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Numerology Forecast: January 2020 with Maria Beale Fletcher

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

The quality of our communication and building a new infrastructure is what January 2020 is all about. The ways in which we choose to communicate will determine the success or failure of our lives. Working in the direction of our goals, in accordance with solutions powerfully implemented (versus so-called solutions forcefully made) will serve everyone.

The first month of 2020 is about creating new ways of perceiving and behaving after the destruction of previous non-productive formulas for navigating life. It is critically important that these revolutionary ideas be carefully examined and not impulsively chosen. They will impact our written word and oral expression, which must be meticulous if our communication is to be clearly understood.

Choosing inspirational thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is imperative if we are to balance our spiritual and material worlds; with self-discipline and honoring our responsibilities, we can do just that.

January 2020 is about beginning anew and creating from the heart and soul of the artist and lawmaker. The dynamic personalities of the artist and lawmaker are vividly portrayed throughout January's celebrity birthdays: Paul Revere (Jan 1), J. R. R. Tolkien (Jan 3), Butterfly McQueen (Jan 7), Richard Nixon (Jan 9), Dolly Parton (Jan 19) Benny Hill (Jan 21), Franklin Roosevelt (Jan 30), and Jackie Robinson (Jan 31) are just eight of the amazing artists and lawmakers you can read about in my upcoming "January Celebrities' Birthdays."


Number 1

Your instincts are more highly intuitive than usual. Forever the leader out in front, you bring a sense of harmony to all your relationships, coupled with a telepathic ability that reads the energy of those with whom you come into contact. Good for you, and so wonderful for the rest of us!

You may be called upon to mediate disputes between friends and associates. Your peacemaking attitude is restorative to the ruffled feathers of those who have chosen less-than-harmonious attitudes and behaviors to solve their problems.

Perseverance pays off over the next 12 months as your work ethic inspires you to build a new infrastructure of communication for your family, community, and business.

Your sense of duty and responsibility, coupled with your work ethic, proves you to be the unique money magnet for yourself and those you love. Be sure to carve out some time for play and relaxation in the months to come.

Number 2

You vibrate to the moon more than usual this January. Your talents of communication positively reflect your ability to affect all avenues of the media. Creativity is

at work and play, beautifully coloring all your projects with dynamic enthusiasm. Coming from your heart

and soul, you tell your truth with a gentle spirit that puts everyone at ease.

The year 2020 encourages all of us to work wholeheartedly on our goals. Throughout the next twelve months, you will become more reflective. Sifting through possible priorities, you realize that, as the specialist, it is imperative to seclude yourself frequently in order to protect the time necessary to think, dream, and create the research necessary for your cerebral work.

Be sure to leave enough time to nap several days each week. Limiting your social hours will also help protect your sanity! Walks in nature inspire your need to stay focused.

Number 3

Higher education and daydreams of foreign travel inspire you all of January 2020. Philosophy and

"Justice for all!" motivates you as you spread your truth to all those who have "ears to hear."

Courageously following your dreams sometimes means sacrificing your financial security. So be it.

There will be plenty of time in the months to come

to increase your bank account.

Now is the time to expand your horizon with a powerful determination! Fearing nothing, you are free to take action toward the goals you were meant to create. Solutions rise up upon your command, surmounting the challenges that few others have yet to observe. Your ability to inspire your co-workers, while you steer the ship, is magical this January. Be sure to delegate work to only those who are competent and in your league!

Number 4

"The Ultimate Disrupter" is more than appropriate

as your new name tag for all of January. Tearing

down the old, worn out infrastructure is the top

priority before you can begin to build on your revolutionary ideas. Be prepared to broadcast your plans as you destroy the outmoded designs that have limited the progress you visualize for the present and the future.

Creatively, you are at the top of your game as you make way for the new through the destruction of the old. Be prepared to awaken those who are still asleep and in denial about the birth of your necessary innovations. 

If your bags aren't continually packed for sudden travel by plane, train, or car, then you may be at risk to miss the greatest opportunity for growth in your personal and professional life. Don't miss the boat! This is your chance to shed the old ways of doing things and to get on with the creation of new ways of behavior.

Number 5

"Now you see it, now you don't!" Planet Mercury, the magician, is at work all of January to keep you on your toes and ready so that you don't miss a trick when it comes to dutifully taking care of your many responsibilities. Remember to include yourself in your family of friends. After all, if you're not your own best friend, how can you lovingly care for the needs of your loved ones?

Your written word and oral expression this first month of 2020 propel you in swift modes of communication. Getting your ideas out there for the world to see motivates you as you work non-stop to fulfill your obligations to loved ones.

You are driven by your need to communicate and travel this month. Your versatility and flexibility serve you well. As you lead your tribe through unknown territory, remember to pause now and then so as to allow a few who are hesitantly following to catch up. Not everyone has been gifted with your talent to recognize the future and manifest it now.

Number 6

Your harmonious personal conduct serves you well

this January, as your energy vibrates in a positive fashion with all things beautiful. Flowers, candle-lit dinners, and romantic movies beckon you, inspiring your thoughts and behavior.

It's time to continue the pursuit of your education. Studies online, in libraries, and in bookstores satisfy your desire to grow in knowledge and understanding of the universe and its many miracles.

Reflection on your many blessings, such as your loving connection to family and friends, promotes an inner peace that calms you as you meet life's challenges.

Time spent in solitude, plus walks with your animals, soothes your soul. Meditations on keeping the energy level of enlightenment is always needed, especially this month. As you mediate and are called upon to help restore the peace between certain friends or family members, focus on the happiness that still can be.

Number 7

This January, you are off and running as the new CEO you have always acknowledged to your inner self that you are. Balancing your spiritual world with your material world is easy for you, especially this month.

As the specialist with a philosophical touch, your friends, business associates, and clients absorb your wisdom with appreciation as you reveal the many solutions at hand.

Your ability for truth telling is at an all-time high, as your creative instincts shed light on the particular challenges of those who seek your counsel and expertise. Gone is the self doubt that may have haunted you previously. Now is the time to let your light shine brightly!

It's a joy to be in your presence! Your entrepreneurial skills distinguish you as the beautiful leader you are. Trust your instincts when it comes to selecting the talented individual needed to share the load of the many tasks before you. As the newly appointed CEO, you know the value of nurturing the positive energy of team members.

Number 8

Discipline and responsibility are at the core of what you're all about this January. If anyone knows how to manage things and inspire people, it's you! Your beautiful spiritual life keeps you well focused and grounded as you meet the day to day demands of

your material world, the so-called "real world." You know the truth; your "real world" is the balanced combination of your inner world as it influences your decisions in your material world.

Your family and team members are blessed with your creative leadership. There is no question that the genius in command is you!

The fact that you shine the spotlight on your loved ones this month while creating solutions right and left for all concerned endears you forever in their hearts. Always reliable, you are also cherished for your charismatic personality.

Choosing creative new ways to navigate through the re-birthing of your new life, you lead the way with joyful confidence toward your destiny.

Number 9

January welcomes your innovative insights and creativity as you step out to blaze a new trail in a

brand new direction. Making sure that your energies are grounded in positive thoughts and emotions is imperative as you spin life's wheel of fortune.

Knowing that what you sow you reap helps keep you focused.

It's never easy carving out a new direction—until now, when you are blessed with that intuitive knowledge at this momentous time in your life. And yes, it is a completely new and different path that you now forge through the tangled terrain. In your wildest dreams, you never imagined yourself proceeding as you are.

With your new, open attitude and with the flexibility of the most agile and talented dancer, your daring movements take you where you must go.

After studying the many options available to you, make your choice with the knowledge that you are truly blessed with divine guidance.


Maria Beale Fletcher is a professional Chaldean numerologist.

If you would like a private reading with Maria for your own personal numerological chart, please contact

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