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New Moon in Aries Tarotscope Forecast with Brandon Alter

By Brandon Alter:

In Astrology, as we chart the movements of the planets, the Sun gives us the greater context. Consider that the Sun literally tracks the Seasons for us. These broad strokes of light and dark help us orient ourselves in large swaths of time. Is it Spring or Fall? Is it day or night? The Sun helps us answer. But it is the Moon that marks the moment. The Moon herself initiates and inaugurates. As the closest planetary body to Earth, her energy is the one that touches us most deeply and, in some ways, holds the most power over us. And so, while we've been in Aries Season for weeks now, it's the New Moon in Aries that truly brings our beginnings to commencement.

Aries is sunrise, the start of the day, ripe with possibility. And once a day, Aries sits on the horizon. So, starting over is always available to us. It's never too late in the day to clear the slate and start again. Each breath offers us a chance to renew or release our current entanglements. But there is no portal to genesis like the New Moon in Aries. It's a really potent doorway that invites you to leave your old life behind and live anew.

Here at the Spiritual Gayz headquarters, we think of the Sun as your soul essence (sometimes the ego) and the Moon as our heart, the inner self. When these two meet up in the sign of the dawn, there's no more powerful opportunity to restart yourself—body, mind, and spirit. In some ways, the Sun spotlights, and the Moon helps us absorb the meaning of what's been illuminated. So while we may have been seeing the potential for action in these last few weeks, now we get to feel it. We don't just intellectually observe possibility, we get to embrace it.

The truth is that this Aries New Moon happened last Sunday night, the 11th at 7:31 P.M. (PST). But that doesn't mean you can't reach back for it. This whole week is a great time to really ritualize the new beginnings you're wanting to actualize in the coming months, year, decade. If you've been wanting to start a new exercise routine, diet, creative project—start it this week. If you've been wanting to change your lewk, your style, your hair, your boyfriend—do it this week. It doesn't have to be perfect or the final product. But it all has to get started now. Sometimes I equate Aries energy to that moment when the sperm fertilizes the egg. That urge to create is raw and powerful—but don't confuse conception for the actual birth itself. Your water isn't about to break, but you are in the mood to make a baby.

Simply put, this is a moment to take action, to plant your flag in the ground. We've all had plenty of time to contemplate and equivocate—now we need to choose. This New Moon makes a sextile to Mars in Gemini, planet of action in the sign of indecisiveness. So listen, maybe you'll end up choosing something else a few weeks from now, fine. Don't let that stop you from starting now. Meanwhile, Venus sits four degrees away from the Sun and Moon, exerting her influence on the fiery couple. In Aries, the goddess of love can be a little impatient; she wants what she wants when she wants it. But that is not necessarily a bad energy to have right now. Impulsive can be effective. Make a choice, make a stand, make yourself a priority. You can always go back and refine later.

Perfection and readiness can be our worst enemies. Perfection keeps us striving, stuck in the mud when we should be miles farther down the road. And readiness keeps us in our beds, waiting for the imaginary moment when we actually feel ready to do something. That moment never comes; you only realize you're ready when you look back and see that you've already begun. Don't let either of these specters keep you from starting now. Aries connects us to instinct, something that can't be learned only allowed.

Lastly, I'll just suggest that while it can be quite seductive to try to look back and make sense of this past year of our lives, don't do it. We aren't far enough along yet to even begin to comprehend what we've all survived, collectively and individually. This is not a moment to look back, this is a moment to forge ahead. This chapter in history isn't over. To try to summarize it now would be grossly premature and dangerously incomplete. Instead, consider what you're wanting to create. What would nourish you the most? Once you know, get after it.

If you're unsure how exactly to get your new beginning off the ground, consider joining us for Breathwork on Saturday. Breathwork bypasses your brain and heads into the depths of your being to clear stuck, stale energy and initiate the desires of the heart. It's a wildly powerful practice, and there's a truly beautiful group of folks who gather to create the circle of healing. Also, put our Taurus Season Astro Club on your calendar. That's right, Taurus Season is just around the corner, and it's sure to bring some much needed beauty and nourishment. Astro Club is a casual but informative place to explore your interest in Astrology among like-minded seekers. And both of these offerings come with recordings, so if you can't attend live that shouldn't' stand in your way.

Your Tarotscopes are specifically crafted to help you make the most of your new beginning.

I pulled cards for each of your signs around the question: HOW (and where, if applicable) is this new beginning wanted to be tended? So whatever you're starting, this card is wanting to help you make it a reality.



Six of Pentacles (Reversed)

The Six of Pentacles suggests practicing our generosity,

but only to a point.

It's like a glass of wine that needs refilling.

Don't pour the whole bottle, only pour what fills the glass.

Reversed, however, this card would suggest the opposite.

Give with abandon.

Pour the whole bottle and let it cascade over the edges of the glass.

Let it drench the tablecloth.

Your new beginning will not be tended by mindful, careful attention.

Rather it wants your robust, overzealous, infinitely over-the-top style of action.

Give with your whole heart, don't hold yourself back, or else what's the point?


Five of Cups (Reversed)

There is always something to grieve.

I abandoned Twitter for this very reason.

We are what we pay attention to, so if you look for trouble, you become trouble.

Five of Cups reversed suggests that while there may always be something to grieve, there is also always something to celebrate.

Seek that out instead.

Fight against your impulse to hang your head and pity your situation.

Fight to reclaim the joy that will ignite this new beginning.

After a diet of tears, your heart is hungry for joy.


Nine of Pentacles

This is the exact same card that showed up for you last moonth.

Which isn't to suggest you aren't paying attention;

it's more l