February Tarotscopes with Brandon Alter

By Brandon Alter:

Aquarius Season is a time to get weird. This is the sign where the Sun feels like a stranger to itself. It can’t behave in the way it’s most accustomed to—rather, it must embrace the electric strangeness of this cosmic air sign. Consider Aquarius the sign of the voyeur, the rebel, the alien. As an Aquarius Sun myself, I have always felt like an oddball; the things most people take for granted I cannot help but question. And as a result, I have that ferocious streak of Aquarian contrariness. I am always looking to swim against the current, not because I am difficult but because I am obsessed with finding another way, a way that is uniquely my own.  

After the punishing rigidity of Capricorn season, Aquarius responds with rebellion. You, too, no matter your sign, must find a new way that is uniquely your own. You must rebel against who you’ve been. You must rebel against what you’ve been taught was acceptable and permissible. Instead, embrace your oddities and your peculiarities because they are all part of the larger celestial puzzle. And if you deny your individual pieces, the puzzle will never be completed. This New Moon at 4 degrees Aquarius is an escape hatch from normalcy and an invitation into your larger cosmic self.  

This New Moon also officially brings an end to Eclipse Season. Remember that Eclipse Season shows up to bring us back into alignment, to eliminate the distractions and the illusions. It’s rarely subtle, and it's not often pleasant, but Eclipses show us, with striking clarity, where we have been deceived by others or ourselves. They make it impossible to stick our heads in the sand any longer. Eclipses come in to change you on a soul level—so you’ve been changed whether you like it not. This New Moon in Aquarius comes in on its heels and asks, "Ok, you’re changed, cool, now what?"

I am here to tell you that you are not crazy or making it up, things have been intense AF lately. Everything is evolving quickly and everyone is feeling it. Capricorn energy is heavy and has a tendency to make us overly serious and take everything a little too seriously—Aquarius wants none of that. Can you begin to be more playful with your whole life? That’s the key to understanding the invitation of this New Moon. Yes, there are big changes you need to make. This New Moon (happening on Friday at 1:41 p.m., PST) will square Uranus in Taurus, the planet of creativity, chaos and shaking it up, meaning your physical life needs to reflect this new you. But can you rearrange your life playfully? Can you cast off your old masks, your old goals, or even your old fears and step fully into the real you?

Here’s an Aquarian question: Who is the real you? Is it the voice (or voices) in your head? Is it your resume? Is it your past and the story you tell yourself about it? Or maybe it’s something way bigger; you see, Aquarius Season is all about the big picture. What if you pushed Google Earth on your whole life? Zoom out, further, further still. Can you get a sense of the larger patterns you’ve been acting out? And what if you, as you know yourself, were actually just a fraction of a wiser, ancient, more cosmic being? What if you could begin to live your life from your expansive and strange soul? These are the sorts of questions that this season offers us. Life isn’t something to be manipulated; it’s to be lived like you were riding a wave. Trust in the bigger YOU that you might just be coming to know.

When we deny our strangeness, we deny the world a new point of view. We can’t assume we know where this is all heading. But we can double down on our individuality, not so we can be the star of the show but for the greater good. As the sign that rules over humanitarian work, large groups, dreams, and hopes and wishes, Aquarius teaches that making ourselves small and normal makes the world small and normal. It’s not just time to break out of the box, it’s time to break the box.  

At its essence, Aquarius speaks to our universal interconnectedness. We are a human family, we can’t deny that. And we can’t afford to give up on humanity; it’s all we have. But first, you can’t afford to give up on yourself. Use this New Moon and this Aquarius season to expand out into your curious edges. You’ll find that when you are brave enough to own the full landscape of yourself, it empowers all those with whom you come into contact. You can never know the full impact that being your whole self can have. It radiates in invisible currents, it empowers in silent waves. And once you get used to it, it feels a million times better than playing safe ever did.

Aquarius loves to learn. Some even consider Aquarius the ruler of Astrology itself. Perhaps you too have been feeling a call to expand your mind in 2020. Curious about practices like Tarot or Astrology? Well, guess what babies, I’ve got you covered. Starting in March, I’ll be leading an eleven-week online Tarot immersion with my husband, Angel. We're calling it "Tarot + Cosmos." During these eleven weeks, you’ll learn more than just how to read the Tarot; you’ll develop your own psychic gifts, build your own symbolic language, and empower yourself to answer your own questions. Learn how to use divination in your everyday life and make use of your intuition. Each class will begin with a guided me