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Numerology Forecast for March 2020 with Maria Beale Fletcher

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

Be Not Deceived by the

Dramatic Ironic Contradictions of March 2020

Sensitive loners, performing artists, writers, inventors, and dreamers are only a few of the fascinating personalities born in March, the third month of the year. They also share the characteristics of perseverance and loyalty and can be charismatic, empathic, and highly imaginative visionaries.

Seldom is it the intention of those born in the first two and a half weeks, between March 1 and March 19, to be indecisive, as they sometimes appear to be. Contradicting themselves, they can be indecisive one minute and resolutely decisive the next. This behavior has the effect of driving some of us absolutely nuts when we experience it first-hand.

The seeming manipulation of others is rarely intentionally planned with forethought, though there may be a few siblings throughout history, or so-called "friends," who would argue otherwise. Perhaps it is the biased beliefs of those two fish, Pisces—their fearful compulsiveness and occasional isolated loneliness—that misleads their family, friends, and co-workers to the mistaken conclusion that they only care about themselves in difficult times. Nothing could be further from the truth. They will give you their material possessions when it is impractical for them to do so. As a result, most of their friends are lovingly inspired to stand by them through times of trouble and tribulation.

These devoted, sensitive, intuitive, and magnetic personalities often go out of their way, even so far as out on a limb (imagine the two fish, Pisces, out on a limb!) for a friend or colleague if they thought it necessary to do so.

The intensity of their strength as a visionary sets them apart from the average thinker, as in the case of the affectionate Albert Einstein, born March 14th, and the intuitive, powerful Edgar Cayce, "The Sleeping Prophet," born March 18th.

Courage, enthusiasm, versatility, and a sense of idealism characterize those born in the last thirteen days of March—from the Pisces-Aries Cusp of March 19th to March 31st. In my humble opinion, the same qualities can be used to describe those born March 1st to March 18th. To my way of thinking, all the personalities born in March, regardless of their particular day of birth, share the qualities of all dreamers, performing artists, writers, scientists, and sensitive loners.

Also, it is my belief that this last sign of the zodiac can be identified as the most highly evolved of all the signs. As the two Pisces Fish swim to the very depths of the ocean, they are symbolic of the ability to see deeply into the mysteries of life and death. Their lessons of compassion touch the lives of all who know them.

It's easy to calculate your Life Path Number. Follow the instructions, then read your forecast for March 2020!

March Numerology Forecast

# 1

Number 1, this March you are under the influence of your creative mind as you scientifically think through the problems that others don't even notice. You wonder how they can't see what is so very obvious to you! From your point of view, there are solutions left and right.

Fortunately, your friends and colleagues are so very supportive as you lead the way, showing the potential, positive outcome for every plan. As the appointed CEO, you have your work cut out for you. It's a good thing you know whom you can rely on to help get your projects off to a running start. Without the co-operation of your team members, it would be impossible to achieve your goals.

Be sure to express your appreciation along the way. Remember what your grandmother meant when she reminded you years ago, when you were little, that "you attract more flies with honey than vinegar."

Watch your words, that your impatience doesn't get the best of you. Remember that with a little more effort and communication on your part, the key members of your family, friends, and clients willingly help you manifest your dreams this March.

# 2

Number 2, this March sees you flying high and traveling far and wide—literally! Better keep your bags packed for invitational trips to new destinations. Take along your dancing shoes and be prepared for celebrations!

You are the proverbial flame to which all are attracted! There will be no moths, only those who feel the magnetic pull of your beautiful, loving energy. It's not like you haven't been aware of your effect on those around you. You've always been blessed with the ability to read the thoughts of others and put them at ease. However, this month your insight is more pervasive than usual. Your freedom of expression inspires your friends, fellow colleagues, and those who want to get to know you better.

You can be more discerning if you take a moment to realize not everyone in your immediate environment has your best interests at heart. Believe it or not, there are a few in your circle who would take advantage of your generous, big heart. Open wide your eyes and don't let them get away with it!

Last month, your hard work of tearing down the old and building a brand new infrastructure set the tone for the remaining year. Don't let the naysayers try to intimidate you with their ignorant and immature ridicule.

# 3

Number 3, March puts you in a wonderful frame of mind as you survey your personal and professional landscapes, recognizing the loving members of your family and tribe. How blessed you are to be able to reach out and lovingly impact the lives of those who have had your back your entire life-long journey.

With your innate ability to steer the ship in the direction of a successful destination, you sense the possibility of hitting icebergs along the way; you know just what to do to avoid those potential catastrophes.

Some who know you well have identified your unique gift of being able to live in the future, at times, thereby dodging the challenges they're not able to identify. In so doing, you see solutions where others do not.

In your zeal to execute your duties and responsibilities in March, take care that you don't fall into the trap of carrying the burdens of family members and colleagues. As the beautiful counselor that you are, the hours in your work week can multiply until there's no time at the end of the day for you to draw your breath! By self-nurturing and caring for your own personal needs, you create a higher probability for positive outcomes.

# 4

Number 4, in March, your instincts tell you to pursue those interests that uplift and inspire you to discover the purpose of your life. It serves you to protect the quiet time that you require to research the topics that will lead you to that personal discovery. You'll need solitude, time to think and study; walks in Nature can be productive.

"Purpose" can change from one decade to the next, or one lifetime to the next! Your true friends will understand your need for solitude. Just be aware that you always understand and accept them, even when they rarely understand you. Better get used to the idea that; in their eyes, you are an enigma! So what?

Your friends and colleagues can't help but acknowledge that you are a true visionary, as this March you are blessed with an embarrassment of powerful ideas, each one demanding execution toward its fruition!

About the execution of those ideas; not so fast, dear Number 4! To ensure your success, you must follow each idea to its conclusion, in your mind's eye. Do not impulsively select one that you first have not scrutinized. Otherwise, you shoot yourself in the foot! Careful thought serves you best this month. With attention to detail, you validate your identification as the true specialist that you are.

# 5

Number 5, March finds you celebrating each day as the one who easily manages the demands of your personal and professional life. It's always a good thing to remember that people do not wish to be managed. They prefer to be inspired! Fortunately, you are equal to that task.

As always, you're first in line when it comes to risk taking and having fun! People sense your positive energy and just naturally want to be included in whatever you've got going on. Keep in mind, there are choices when it comes to risk taking. Some choices are not worth risking! Know the difference!

Your admirers are rarely disappointed this March, for you have initiated a large number of projects and you need all the help you can get! It's a good thing your spirits are high and your outlook is positive.

Be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve knowledge and wisdom. You are the teacher and the student; be alert to every situation. Take care to get grounded should your stress level build. Your creative solutions come from within yourself and not others.

# 6

Number 6, this March finds you in quite the humanitarian frame of mind. Your amazing work ethic inspires all who see you in action. It would be wonderful, from your perspective, if they would pitch in from time to time and lend a helping hand! You are no shrinking violet, however,  proving once again that asking for what you need produces immediate results, as opposed to pouting and hoping that others will take the hint and step up to the plate.

By being direct, you save time and energy as you quickly and efficiently build the infrastructure necessary to accomplish your goals for the month. Guided by your heart and soul, you lead your tribe in a new direction. Tearing down the old and replacing it from scratch does not faze you. Quite the contrary, you are led by the outcome in your mind's eye.

Living in the future is what you love to do this month. Your dreams materialize as you continue the work that will benefit all. Your imagination serves you well. Disregard the ridicule of some who don't understand your choice to "live and let live" this March.

# 7

Number 7, March draws you out of your shell and places you right up front, leading the parade, where you rightfully belong. As you have always enjoyed the pursuit of the occult, from time to time, it is important to remind yourself of the necessity of maintaining your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. As the pioneer leading in a brand new direction, your followers need to know you are equal to the task of helping them in the co-creation of their own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. This translates to caring equally as much for your own well-being.

Your wonderful ability to communicate draws the attention of the media in all its many forms. Packing your bags early in the month, with laptop in tow, assures you that when the time comes, you are prepared to travel—rain, snow, or shine—by train, car, or plane! Opportunities to practice in the healing arts present themselves in many diverse destinations!

Your attention, as always, is on the perfection of the processes you've developed over the years. As you help manifest the positive health of your tribe, remember to take care in the selection of the many options available. Solutions that work for some may not do so for others. Your professional skills benefit all who trust your innate intelligence in deciphering which protocol to use for each individual.

# 8

Number 8, March distinguishes you as the ultimate visionary, with all your magnificent intuition and psychic talents working overtime for you and others! With luminous radiance, you light up the dark as never before.

Always prepared to organize, manage, and lead your team, your many duties and responsibilities dictate the direction of your path. Your neighbors and community occupy your thoughts, in addition to your family and friends. With so much on your plate, it's no wonder you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all the decisions and actions required.

Now would be a good time to take a moment to meditate, to rest your mind and body before diving into all the activities on your To Do List. Remember that like attracts like. Vocal appreciation, as well as appropriate remuneration, helps foster a mutual feeling of satisfaction in a job well done. Your brilliant talent as a first rate communicator distinguishes you as an outstanding business leader in your community.

# 9

Number 9, Marc directs your path in an inspirational capacity that uplifts and delights all those who come within your sphere of influence. Never mind that you may be feeling a little anxious as you contemplate the monumental goals you've promised yourself and others to fulfill. Propelling you in the direction of your dreams is your innate creativity, coupled with your faith in God.

If anyone can discover the authenticity of a process, it is you. Never fooled by the facade of a person, group of people, institution, or ideology, you use your intelligence and inner radar to ascertain the veracity of each of the above. Not everyone can do this.

Be prepared to experience some angst as you carefully deliberate between promoting the desired outcome for yourself versus that of the tribe. You can tolerate more inner turmoil than most. Hang in there and you will ultimately arrive at the best conclusion for all. In your solitude, you have the opportunity to arrive at the decision necessary to guarantee the successful outcome that will serve those affected by your decision. It is imperative that you protect your time alone so that your heart and mind can lead you in an uncompromised direction.


Maria Beale Fletcher is a professional Chaldean numerologist. If you would like a private reading with Maria for your own personal numerological chart, please contact

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