voice quietly leads you to the outcomes you desire when you remove yourself from the chaos of the external world. Self care, solitude, and play time with your pets is what you need to sustain you this September.