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Introducing: THE BINGE

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

By Elizabeth Gracen:

Flapper Pres - The Binge

One of the many pleasures of the modern age is a good ‘ole binge-watch. We might even take for granted the ease with which entertainment streams directly and immediately into our living rooms. And we devour it whole seasons at a time. According to, the term “binge-watching” can be traced back to 2003 but didn’t come into common use until around 2012. Now, I don’t need to tell you folks that we’re living in a much different world now than we were back in the good-old days of 2012. And I certainly don’t have to tell you that we, as entertainment consumers, have moved away from—or have become too impatient with—waiting for weekly installments of our favorite shows.

I’m not passing judgment, because I don’t feel at all bad about my own viewing habits; I treat the binge-watch of a series as a perfect, harmless escape that calms me down and excites me all at the same time. Hard to beat that. Some scientists believe that binge-watching releases that wonderful natural chemical dopamine that makes me feel so good. If that’s truly the case, so be it—it’s better than binge-eating a bag of cookies, right?

We’ve decided to lean into the positive aspects of binge-watching in order to celebrate and appreciate the universe of streaming content at our remote fingertips. The problem is, there’s just so damned much of it out there! Between just Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, a conservative estimate shows over 3,000 titles to choose from. What? That's crazy. How are you supposed to decide from a list that big?

Well, we at Flapper Press are here to help. It’s called THE BINGE.

Along with my partner here at Flapper Press, editor-in-chief and film critic for YIN/YANG REVIEWS Derek May, we reached out to our readers to find out what they watch and recommend for those precious downtime hours when we want to be entertained. Derek and I sat down to discuss the list and what we've been binge-watching this month. We hope to make it a monthly podcast, so take a listen and decide if you agree, disagree, or find something new to whet your appetite. We'd love to hear from you, so please comment and become part of the discussion.

Click and listen our very first episode of THE BINGE!

From our reader's recommendations,

here are the Top 10 Binge-Worthy series to watch this month.

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