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Wild Women Healers: Episode 3—Julie Pasqual/Hospital Clown

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

By Sharon Ruedeman:

Laughter as Medicine

In yoga, we are taught that through all living souls there is a deep river of joy that lies within us and that we have the capacity to tap into that joy at any moment. I truly believe this to be a hard fact, because I have experienced it firsthand. I have reached down through the layers of my depressions and anxieties and found that river of joy. I have found it in meditation, I have found it in walking in the woods, I have found it in connection with others.

Joy is a birthright.

Joy is human.

Joy is sexy AF.

And joy is meant to be shared, expanded and grown.

One way to tap into your joyfulness is through laughter. They say laughter is the best medicine, and while laughter might not be able to cure disease or even end this pandemic, laughter can help make us feel better. And feeling better is half the battle.

So, let me introduce you to someone who specializes in laughter: Dr. Ima Confused, aka, Julie Pasqual, who is a professional Hospital Clown.

Julie is an incredibly talented, smart, and funny human being. Her skills as a dancer, yoga teacher, and her spiritual devotion seem to all get mixed into one amazing clown when she goes to places such as Harlem Hospital where she helps sick kids feel better. One of her main philosophies is that “You take what Joy is there, and like a seed you grow it.” She uses this idea every time she enters a child’s hospital room, where she not only helps them laugh but to also helps empower them.

We sat down one very cold day in Brooklyn to film episode three of Wild Women Healers, where we laughed and got serious about healing and helping others. And at the end of the day, I like to think we spread a little more Joy into the world.

Learn more about the work Julie does with Healthy Humor by visiting their website.


Sharon Ruedeman is an award-winning Brooklyn-based video editor, storyteller, healer, and witch and the creator of the docu-series WILD WOMEN HEALERS. When she’s not making video magic or casting spells, she’s most likely curled up next to her cat, Princess Peach, reading a good murder mystery.

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