Art Gowns: Goddess Mnemosyne & the Nine Muses

By Resa McConaghy:

In Greek mythology, Mnemosyne is the Titan Goddess of memory. Her parents are Uranus and Gaea. Her eleven god and goddess siblings are Tethys, Theia, Phoebe, Rhea, Themis, Oceanus, Hyperion, Coeus, Cronus, Crius and Iapetus.

Mnemosyne was tasked with naming all of the objects on earth. She is also credited with many other realities in the world of myths. However, I am here presenting an Art Gowns idea of Mnemosyne and her nine children, the Muses.

After conquering the Titans, Zeus (the King of the Gods) banished all the male gods into the Underworld. The women remained on earth. So it came that Zeus visited Mnemosyne. Disguised as a shepherd, he spent nine nights with her. She had nine children from those nights bedded with Zeus, and these are the nine Muses of Greek Mythology.

The Making Of . . .

It all began with a long length of red silk jacquard. This fabric was repurposed from the first Art Gown I ever made. A one-shoulder drape seemed Grecian, so I started there.

The asymmetric feel was continued in the back, with an interesting strapping.

Then, yards and yards of 120-inch-wide curtain sheers (bought at a liquidation sale for $1.00/yd) were finished with a rolled hem technique. The strapping allowed me to play with the draping of the sheers by giving places to weave them in and out of.

The Nine Muses

Our neighborhood is filled with vintage shops: vintage clothing boutiques, furniture stores, vinyl record & turntable shops, jewelry counters, and knick-knacks galore. It was in a knick-knacks market that 9 interesting brass decorations were found. These 9 pieces became my representation of the Muses.

In no particular order:

Oh, the luck to find the theatrical masks of Comedy and Drama! They are the masks of Thalia & Melpomene.