February 2019 Tarotscopes!

by Brandon Alter:

Welcome to Aquarius Season, my loves! One way to think of Aquarius Season is as a direct response to Capricorn Season. Consider that the Capricorn values authority and structure, hard work and status. Aquarius flies in the face of all that. Aquarius is the alien, the outsider, the fairy godmother, the wizard, the magical stranger, the exotic visitor. Aquarius rebels against the institutions that Capricorn builds and upholds. Instead, Aquarius innovates and invents new ways of being, new structures to protect us, new means of connecting with each other.

Aquarius is the sign of the future. It challenges us to think big, to go further, and above all, to never conform. If there’s a sign that waves a freak flag, Aquarius is it! As we move through this next cycle, allow yourself to be an honorary Aquarian. Get freaky. Challenge the status quo. Don’t diminish your eccentricity. Let your uniqueness pave your way forward. Being weird is a blessing, and we need more of it now than ever before. Where you allow the uninhibited expression of your whole self, you pave the way for others to do the same. In the Tarot, Aquarius is ruled by the eighteenth card, The Star. Be a star. Light up the dark around you.  

The New Moon in Aquarius will happen on Monday, February 4th, at 1:03 PM (PST). And this is a seriously sweet and potent moon, with the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees Aquarius and Mercury sitting nearby at 19 degrees. Mercury is the planet of communication, which means that this New Moon is a rare window where you find it easier to speak deeply with yourself. Your inner Sun and inner Moon have a clear slate to start their relationship over. Remember that New Moons are initiating energies. And the Moon, as the closest heavenly body to Earth, rules over our emotions, our needs, and our heart. This New Moon is an invitation into a new emotional cycle and how you honor those needs in your life! And with all this happening in the electric and cosmic sign of Aquarius, the question you should really be asking is this: how does MY heart want to contribute to the world?

I would suggest putting aside a little private time on Moonday (i.e., Monday). Maybe even sit somewhere dark, turn off the lights, or just close your eyes. Place your hands on your heart center and ask this important question: how does MY HEART want to contribute to the world? There’s no right answer, there’s just your answer. Maybe there are lots of answers. The point isn’t to lock it down; the point is that you’re beginning this deeper conversation with your heart.

When I think about the Aquarius New Moon, I think about the James Baldwin quote: "We can make America what America must become."

We build a new future by changing how we engage with the present. And if we could let our hearts encounter the world—not our heads—imagine the world we could give birth to. Applying the unique contribution of your heart toward the building of a more aligned future is truly tapping into what this New Moon in Aquarius energy is all about.

You’ll notice the design of the cards I selected for your Tarotscopes is different this moonth.  As an Aquarian myself, I couldn’t help but feel the call to shake shit up. In the spirit of eccentricity and innovation, I have used Salvador Dali’s Tarot Universal. He wasn’t an Aquarius, he was actually another Fixed Sign, Taurus. But my hope is that by entering into his unique visual style, your relationship with the Tarot expands and deepens. Aquarius rules over Technology, Humanity, and also Drugs. It was Dali himself who said, “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” I think that by entering into his visual world, we do enter an altered state; and in this altered state, we can gain power and insight over our daily life and the deeper waters in which we swim.

You'll find your Collective and Individual Tarotscopes below. Read for your Sun Sign. If you know your Rising Sign, read that too!

Remember these messages are meant to inspire and empower you to live your best life.

COLLECTIVE CARD Five of Pentacles

The card I pulled for all of us this moonth is the Five of Pentacles. I want to remind you that Fives in the Tarot are sacred contractions. They ask us to grow lean so that we are prepared for the expansion to come. The Fives aren’t easy, but they are important. The message they usually bring is: break down to break through. We need to stop and notice where we are hitting our heads against the wall. We need to honor that certain aspects of our life have hit a rock bottom. Once we accept that, we change it. But we can’t keep walking around pretending like we aren’t constantly engaged in a deep struggle.

Five of Pentacles says time to let that struggle go. See it, thank it, say goodbye. That’s how Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo suggests parting with physical objects, by thanking it before you get rid of it. And her new show has inspired the country to start getting clear with their intentions around physical possessions. I think the reason we are all so collectively taken with this concept is because we, as a country, have become overly cluttered. All of us are hoarders in some way. And I don’t just mean with physical stuff, but that’s a perfectly good place to start. The Five of Pentacles can help us slice out the old, the unintentional, the useless thoughts, feelings, and junk we’ve let overrun our lives. It’s just like taking a breath. Out with the old. In with the new.


10 of Pentacles

What is the difference between scarcity and abundance? What is the shift that brings someone from rock bottom back to the top of the mountain? Why is Oprah so fucking rich and the rest of us are still struggling? The answer to all of these questions is GRATITUDE. This moonth—while in your season—is your crash course in leveling-up your gratitude game. Paying attention to what you have will always bring you mor