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Everything in Your Life is a Message

By Brandon Alter:

When you start to look at your life as a dream, you realize that many things you take for granted are actually symbols. Your favorite color. Your favorite movie. The city you live in. All of these things are secret messages meant to remind you of your true nature and your soul’s deepest purpose.

Imagine for a second, as crazy as it sounds, that you chose your life ahead of time. You chose your parents, you chose your body. You chose your favorite song to remind yourself of who you are. I mean, have you ever really sat with the lyrics of your favorite song, said them out loud and felt where they resonate in your heart? Because honey, that’s a pathway back to your true self! You see? You chose your favorite books and your favorite foods to hint at the deeper unseen truth of who you are. You chose your partner, your pets, even your family— they are not random, they are not arbitrary. They are a transmission from your future self meant to WAKE YOU UP to the reality of who you are. Your future self is so hungry for the fullest experience of your life that it is calling you forward. And everything in your life is a spiritual stepping stone that will inform the path ahead.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have free will, we still get to choose what we want and how we get there. There are infinite versions of our lives. As my husband says:

"Life is where free will and fate meet."

But if we pay close attention to the clues from our soul, we can find a path toward our highest potential. This means we have to be willing to receive that everything is a clue to our authenticity. We have to open up to our lives in an deeper poetic way.

Everything is a message, but only if you can see your life through a dreamer’s eyes and a poet’s heart. Just for today, try to pay attention to the messages that have been waiting for you to receive them.

If your whole life is a dream, what would each thing mean?

Let me know what you find!

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