Numerology Forecast: January 2020 with Maria Beale Fletcher

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

The quality of our communication and building a new infrastructure is what January 2020 is all about. The ways in which we choose to communicate will determine the success or failure of our lives. Working in the direction of our goals, in accordance with solutions powerfully implemented (versus so-called solutions forcefully made) will serve everyone.

The first month of 2020 is about creating new ways of perceiving and behaving after the destruction of previous non-productive formulas for navigating life. It is critically important that these revolutionary ideas be carefully examined and not impulsively chosen. They will impact our written word and oral expression, which must be meticulous if our communication is to be clearly understood.

Choosing inspirational thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is imperative if we are to balance our spiritual and material worlds; with self-discipline and honoring our responsibilities, we can do just that.

January 2020 is about beginning anew and creating from the heart and soul of the artist and lawmaker. The dynamic personalities of the artist and lawmaker are vividly portrayed throughout January's celebrity birthdays: Paul Revere (Jan 1), J. R. R. Tolkien (Jan 3), Butterfly McQueen (Jan 7), Richard Nixon (Jan 9), Dolly Parton (Jan 19) Benny Hill (Jan 21), Franklin Roosevelt (Jan 30), and Jackie Robinson (Jan 31) are just eight of the amazing artists and lawmakers you can read about in my upcoming "January Celebrities' Birthdays."

Number 1

Your instincts are more highly intuitive than usual. Forever the leader out in front, you bring a sense of harmony to all your relationships, coupled with a telepathic ability that reads the energy of those with whom you come into contact. Good for you, and so wonderful for the rest of us!

You may be called upon to mediate disputes between friends and associates. Your peacemaking attitude is restorative to the ruffled feathers of those who have chosen less-than-harmonious attitudes and behaviors to solve their problems.

Perseverance pays off over the next 12 months as your work ethic inspires you to build a new infrastructure of communication for your family, community, and business.

Your sense of duty and responsibility, coupled with your work ethic, proves you to be the unique money magnet for yourself and those you love. Be sure to carve out some time for play and relaxation in the months to come.

Number 2