Women Leaders of Love: An Interview with Terri Britt

By Elizabeth Gracen:

Terri Britt

This past couple of years, through no real effort of my own, I've somehow reconnected with various people I met in the 1980s. Through a random set of connections and the "good things" about social media, I've circled back round and restarted relationships. For the most part, it has proven fruitful and insightful, a way of gauging the timeline and to marvel at how quickly it has all passed by.

In September of 1981, I was crowned Miss America, and in May of 1982, Terri Utley was crowned Miss USA—the first time two beauty pageant winners from Arkansas were crowned in the same year. Back in the 80s, this type of thing was a big deal—especially to people in Arkansas. To be quite honest, I was a little bitchy about the whole thing at the time. I had been well-trained to compete with women by that point, and the fact that there was another beauty queen from Arkansas threatened me to some degree. What a greedy little beauty queen I was! But, what makes this story interesting and a little less (or more) laughable is the fact that both Terri and I were hired as spokesmodels by a farm machinery company to appear at their sales event in mid-America a couple of years after our "reigns." We shared time together signing autographs, having our photos taken with farmers in front of huge yellow farm machinery, and getting the chance to know each other just a little bit better. At the time, I think I apologized for being such a bitch if I had ever said anything derogatory about her, but in case I didn't properly apologize, I'd like to publicly do it again now!

I'm so sorry, Terri. You were, are, and will always be fabulous!

Terri Britt (née Utley), Miss USA 1982

So, long story short, Terri and I did not keep in touch. It was the days long before emails and social media, so we simply didn't hold on to the new thread that connected us; but as fate would have it, she reached out to me via FB messenger this past year. Since then we've Zoomed, and I took her The Worthiness Quotient: Claim Your Crown . . . Lead a Life You Love! course this past year during the lockdown. Her ideas and meditations truly helped me out of the funk I was feeling about the world and my place in it, so I recommend you jump on the Terri Britt train to access the useful tools and guidance to give you hope and elevate your perspective.

I reached out to Terri to talk to her about her life and all the ups and downs, twists and turns that have brought her to this present moment.

Please meet this powerful, peaceful energy healer—Terri Britt!

EG: Terri, first of all, I’m so thrilled that you reached out to me earlier this year via Facebook! Life has a funny way of bringing us back around to people we never thought we would ever see again, and I’m so happy that we found each other after so many years. Our lives took very different paths after our beauty queen days in Arkansas, but we have a lovely, unique connection. Would you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and the work you are doing to help people raise their awareness and learn to truly love themselves and find the wealth of abundance that they are so worthy of?