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Numerology Forecast for February 2020

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

February 2020 is the humanitarian month, a hard worker with ingenious solutions for all! In addition, while noted for her industrious ways, she also loves to communicate her wisdom while sharing her positive outcomes with those who listen and ultimately benefit from her many lessons.

February 2020 will not be ignored! She makes the rules for the rest of the year! All goes well for those who follow and obey. However, chaos prevails when her wisdom is ignored by those who prefer to follow the dictates of their own egos.

February has always been about hard work, creating solutions, and celebrating the moment with love of communication and travel, either physically or mentally through books, the cinema, or one's imagination.

Additionally, February blesses all of us on planet Earth with her gift of insight. She awakens each of us to the harmonious emotions within our psyche that beckon us to reach out to one another with compassion and a loving heart.

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Number 1, telepathy is a gift that serves you well this February, enhancing your attitude as you create your outstanding outcomes for the next 29 days! Higher education and the love of foreign travel help fuel your drive to lead yourself and others in directions never-before traveled in the months ahead.

It may be by sea that you travel, guided by your clairvoyance to the truth beneath the mystery you study. Disregard the naysayers who lack insight to distinguish truth from fiction; they will fall by the wayside and would only confuse the true followers if they continued the journey with their distractions. Not everyone is meant to go the distance—only those with a discerning and enlightened mind. Ultimately your solutions will be used by those who respond to your leadership.

Rest assured in the knowledge of your wonderful ability to inspire and uplift your followers as you break new ground through new channels. What may seem to be a riddle to some will soon be recognized as the new path too long undisclosed, whether by land or by sea.


# 2

Number 2, the old order is changing faster than at any other time in recent history, with you creating solutions right and left, through February 2020.

You attract others to your way of seeing and doing things with your uncanny ability to accurately predict positive outcomes for every challenge your enemies throw in your path. Who said you have to continue doing things the way they've always been done! Only losers follow that failed script, while the original thinkers such as yourself are building the new infrastructure after tearing down the old.

These next twenty-nine days find you the designated CEO and attracting those who are willing to do what it takes to get the work done. Not everyone knows the difference between a positive definition of leadership and a less-than-adequate one. This month, you excel in demonstrating how to inspire those on your team to see through your eyes, what needs to be done, and how to do it.

Guided by your intuition and using your charismatic personality to attract the right attitude and response of your fellow workers, you make things happen for the good of all, every day of this February.


# 3

Number 3, your intellect, coupled with the way you express yourself this February, drives you successfully to the celebration of your dreams coming true. As you deliberately and carefully choose your written words, along with your extemporaneous oral presentations, you leave no doubt in the minds of your audience that you know how to use the power of persuasion on the stage and on the page!

In this day and age, when social media is always in the limelight, you intuitively know how to get the word out for the dreams you want to manifest. As a result of your direct approach to the challenges at hand, you get to the heart of the matter as you focus your attention on those who can deliver the goods!

As you magically produce your projects—with justice for all—your courageous behavior is acknowledged by your colleagues, friends, and family. Not everyone has always been aware of your humanitarian instincts; they are this month. As always, it pays to be aware of the fact that not everyone in your circle has your best interests at heart. Be more discerning in your chosen friends, as you can be too easily blindsided by those who would use you to their own advantage.


# 4

Number 4, your originality and inventiveness this February serves you exceedingly well as you go about your duties and responsibilities that would gladden the hearts of the saints! Ultimately, you are the most creative you've been in many months. Your genius distinguishes you in ways for which you've never before been acknowledged.

Decisive action coupled with genuine love and consideration for your family and colleagues enhance the solutions only you are able to create with your intelligence. I am deliberately redundant as I shine the spotlight on your creative mind. Do not sell yourself short. Your ability to understand and "get" everyone else is acknowledged this month especially. Though very few "get" or understand you, your empathy for all is most endearing.

This month, as you work hard, keeping your nose to the grindstone, bear in mind that not everyone reveres a pioneer who leads in innovative ways through unexplored territory. You are the leader with a wonderful new process not yet implemented. Your ability to see solutions, when others see none, separates you from the crowd.


# 5

Unlike last month, Number 5, when you were more physically active, February finds you thinking nonstop! You have numerous decisions to make, covering so many different subjects.

As you continue traveling the world, either literally or figuratively speaking, it is also necessary to make time for yourself, to sit down and focus on the many projects that demand your attention. Risk taker that you are, be sure to study the many choices available and choose only those that you have thought through to their natural conclusions. This is not the time to make impulsive decisions. They will bite you where it hurts to sit down if you do!

eGetting to the truth, to the heart of the matter, is what you excel at these twenty-nine days of February. That means spending time alone, protecting your solitude, and taking occasional naps when necessary. Your intuition is spot on this month, and it only works for you when you recognize and honor its wisdom. Do not allow your ego to impede you from acting on your inner guidance.

# 6

Number 6, this February, you have been handed the title of CEO, along with its many challenges. Not to worry, however, for you have all the requirements necessary to be an effective and powerful leader. Your supporters and followers come in all ages and genders as you utilize their talents to build the network necessary to get your projects, and theirs, off the ground.

It could be that your romantic, charismatic nature and genuine love for humanity magnetically draws those to you like moths to the proverbial flame. There will be many who are initially drawn to you but will drop out, letting you down. Be discerning with whom you place your trust. Too often, some will shirk their responsibility, and you will find that you are the only one getting things done!

As you take charge of the creative side of things, be sure to get enough rest so that you are not acting out your disappointment with others in ways that do not serve you. By continuing to offer compassion and solace to others, you also have the right to expect a willing ear and a helping hand from your nearest and dearest. After all, true love is a verb and a two-way street!


# 7

February 2020 is the month, Number 7, that you are the most creative. Your admirers and followers think they cannot get enough of your attention for the healing they require. Though you may feel overwhelmed at first, do not be alarmed, for you have what it takes to accomplish your goals and thrive!

It continues to be imperative for you to rest when you can, preserving periods of solitude when you can manage to do so. The specialist that you are must work alone, deriving nourishment from your hours spent in research and the wisdom that comes from within.

These twenty-nine days reveal the humanitarian side of your nature in addition to your genius at creating solutions for problems most have not yet identified. Your sensitivity to the needs of others create avenues of healing through which your words and procedures are catalytic agents promoting miracles. Restoring health and educating those who have "ears to hear" gives you great satisfaction.

Your dreams, always remarkable, are especially so this month. Your gifts of intuition and clairvoyance have a calming and soothing effect on those who seek your guidance. Be not anxious about the future, for your financial security continues to rise in the coming months as your reputation as an authentic healer continues to grow.


# 8

Number 8, this February finds you in the driver's seat, heading the expedition in a direction never-before traveled. In addition to your excellent managerial skills, you have appointed yourself to lead a brand new team in your professional and personal life.

You may be tempted to think this is a "first" for you. However, if you take a moment to reflect, you will begin to recall you've made this move many times in the various personal "mind movies" in which you've indulged these last few years. In other words, you have rehearsed these actions in your mind many times!

How wonderful for you to acknowledge to yourself that you are finally moving in a direction toward a brand new destination of your own choosing, both literally and emotionally! This is your month to shine as the telecommunications expert that your are! As a pioneer in navigating with new processes in a direction never-before selected, you have the full attention of those on the lookout for gifted leaders in their fields of expertise. As one who is innately shy, it may take some practice getting use to all the attention that comes with performing in the spotlight, and with so many admiring eyes on you!


# 9

Number 9, this February finds you more energetic than usual. That means that unless you learn to harness your eclectic energies this month, you may find yourself exposed to less than desirable influences. With everything that you have going for yourself, and so many people and projects depending on you, by focusing your energies, you can be far more productive. By slowing down from full speed ahead to directing your talents in a more discerning fashion, you inspire others to do the same for themselves.

If you monitor your aggression, proceeding instead with courageous action and following the instincts of your humanitarian heart, your ability to attract the finances you need this month is uncanny. Your sympathy and insight are your trademarks. If you give in to your unrestrained and spontaneous emotions, you run the risk of destroying your loving relationships.

Guard against your impatience. Not everyone thinks as quickly as you do, nor are they as direct to the point. Be more discerning in whom you trust. Since you are not familiar with the miserable art of manipulation, you can be blindsided by those who know and use it well.


Maria Beale Fletcher is a professional Chaldean numerologist.

If you would like a private reading with Maria for your own personal numerological chart, please contact

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Unknown member
Feb 11, 2020

My forecast for February makes total sense. Thank you!

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