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Best of the Net 2022 Nominations for Writing

By Flapper Press:

The Best of the Net is an awards-based anthology that highlights the work of writers, poets, and online publishers. The project was created in 2006 by Sundress Publications for the ever-growing digital literary landscape to bring together online magazines, journals, and creators toward honoring digital publishing.

"We believe this effort is integral in decentering the literary canon as well as promoting and amplifying voices that are imperative to good literature, responsible culture, and the understanding of today's social climate." —

We here at Flapper Press pride ourselves on offering a wide range of thought-provoking, educational, and informative articles. Over the past year, we have featured a wealth of material available for submission to this year's Best of the Net.

Flapper Press is proud to present (in no particular order) our nominations for

Best of the Net in WRITING for 2022! Congratulations to all our nominees!


(Creative Nonfiction)

This immersive account details the harrowing experience of 79-year-old John Burg, who became lost hiking alone in Zion National Park for five days. This cautionary true tale presents the emotional and physical toll experienced not just by John but by his family and the authorities attempting his rescue. It's a powerful piece about resiliency, courage, and the indomitable human spirit, fortunately with a happy ending.



Executive Director of Midwives for Haiti Jane Elizabeth Drichta presents a compelling argument for supporting the people of Haiti following a devastating earthquake in 2021 and challenges us to reflect on how the rest of us choose to view and respond to such catastrophes.


(Creative Nonfiction)

War correspondent Tom Squitieri connects the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine to the atrocities he witnessed in war-torn Bosnia. In this potent article, Tom dares us all to have the courage not to turn away from the devastation brought home by his fellow journalists and to steer that empathy for good.



California-based schoolteacher and historian Will Bellaimey tries to shed light on the subject of Critical Race Theory, deconstructing both its true meaning and weaponization. In this informative article, Will delves into the historical underpinnings of the concept and, more importantly, how these arguments affect our children and the future of our nation.


Flapper Press is an online magazine featuring a curated collection of eclectic and often under-represented viewpoints from an international team of writers. Our goal is to provide readers with a wide variety of topics, opinions, and authentic expression in order to educate and foster personal growth and empathy while promoting positive change across the globe.

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