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Electrically Charged! July Numerology with Maria Beale Fletcher

By Maria Beale Fletcher:

Imagine two paths that the inventive, electrically charged month of July 2020 is forcing us to choose between.

One of them is crowded with people pushing one another in a direction they may not want to go; "It's my way or the highway" seems to be their mantra. Their inner rage and self loathing—evident in their destructive acts—terrify us. If we cannot see ourselves trying to walk among them, then we determine that's not the path for us!

Our observations of the self-restrained individuals on the second path may cause us to gravitate in their direction. Taking this alternate route, carefully traversing the rocky terrain, we are helped along the way by others, as together—with a sense of calm plus an occasional clenched fist—we productively deal with the challenges we all face.

Those two paths continue now

before us in July 2020.

Coming to mind is the genius of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (born January 27, 1832), better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll. He published "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" on July 4th, 1865. Many of us in 2020 feel that, like Alice in Wonderland, we've all fallen down that same rabbit hole!

Additional spectacular birthdays representing the brilliant minds of Nikola Tesla (born July 10, 1856, inventor and physicist), Henry David Thoreau (born July 12, 1817, writer and philosopher), and Baseball Hall of Fame member and storyteller Satchel Paige (born July 7, 1906) epitomize the electrically charged creativity born in the seventh month.

July 2020 offers two paths, both electrically charged.

Which path are we choosing to seal our fate?

It's easy to calculate you Life Path Number!

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# 1

Number 1, July 2020 finds you in deep contemplation, remembering decisions you made in the past. You are also challenged by the need for new choices, those that must be made now and in the future, with the awareness that what you put your attention on increases.

As the creative genius that you are, you must determine a new way of managing things and people in your life that you value most while bearing in mind that people don't want to be managed, they want to be inspired!

If you remember to begin with yourself, you will be on a good path to the truth. Your truth may not be your neighbor's truth or that of your friends, because you don't know what their criteria are; you only hear what they say it is! But you know that unless the story being told resonates within your heart and soul and rings true for yourself, you don't buy it.

Inspiring others begins with inspiring and managing yourself to action. As you communicate your beliefs this month, remember to care for your physical, spiritual, and psychological needs. Stay hydrated and maintain your composure while advising those who seek your counsel.

Famous July 1 Births:

Diana Frances Spencer, aka Princess Diana (1961–1997): Though considered a British aristocrat, she was born a commoner on July 1 and became Princess of Wales while married to Prince Charles. One of the most adored members of the British royal family, she died in a car crash in 1997.

Carl Lewis: Olympic track and field athlete born in Birmingham, Alabama, July 1, 1961. Louie Psihoyos: American photographer and director, wrote that "The world’s fastest guy, Carl Lewis, was the first to break 10 seconds, and he did it when he was a vegan." As an Olympic athlete, Carl Lewis was part of five American Olympic teams, winning 10 medals, 9 of them gold. "With his unsurpassed talent in the long jump and his speed in the sprints, he has gone places where no other track and field athlete has ever visited." (


# 2

Number 2, if you are perceived as being a little more introspective this July, join the club! All of us on planet Earth are trying to figure out a better course of action.

Specifically, your new direction attracts "friends" you never knew you had; it could be because your intuition is working overtime, causing you to tune in to others at a higher frequency. You have the look of someone who calmly knows where you're going.

Creating a new path can be invigorating. "Working overtime" appropriately describes your course this month. You have the tools of knowledge, experience, and the reputation for successfully contributing to the needs of others. With your eye on the bottom line, your solutions impress those who take note of your work.

Responsibility is your focus this month. If you can put aside any feelings of insecurity and concentrate on your God-given talents, you will touch the hearts of many and inspire greatness in yourself and others.