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Flapper Press Green Reviews—EarthBreeze Detergent

Because of the strange, challenging, and rapidly changing times, Flapper Press wants to do our part to make your life as stress-free as possible. In this current atmosphere, even shopping has become a new "stressor" for us all. So we've moved up the launch of our new Flapper Press Green Reviews in order to help you find great "green" companies to purchase staple items from online (and under quarantine).

We're sure you've seen a fresh new crop of "green" products advertised on most social media platforms. All of them promise an easy-to-implement shift to sustainable living with products and services ranging from home-delivered organic groceries and meals to environmentally friendly cleaning products and personal hygiene solutions.

Flapper Press has decided to test these products and post reviews in the coming months to help you choose the best solutions for the necessary sustainable lifestyle that we all need to consider. We would love your input and reviews to add to this series, so feel free to reach out to us with ideas!

*Disclosure: Some of these products mentioned in Flapper Press Green Reviews have affiliate links, which means Flapper Press might receive a small commission if you decide to purchase them.

Our first product:

EarthBreeze laundry detergent.

We first saw advertisements for EarthBreeze on our Flapper Press Instagram feed, so we decided to order the product and check it out.

As of this date, we've done over 20 loads of laundry with one package of the Fragrance Free version—and we're sold! We love not having those huge plastic laundry detergent containers in the cupboard, and the clothes smell fresh and clean. We've actually ordered our second package!

With the Earth Breeze goal to end plastic consumption and stop over 700,000,000 plastic jugs from reaching landfills and oceans, Flapper Press is more than willing to promote EarthBreeze products and encourage you to try them and pass the word along. When you sign up for their affiliate program, you can even receive compensation for your efforts. You can earn $ and help save the environment in the process. Do it!

Here are few photos of how economical, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use Earth Breeze eco-sheets really are:

Key points behind the brand Earthbreeze:

  • Zero waste packaging (biodegradable and recyclable) replaces plastic jugs

  • Comes in easy-to-use, pre-measured strips, getting rid of annoying liquids and detergents

  • Phosphate and paraben free, vegan, free of chlorine dyes and bleaches, meaning it is as sensitive to your skin as it is the planet

  • Lightweight packaging means it reduces the carbon footprint to transport and helps reduces plastic jugs

EarthBreeze can also conveniently deliver their eco strips monthly to your doorstep, making them a smart, simple laundry alternative.

Flapper Press Review:


  • The laundry strips dissolve easily in any water temperature.

  • The Fragrance Free version of EarthBreeze is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

  • The product takes up little to no room in the cabinet.

  • We love receiving our monthly delivery of the product.

  • Would be good to travel with for hand washing delicates (dissolves easily).

  • Quick customer service reply

  • "Feeling Good" about switching from plastics!


  • More expensive than Seventh Generation laundry detergent sold in plastic containers (9.99/33 loads)

  • Even though the package says "resealable," there doesn't seem to be a good option other than closing it with a clip.

  • Unable to purchase a 1-year supply (Sold Out)

  • We still used OxyClean in our load (mainly out of habit, but that could change!)

  • 6–13 day wait on delivery if you miscalculate and run out

  • Limited product choices (would like dryer balls for natural fabric softening)

  • Only available for purchase online

Bottom line: we love this product and decided to sign up for a monthly subscription service! The ease of use, the fresh results, and the "feel good" vibes about using a more sustainable product have us hooked!

Reconsider your laundry habits and move toward a more sustainable and green solution. It may seem like a baby step, but it actually has a huge impact on the environment. It truly IS a better way to do laundry! You Can Do It!

To find out more about this product and purchase your first order, visit EarthBreeze!


Stay tuned for our next Flapper Press "Green" Review!

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Onbekend lid
08 okt. 2021

I have been trying to find out if EarthBreeze sheets employ plastic micro beads or micro fiber to make the detergent into sheets. Has anyone actually researched this question? Annoyingly EarthBreeze does not post a phone number for consumers. and so far has not responded to my question.


Onbekend lid
10 jun. 2021

Do you need to use bleach also for whites?

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