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Wild Women Healers: Episode #4: Bakara Wintner

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

By Sharon Ruedeman:

When I think about Bakara Wintner, I think about somebody who is just all in when it comes to not only her life but also her craft. She has that classic story of finding tarot, magic, and witchcraft along her own personal healing path, but at a breakneck speed filled with intuitive guidance and bravery to take leaps of faith around every corner.

It’s her ability to speak so clearly, openly, and with a bit of self-deprecating humor about where she has been and where she is heading that I think makes her so endearing and relatable.

In episode four of Wild Women Healers, Bakara takes us on a personal tour of her store, Everyday Magic, a color-coordinated haven of healing and magical tools in the center of downtown Durham, NC. She shares what it was like opening up her shop while simultaneously writing her extremely popular book, WTF is Tarot? And How Do I Use it? We talked sobriety, the loss of a parent at young age, and the fine line of being a spiritual being filled with Divine light while also a human being who craves Doritos.

I have super-fond memories of my trip to North Carolina to meet Bakara. It was just after the summer solstice, and I had just taken a leap of faith myself and dove really deep into working on this docu-series full time for a little while. It was the beginning of a wild summer of filming, travel, and being a guest at the weddings of old friends.

When we finished our filming for the day, Bakara gifted me a piece of the giant Amethysts goddess in the middle of her shop and told me it would bring me peace and ease on the road. And let me tell you, that baby goddess crystal hasn’t left my car in the last 3 years—except for the occasional air traveling—and has certainly brought my peace, ease, and luck on the road.

Every time I get to share one of these amazing healer’s stories in WWH, I am blessed in some way, in some magic of timing, and then again given that gift in the edit. With Bakara, I learned to have the courage to following those intuitive instincts and to always tell the truth, especially about who I am and where I’ve been.

In 2021, like many small business, Bakara’s shop has closed it doors at its physical location but continues to bless and help others through the online store. Bakara also has started an amazing IGTV Live experience called “The Sunday Night Reading,” where she shares her crystal-clear guidance and humor to her coven and followers.

You can learn more about Bakara by following her on Instagram: @bakaraw and @everyday__magic.


Sharon Ruedeman is an award-winning Brooklyn-based video editor, storyteller, healer, and witch and the creator of the docu-series WILD WOMEN HEALERS. When she’s not making video magic or casting spells, she’s most likely curled up next to her cat, Princess Peach, reading a good murder mystery.

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