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October New Moon Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter

By Brandon Alter:

Our lives are composed of relationships. The people, places, and things we choose to align ourselves with define the very fabric of our lives. In Astrology, the planet Venus helps us understand how we relate from our heart to the hearts of all other living things. And as a Venus-ruled sign, Libra is consumed with understanding its relationships. It’s a sign that craves connection, equality, and beauty.

Libra is a gateway to intimacy; it prepares us for Scorpio Season, where we take these relationships to the next level. Remembering that we have power to renew and release our relationships to all things is important, or else we may find we are taking the wrong relationships into the boardroom or even the bedroom—or dare I say, the dungeon.

What I’m trying to remind you of is that we are in relationship to everything, and it’s vital to not lose sight of this.

We are well aware of the relationships we have with our friends and family, yes, but what about the land on which you live? What about your relationship to money, work, your own body? When looked at this way, Libra Season wants to help us restore balance in all our relationships—including the relationships we have with ourselves, our own heart, and the stories we let clutter up our lives.

The New Moon in Libra is a dark, sparkling lunation that occurs in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday.

Sitting with Mars and answering to Venus in Scorpio, this moon offers us a chance to claim ourselves fully in relationship to the world at large. It’s a slightly off-brand Libra New Moon, not quite so concerned with keeping the peace and more interested in achieving inner satisfaction. Mars helps us take action, and so this New Moon is slightly less concerned with what others want from you and more concerned with what you really want from others.

In some ways, this New Moon is the inciting incident for the rest of the year. You may have noticed all the outer planets (plus Mercury) are currently in retrograde, which is why forward motion has been so hard to come by. But just moments before this New Moon in Libra occurs, Pluto stations direct. Think of this as the first domino. Four days later, Saturn stations direct. A week after that, Jupiter and Mercury stop moving backward in the sky. This New Moon captures the beginning of a cosmic momentum—so there’s no time like the present to get clear on what you are setting into motion.

The Spiritual Gayz: Brandon Alter & Angel Lopez

If you will indulge me, a little story to help illustrate some of these Libra themes at play. You may know that I used to teach Pilates, for about fifteen years actually. And while I love Pilates, towards the end, I didn’t really love teaching. I was burnt out, working for other people, forced to teach within a rather rigid framework and, frankly, just over it. When the pandemic hit, I was thrilled to be liberated from this role. But a year and a half later, I find myself missing it deeply. So much so that I’ve been recently scouring the Internet for a Pilates reformer to call my own. You see, even before I was teaching Pilates, I was practicing it. My body has been on a reformer at least twice a week since I was twenty-one years old. And even if my mind didn’t miss being in the Pilates studio, my body was missing that machine. The slow, fluid movements one can only make supported by springs and strings. As it turns out, my relationship with fitness, my body, and, yes, even Pilates has all come up for review during this Mercury retrograde through Libra.

I mention all this because you may find there are relationships you are ready to resurrect in a new way. Mercury retrograde is notorious for dredging up our ghosts, and maybe some of those ghosts are friendly, maybe some of them want to be made flesh again. The ghost of Pilates has returned, and I am here to bring it back to life—I may even start teaching some again. Just yesterday I rented a U-Haul cargo van and drove out to the desert to pick up a gently used reformer to call my own. I have a little vision of turning my garage into a private Pilates studio and teaching a few private sessions each week. Stay tuned!

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You’ll find your Tarotscopes below.

In the interest of Mercury retrograde, they are concise and targeted. Knowing what part of your chart Libra occupies may illuminate which relationships need re-evaluating at this time. So I’ve done you the favor of composing your Tarotscopes to reflect that.

If you read for your Rising Sign, you should get a good sense of where to look!



Two of Cups

Your relationship to yourself is up for renewal.

The Two of Cups invites us to explore our edges and bring all of ourselves to the party.

Stop judging yourself and start loving yourself, maybe even making love to yourself. The sooner you make your relationship with yourself a priority, the more balanced all your other relationships will feel.

Take yourself out on several dates this month, make sure to let yourself reintroduce yourself to yourself.



Strength (Reversed)