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Acceptance is Everything

By Brandon Alter:

The truth is, you are perfect exactly as you are. Right now. In this moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire or a hot mess or both; you are perfect right now. Learning how to accept ourselves EXACTLY as we are is the number one job we have in this life. And I suggest you start today, wherever you are.

Until we accept ourselves completely we will forever be the victims of other people’s opinions and plans for us. But as soon as we take complete ownership of our authenticity, we take back our real power. Now this isn’t to say we can’t desire to change, this isn’t to suggest our soul path doesn’t require growth and transformation if we wish to complete it. But we can’t change a single damn thing until we accept exactly where we are. Think about that. Change starts with acceptance, there are no shortcuts. Accepting exactly who you are and where you are and WHEN you are is the price of admission to soul-centered expansion.

Try this radical thought . . . THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. Take a moment. Say that to yourself . . .


Pretty powerful and completely true. This is the medicine of pure acceptance; it’s having the faith and strength to whisper softly to yourself that everything is ok. Who you are, what’s happening to you, ALL of it is ok and worth loving. Your debts and your demons, your deficits and drama, all of it is part of the plan you and Spirit are building day by day.

If you deny the truth of even one thing you blind yourself to what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING in your life, and that is where all the magic is fighting for your attention.

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