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Newsflash: Your Life is Yours

By Brandon Alter:

This is just a friendly reminder that you can literally do whatever you want with your life. There are no rules. NONE! You can move to Portugal and open up a bed and breakfast, you can give away all your possessions and join an Ashram, or you can stay right here and not change a thing, and ALL of that is perfectly fine so long as it’s ok with you.

Even though I believe we live many lives, this one that you’re living right now is the only one that’s guaranteed. And what you do with it is totally up to you. Your mother has her own life and so does your father; so your life does not have to be lived for them! Seriously. Just take that in for a moment. Especially if you’re one of those people who are structuring their lives for maximum approval from others, my advice is to CUT THAT SHIT OUT. Because you will never make everyone happy, and frankly that’s not the point of your time here.

In my opinion, the point is to be you to the fullest extent you can be you, to shine your authenticity as brightly as you can.

And sometimes that’s going to piss other people off. Sometimes that’s going to challenge the people you love most. And if you’re too caught up in other people’s opinions of your life, you will never get to live your true life. And let me tell you something, honey, nothing feels better than living your life for you and you alone.

So here we are, another day, another new beginning. How can you start to craft your life for you? How can you start to build a life from your heart and not your head?

Well, here’s a little trick I’d love to share with you. Can we try something together right now?

I’d love for all of us to say out loud:


Now say it again. Now say it one more time. How do you feel? Keep saying it until you feel empowered.

The most incredible thing about living your life for you and you alone

is that just by doing that, you will inspire everyone around you to do the same!

As long as you allow other people’s problems and opinions to influence your own life, you will forever be on the struggle bus. My hope for all of us is that today is our very last ride.

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