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Everything is Conspiring to Heal You

By Brandon Alter:

You are a healer, and today is for healing.

In the same way that a tree can regenerate its limbs, you too are always in some process of regeneration. Trees heal themselves; plants, animals, even the oceans are trying to reorganize themselves to recover from the toxins we've dumped into them. The natural world is abundant with examples of self-healing miracles. And you, as a beautiful natural creature, are just as able to make a miracle of your own healing.

Today is the day to sit down and start to notice the healing already in progress and those wounds still unattended to. Today the medicine is pure and strong, and it's in your best interest to take it.

What does it mean to be a healer? It means to kiss the wound and ask it what it needs to be resolved. It means to hold space and let nature remove the obstacles and the outrages layer by layer. You are already a healer, maybe you've just forgotten. But your skin hasn't forgotten—when you slice it open, it grows right back. Your bones haven't forgotten—when they break, where they heal becomes the strongest part of the bone.

So ask yourself: where have I been broken? And recognize that it is now your strength.
Ask yourself: where am I wounded? And see that your wound is the portal to your healing, to your next adventure towards the fullest, most radiant version of yourself imaginable.

Clouds, conversations, coffee, casual smiles, cats in the window, the color blue . . . all of these are gateways to healing. So much of this world is trying to heal us if we would just be present.

As you move through today, open up to the world around you and notice how


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