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January 2019 Tarotscopes

by Brandon Alter:


Hold on to your hats and your glasses, babies, because 2019 has begun, and it’s full steam ahead. Mars, the planet that rules our vitality, has just entered into his favorite sign, Aries.  This is great news for all of us because it means there is great momentum pushing our ambitions forward. But before those plans can set sail, we have to dream them up. Which is exactly where Saturday’s New Moon can assist us. 

The Capricorn new moon is the perfect time to initiate new structures and set new goals.

It’s a time for making business plans and blueprints. Capricorn is an Earth moon, and it’s as serious as a lip sync for your life. Capricorn is the empress of Wall Street, the queen of the boardroom. She is all business, honey. No more dancing around your purpose. No more second guessing your destiny.

Sit down this weekend and ask yourself: What are my real aspirations and goals? And then get as specific as you can. What are the bones of your biggest dream?

Make an outline. Bullet points. Plan of attack. This is that sort of moon. Capricorns are nothing if not strategic and ambitious. So step into your ambition and then start to develop the strategy that will get you there.

What we need to remember about Capricorn is that she isn’t just in it for herself. The structures she builds are for all of us. She is a cosmic babe, working for the universe so everyone can benefit from her tireless and disciplined labors. When meditating on your dreams under the dark sky of the New Moon, remember this: If your dream only involves you, you are not dreaming big enough.

I would encourage you to think of your dreams like seeds. These seeds will root downward and then grow upwards, but first they must be planted. A ritual to help yourself along with this would be to literally write down what your dreams are, like on a piece of paper. And then jot down how you plan to tend to these dreams. Take your time. 

Next, go outside and bury that piece of paper in the ground. Ask the Earth to nurture these dreams, ask the moon to illuminate them. You may feel a little silly at first but that’s how it is with any new practice. I felt foolish as hell the first time I tried drag, now I’m drop dead gorgeous. So give yourself permission to try something new and take your life’s work seriously by exploring a New Moon in Earth ritual. There’s not a right or wrong way to do this. You can get a little group together or do it solo. The important thing is that you feel it. You’re totally allowed to improvise. Maybe you’ll even channel a dance or a song to offer energy to the seedling. Feel free to reach out to me with questions about this. But the simplest way to think about ritual work is that it’s a spiritual play you are putting on for yourself. So long as your heart is invested and your intentions are clear, you will be successful!

If you’re looking for even more assistance in getting clear about the road ahead, I want to let you know about a special I have going for the rest of the moonth. The Year Ahead Spread is my favorite Tarot tool. It alerts you to the invitations and opportunities most available to you as the year unfolds. I pull 13 cards, one for each moonth of the year, and a 13th card to represent your unique theme for 2019. This fifty-minute reading can be done in person or remotely, and it’s a map for your life you will refer to all year.  

Contact: to get in touch with me for a reading!

Okay . . . here we go with this month's Tarotscopes!



The World

The COLLECTIVE CARD for this month is The World. I mean, this is one of those times when the power of Tarot just slaps me across the face. This is the very last card of the Major Arcana, and it speaks to sacred endings and beginnings. Could there be a more perfect card for the start of a new year?

Essentially the message is this: 2018 is over, babe. Let it go. You tried. You grew. You learned. You failed. Now allow the new chapter to be written. Consider that your slate has been cleared, your debts repaid. The World doesn’t want you to dwell on the past, it wants you to cycle anew. Above all, forgive yourself. We all make mistakes, that’s the only way we learn. The truth is we don’t learn from success, it just feels nice. We learn from the fuckups. Dust yourself off. Buy a new outfit and get ready to write yourself a brand new story. The whole wide World is waiting to embrace you if only you could let your old shit go, once and for all.

Below are Tarotscopes for your individual sign. Read for your Sun Sign, and if you know your Rising Sign you can go ahead and read that too! When pulling your cards for this cycle, I asked that they not only resonate for this next moonth but for your whole year ahead. Use your sign’s card as an oar to row you through the year. You’re not bound to it; so if you don’t like it, get rid of it, gurl. But hopefully these messages inspire you to stop sitting around and start setting your life on fire.  


Nine of Chalices

Nines in the Tarot are graduations. They denote a period of maturation and leveling up. Chalices are ruled by the element of water and speak to the things in our lives that flow, i.e., your emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition. This card speaks to the satisfaction that comes from tending to your own inner desires.  The Nine of Chalices demands that we serve ourselves first at the banquet of the heart. Basically, it doesn’t matter if others laugh at your jokes, so long as you find yourself hilarious.

This moonth, and (truly) this whole year, should be spent observing the practices that bring you the most profound joy. That’s why the old school Tarotists called this the Wish Card. Because the feeling of a wish coming true is exactly the feeling of nurturing your own inner life. And the Nine of Chalices wants you to start there. Even for a practical and ambitious Seagoat like yourself, if your business isn’t built on something you love, it will never fully satisfy you—no matter how much money you make from it.

When looking at this card, we see a person taking in the view. Nine goblets dance before them. But I bet you anyone walking by wouldn’t see this vision. Because these cups are in the mind of the viewer.  This is the secret joy that comes from a deep relationship with one’s own self. Yes, they are sitting by themselves, but if you enjoy your own company, you are truly never alone. Be your own best friend, Capricorn, and you will receive the abundant fulfillment the Nine of Chalices bestows.


The Magician

The Magician is just that, the gateway for magic. As the water bearer, you have some familiarity at being a channel for information. But the Magician doesn’t just allow facts and figures to flow through them. The Magician knows how to be a channel for Energy. The Magician knows how to let forces far larger than themselves pour out from their hands and lips and hearts. This moonth and this year, if you accept the invitation, is about allowing magic back into your life.

When I speak of magic, I don’t mean spells and hexes (which is not to imply I don’t believe in all that, because, honey children, I totally do). I mean the magic of being alive, of synchronicity and creativity. The magic of being in the right place at the right time. The magic of having a dream and then working to allow it to come true. How dreams come true isn’t up to us, that’s up to the larger cosmic forces. Our job is to have a clear intention of the dream and then work like hell to bring it into being. 

As brilliant channel and Tarotist, Harriet and the Star, says that Magic is finding yourself at the center of two forces and allowing yourself to dissolve completely. Can you dissolve into the forces around you? You see, when we surrender our attachment to how things are supposed to happen, we actually allow them to manifest. Take this next moonth, Hell, take this next year and start to relate to yourself as a massive conductor of energy. You are the Magician of your own life, and once you become adept at that, you can be the vessel that brings magic to others.