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Don't Align Yourself with Something You Don't Believe In

By Brandon Alter:

Baby, you’re magic.

So why are you giving it away to a person or a company that you don’t believe in?

Listen, I’m as guilty of this as anyone else, but it’s time to WAKE UP and MOVE ON. Maybe the pay is really good. Maybe it’s convenient. Maybe you’re just lazy and scared and it’s easier to stay stuck than to go out and find your next big adventure. But if you’re working for a cause you don’t actually stand behind, you’re leaking your integrity like a bucket without a bottom.

Don’t beat yourself up. Just get out. See, life is very long but it’s also very short. And you have serious things to do here. You have powerful and unique medicine that you need to administer. But if your boss or your boyfriend isn’t in alignment with your values, you are telling the universe and the rest of the world that what you believe in is actually bullshit. And that is just not true. YOU ARE YOUR VALUES! So why would you be so quick to throw that all away?

At the end of the day, all we really have are the agreements we make with ourselves.

These sacred contacts between you and your spirit (or your heart or your body) are the foundation of your whole life. So it’s time to honor them. When we neglect these contracts, we stop living out our own story, instead we become the ancillary characters in someone else’s narrative. I want you to be the main character of your life. Not just in your work and your relationships but also consider what you eat and where you shop and who you give your money to.

With whom are you aligning yourself? Does that company or clique represent you in a way you can be proud of?

If not, no need to be mean, no need to make a stink, just take a deep breath, gather up your belongings and take that first step towards your real life.

It’s been waiting for you this whole time and it’s ready to embrace you completely.

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